Person:Jacob Deisher (1)

Jacob Deisher
b.est. 1740-1750 Germany
  • HJacob Deisherest 1740-1750 -
  • W.  Christiana (add)
  1. John Deisherbef 1774 -
  2. Peter Deisherbef 1786 -
  3. Jacob Deisherbef 1786 -
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Deisher
Alt Name Jacob Dasher
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1740-1750 Germany

Jacob Deisher was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia

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  1.   Austin, J. William, and Rebecca H.R Austin. Related families of Botetourt County, Virginia. (Baltimore, Maryland: Clearfield, c2000 (Baltimore : Genealogical Pub.)), pg. 129.

    The Deishers of German descent were genteel, pioneer stock, pleasant, well-connected, frugal and over the years, determined to overcome obstacles pleasantly. Most of all are staunch Methodists or Baptists. The first Deishers to appear in Virginia were Jacob and Christiana, both born in Germany, and who appeared to have first settled in Pennsylvania. The first Deishers to appear in Botetourt records are their three sons: John, Jacob and Peter. John married Susannah Stretes, Jacob married Christina Rule, and Peter married Polly Sheets.