Person:Isaiah Vansant (1)

Isaiah Vansant
m. 6 April 1732
  1. Isaiah Vansant1733 - 1789
  • HIsaiah Vansant1733 - 1789
  • WMarie GuyonAbt 1736 - Bet 1772 - 1782
m. Abt. 1754
  1. Gabriel Vanzandt1754 -
  2. Elijah Vansandt1756 - 1807
  3. Charity Vanzandtabt 1757 -
  4. Sarah Vanzandt1758 - 1827
  5. Elisha Vansandt1758 - 1828
m. 11 August 1782
  1. George VansantAbt 1783 - Aft 1840
  2. Thomas Thompson VansantAbt 1784 - Bef 1830
  3. Mary VansantAbt 1786 -
  4. Margaret VansantAbt 1788 -
Facts and Events
Name Isaiah Vansant
Gender Male
Birth? 12 Apr 1733 Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Marriage Abt. 1754 Bucks County, Pennsylvaniato Marie Guyon
Marriage 11 August 1782 James River, Botetourt County, Virginiato Margaret Thompson
Death? 08 Aug 1789 Greene County, Tennessee[Then in North Carolina]

Isaiah Vansant was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Isaiah Vansant in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 352.--18th August, 1784. Isaiah Vansant and Margaret, of Botetourt, to Zechariah Johnston. Thos. Thompson, son and heir of John Thompson, deceased, conveyed 200 acres to his brother, Robert, and 213 to his brother, James, but not to his heirs, who sold to Z. Johnston, but the title being faulty, title became invested by descent in said Margaret, daughter and only heir of Thomas Thompson.

Will Transcript

The Last Will And Testament of Isaiah Vansandt Jr.
I, Isaiah Vansandt Of The County Of Green And State Of North Carolina Being A This Present Time Is A State Of Health But Of Perfect Memory And Knowing That It's Appointed For All Men To Die I Take Opportunity To Settle My Worldly Affairs In The Following Manner That Is To Say:
Firstly, It's My Will And Desire That All My Just Debts Be Promptly Paid And Discharged.
Secondly, It's My Will And Desire That The Land I Bought Of John Prior Containing Three Hundred And Fifty Six Acres Be Divided As Follows: By A Line Beginning At The Spring Extending Through The Cleared Land Dividing It In Two Equal Parts From There Through Whole Land Dividing The Whole Into Two Equal Parts The One Half Of Which I Bequeath Unto My Son John Vansandt And His Heirs Forever And The Other Half Unto My Son George Vansand And His Heirs Forever.
Thirdly, The Tract Of Land I Bought Of John Wilson And John Lescollet Being In The Cove And Containing Hay The Same As Now Laid Off One Hundred And Thirty Six Acres With All It's Opportunities I Bequeath To My Son Thompson Vansandt And His Heirs Forever.
Fourthly, The Mill And The Land There Unto Belonging I Bequeath Unto Margaret Vansandt My Lawful Wife In The Following Manner. She Shall Enjoy Every Privilege There Belonging Without Paying Aney Annuity What Ever Until Such Times That My Daughter Mary Vansandt Either Marries Or Comes Of Age. She Shall Then Pay Her Forty Pounds And Then She Shall Enjoy The Same Privilege As Before Sutch Times As My Daughter Margaret Vansandt Comes Of Age Or Marries She Shall Then Pay Her Forty Pounds And Then She Shall Enjoy The Privilege Of The Land And Mill During Her Natural Life At The Expiration Of Whitch Time Said Mill And Land Shall Be Sold And The Price Arising There From Shall Be Equally Divided Between The First Five Legatees.
Fifthly, I Appoint And Ordain John Lescollet And John Wilson My True And Lawful Executors Of This My Last Will And Testament That They Act And Do In Every Respect According And Meaning Of This Will As There Is Several Things Now In Operation Not Fitting For A Women And Orphan Children To Manage Sutch As Covering Hovel And Rifles Guns Etc.
Its My Will And Desire That My Executors Should Trade Away For Those Things More Suitable Especially One Young Horse Or Mare Worth Ten Or Twelve Pounds To Be Given To My Son John Vansandt Over And Above His Share Of The Land. All Debts Due Or Here After Become Due To The Estate Within The Limits Of North Carolina Either By Bond Or Rent Or Open Account Or Any Other Way It's My Will And Desire My Executors See The Same Punctually Paid And Made Lawful Use Of For The Raising Of The Orphan Children And Schooling Them And The Support Of The Widow.
It's My Will And Desire That 250 Acres Of Land Containing The Iron Bank Belonging To Isaiah Vansandt And James Pearce Be Settled And My Part Sold.
Whereas I Have A Sum Of Money In Hard Cash Being In Bucks County In The State Of Penselvaney I Hearby Authorize And Appoint My Son Elijah Vansandt My Soule Executor To Act In That Department He Shall Receive The Same Money And After Paying Himself For His Trouble Shall Divide The Remainder Equally Between Himself Elijah Vansandt, Elisha Vansandt And Ezekiel Vansandt And Rachel Vansandt And Sarah Vansandt And Elizabeth Vansandt.
Lastly I Acknowledge This To Be My Last Will And Testament Given Under My Hand And Seal This Eighth Day Of August In The Year Of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred And Eighty Nine.
(Signed) Isaiah Vansandt (His Seal)
Acknowledge Sealed And Signed In The Presents Of Us Test-----
John Lescollet
John Wilson
Samuel Hutchinson
Rouben Simpson
Joseph Lyles
William Wilson
W. Stroud
[Note: Please Note That The Connection Of The Two Isaiah's Is Completely Documented By Their Wills In That Isaiah Sr Bequeathed Fifty Pounds Cash To Isaiah Jr--If He Is Not Living, It Will Go To Elijah Vansandt, Eldest Son Of Isaiah Jr., In His Will, Isaiah Jr Appointed His Eldest Son, Elijah, Executor To Collect The Sum Of Fifth Pounds Cash Owed Him In Bucks Co. Pa].

Information on Isaiah Vansant

58. ISAIAH5 VAN ZANDT, JR. (ISAIAH4 VANSANT, JACOBUS3 VAN SANDT, GERRET STOFFELSE2 VANSANT, CHRISTOFFEL1) was born April 12, 1733 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and died August 08, 1789 in Green County, Tennessee (?). He married (1) MARIE GUYON Abt. 1754, daughter of JACQUES GUYON and MARY HOLMES. She was born Abt. 1736 in STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY, and died Aft. February 08, 1772. He married (2) MARGARET THOMPSON August 11, 1782 in Botetourt Co., Virgina, daughter of THOMAS THOMPSON and UNKNOWN WIFE. She was born WFT Est. 1733-1763 in Augusta Co., Virginia.

Notes for ISAIAH VAN ZANDT, JR.: [Global HAL.FTW]




By The Time Of Isaiah Van Sant Jrs Generation, The Western Movement Had Been From The Coastal Regions Of The Atlantic Seaboard. With The Curtailment Of Indian Uprisings Undertaken With Treaties And The French & Indian Wars The British Had Established Control Over A Vast Eastern Region. The Ohio River Country Was In This Movement, While The French Had Control Over The Middle Part Of The Country With Established Settlements In The St Louis Area And The Mississippi River Region.

The United States Had Their Revolution, With The 13 Colonies (States) Breaking British Rule. Migration By The Americans Was Westward Where We Find Isaiah Van Sant Jr In The Western Part Of Virginia In The Botetourt County Area.

Isaiah Van Sant Sr, As Mentioned In His Section And Although Born 20 Years Earlier To Father Isaiah Van Sant Jr In 1733 Lived To Within One Year Of Isaiah Vs Jr, And Had Experienced Similar Historic Conditions As Isaiah Jr. Isaiah Sr Lived His Whole Life In The Bucks Co. Pa Area, While Isaiah Jr Moved To A New Community In Western Virginia - Which Is Not Too Surprising As Many Van Sandt's Had The Moving Urge Over The Years To New Parts Of The United States. Why Isaiah Jr Moved Is Not Recorded As Isaiah Sr's Other Children Appeared To Have Stayed In The Bucks Co. Pa. Area.

Isaiah Van Sant Jr Was The Eldest Son On Isaiah Sr And Charity (Van Horn) Van Sant. He Was Born April 12, 1733 At Bucks Co. Pa. And He Died On August 28, 1789 In Greene Co, N.C. [Later To Be Known As Tenn.]. No Record Was Found Of His First Marriage, Other Than Being Listed In The "History Of Bucks Co, P.A." As The Son Of Isaiah Van Sant Sr. The Earliest Record Of Isaiah Jr. Was A Deed, Dated Nov 9 1759 In Middletown Township, To Isaiah Van Sant From John Cawley. As This Tract Was Not Mentioned In Isaiah Sr's Will, It Is Presumed This Was Isaiah Jr. There Was No Record Of Sale Later By Isaiah.

The Next Record Of Isaiah Jr Was A Pension Application By Margaret, Widow Of Elisha Van Sant, Second Son Of Isaiah Jr In Which She Stated That Elisha Had Substituted For His Father Isaiah Van Sant, When His Father Was Drafted Into The Virginia Line Of The Continental Army In Botetourt Co. Virginia In 1780. Also, Isaiah Jr's Eldest Son, Elijah, Was, According To The "List Of Rev. War Soldiers In Virginia", Virginia State Library, And On The Rolls Of Botetourt Co. Virginia In 1777.

The Next Record Of Isaiah Van Sant Jr. Was His Second Marriage On Aug. 2, 1782 At Botetourt Co., Virginia To A Margaret Thompson Of Augusta Co., Virginia, The Daughter Of Thomas Thompson. We Also Find In Vol. Iii, On Page 352 In The "Records Of Augusta Co, Va' An Item Dated Aug. 18, 1784: "Isaiah Van Sant And Margaret Of Botetourt Co To Zachariah Johnston. Thomas Thompson, Son And Heir Of John Thompson, Deceased, Conveyed 200 Acres To His Brother, Robert, And 213 Acres To His Brother, James, But Not The Heirs Who Sold To Z. Johnston, But The Title Being Faulty, Title Became Invested By Descent In Said Margaret, Daughter And Only Heir Of Thomas Thompson". The Lack Of Records In Bucks Co, Pa. Of Isaiah Van Sant Jr Is Probably Due To Him Leaving There At An Early Date And Possibly Moving Into What Was Then French Territory And Adjoining Colonial Va [Botetourt Co Was Near The Line]. This Possibility Is Somewhat Enhanced By The Fact That, In Later Years, Isaiah's Grandson, Isaiah, Told His Children That His Father, Joshua Vanzant Was Born In France. To Those People, "France" And "French Territory" Were Probably One And The Same.

Isaiah Jr May Also Have Been An Itinerant Frontier Trader And Minister Attending To The Needs Of, [And Profiting There From] The Frontier Colonists And Friendly Indians On The Territorial Borders. This Is Somewhat Borne Out By The Fact That All The Children Of His First Family Had Biblical Names. Some Sons And Many Descendants Were Ministers - Mostly Methodist.

There Is No Record Of Isaiah Jr Buying Or Selling Land In Botetourt Co Or Adjoining Counties. Although He Was On The Botetourt Co Tax List In 1782. Isaiah Van Sant, Jr Witnessed And Secured The Marriage Of John Wilson On The Same Date Of His Own Marriage Which Was Witnessed And Secured By John Wilson - Evidently A Double Wedding. The Last Record We Have Of Isaiah Jr In Botetourt Co Was When He Signed As Witness And Security To His Daughter Sarah's Wedding On Oct 21, 1786.

Isaiah Jr Married Maria Guyon, His First Wife, In Bucks Co, Pa. Ca 1754-55, As His First Son, Elijah,Was Born In 1756. His Second Marriage Was To Margaret Thompson, The Daughter Of Thomas Thompson, On Aug 11, 1782 In Botetourt Co, Va. Little Is Known About The First Wife, Maria, As To Death Or Burial Location. Genealogical Records Have Come To Light Recently That She Was Born On Staten Island, Richmond, Ny, The Daughter Of Jacques And Mary(Holmes) Guyon.

Isaiah Jr Had Moved With Some Friends, John Wilson, John Lescollet And Samuel Hutchinson, To The State Of Franklin, A Small Section Of North Carolina That Included Greene Co, Which Had Seceded From North Carolina And That Had Proclaimed Themselves To Be A Separate State In 1788. They Were Not Accepted As A State, So Returned To Nc. In 1788 And In 1790, They Became A Part Of Tennessee.

In 1790, A Transaction Was Recorded When Isaiah Jr. Purchased Two North Carliana Land Grants, No. 2402 For 356 Acres And No. 2435 For 585 Acres, All On Cove Creek On The South Side Of The Nolichucky River. The Dates Of The Sale Are Not Recorded.

Isaiah Jr. Evidently Engaged In Business In A Big Way For, At The Time Of His Death In 1789, He Had Listed In His Will, In Addition To The Large Acreage, A Mill And An Iron Mine In Partnership With James Perch, And Some Sort Of Business Concerning Rifles, Guns, Etc. It Appears That They Were Mining And Smelting Iron Ore And Manufacturing Arms For The New State. Isaiah's Friends John Wilson, John Lescollet, And Samuel Hutchinson Had Bought Land Nearby.


i. ELIJAH6 VAN SANDT, b. April 26, 1756; d. 1807; m. ELINOR WILSON, August 01, 1784.
ii. EZEKIEL VAN SANDT, b. 1760; d. 1830; m. UNKNOWN LOGAN, Abt. 1781.
106. iii. JOHN VAN ZANDT, b. 1760; d. 1834.
107. iv. SARAH VANSANT, b. 1762; d. November 25, 1827, Fleming County, Kentucky.
108. v. ELISHA VANSANT, b. March 08, 1763, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. June 30, 1828, Fleming County, Kentucky.
vi. ELIZABETH VAN SANDT, b. 1764; m. WILLIAM MAXWELL, August 19, 1786.
109. vii. RACHEL VAN SANDT, b. 1766; d. December 01, 1822, Warren County, Kentucky.
viii. JOSHUA VAN SANDT, b. February 08, 1772; d. September 14, 1838; m. MARY MORRIS, April 20, 1794.


110. ix. GEORGE6 VAN ZANDT, b. Abt. 1783, Botetourt County, Virginia; d. Aft. 1840, Wayne County, Tennessee (Probably).
111. x. THOMAS THOMPSON VAN ZANDT, b. Abt. 1784, Botetourt Co., Virgina; d. Bef. 1830, Franklin County, Tennessee.
xi. MARY VAN ZANDT, b. Abt. 1786, Green Co., NC; m. WILLIAM MCCOY, February 17, 1803, Rockbridge Co., Virginia; b. WFT Est. 1776-1784.
xii. MARGARET VAN ZANDT, b. Abt. 1788; m. BENJAMIN SALER, December 03, 1804, Green Co., TN..