Person:Isaiah Meadows (8)

Isaiah Meadows
b.Abt 1779 United States
d.Feb 1826
m. abt 1760
  1. Jason Meadors1764 - 1823
  2. William Meadorsabt 1767 - bef 1819
  3. Thomas Meadows1771 - 1818
  4. Isham Meadowsabt 1774 - bef 1828
  5. Dorcas MeadorsAbt 1775 - 1858
  6. Isaiah MeadowsAbt 1779 - 1826
  7. Sarah MeadorsBet 1784 and 1786 -
  8. Edward Moberly MeadorsABT 1784 - Abt 1839
  9. Middleton Meadors1789 -
  10. Pleasant Meadorsest 1790 - 1843
Facts and Events
Name[1] Isaiah Meadows
Alt Name[1] Isaiah Meadors
Gender Male
Birth[8][3] Abt 1779 United StatesCheraws, South Carolina? or North Carolina?
Marriage three daughters not yet identified
to Obedience Bradshaw, (Original source documentation for family name needed.)
Census[4] 1810 Knox, Kentucky, United States
Other[2] Abt 1812 Knox, Kentucky, United Stateswent with brother Isham and other family members to accompany widow of cousin Isham Meadows for her second marriage
Property[7] Apr 1813 Knox, Kentucky, United Stateshad certificate for land survey in Tellico Land grant which he assigned to his brother Isham
Property[10] 20 Nov 1818 Whitley, Kentucky, United StatesSurveyed land for land grant
Other[11] Jul 1819 Whitley, Kentucky, United StatesIn court for assault and battery
Property[5] Bef 18 Sep 1820 Whitley, Kentucky, United Stateshad land bordering that of his brother Isham
Census[6] 1820 Whitley, Kentucky, United States
Other[9] 1820-1826 Whitley, Kentucky, United Stateson tax lists; widow on tax lists for 1827-28
Other[11] Apr, Jul 1820 Whitley, Kentucky, United StatesIn court charged with perjury; found not guilty
Other[11] 16 July 1821 Whitley, Kentucky, United StatesIn court for disturbing the peace
Property[10] 5 Jul 1822 Whitley, Kentucky, United StatesSurveyed land for land grant
Property[12] 21 Feb 1825 Whitley, Kentucky, United Statesregistered crop mark
Death? Feb 1826
Probate[12] 4 Dec 1826 Whitley, Kentucky, United Stateswidow appointed administrator of estate
Probate[1] Jun 1827 Whitley, Kentucky, United StatesAppraisement of estate
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    Whitley County Court Jue 7 Term 1827
    A Listing of the apprasement of the Estate of Isaih [sic] Meadows Decd which was Recd by the Court and Ordered to be recorded as follows
    Items listed inc. 1 Lathe screw, 1 pail & piggon, 1 Bedsted head & furniture, 1 Bed & furniture, 1 Clamp, 1 pr. of Cotton Cards, 1 Bread tray quern & sifter, 1 Churn & [?] pan, 1 set awls, 1 cradle, 2 chares, 1 die tub, 1 Beson, 1 set of dresserware, 1 Trunk, 1 pr shoes, 1 bell, 3 baskets, 2 bells, 1 smothing Iron, 1 Pot hangor, 1 boal Sugar, Turning tools, Rods & gages, 1 ho[uesl], 2 Hoes & 1 ax, 2 hill pecks, 1 Iron wedge, 1 piece of a Pot, 1 grindstone, [?] wheels, 1 big wheel, 1 Jointer, 1 Loom, 1 Kettle, 1 Oven lid

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    Isaiah Meadors 95Q3S-VR b. ca. 1779, prob. Cheraws, SC

  4. Knox County, Kentucky, in United States. 1810 U.S. Census Population Schedule, Primary quality.

    Isaiah Meadows, 1 male 26-44, 2 females under 10, 1 female 26-44
    also Isham, Thomas Jr., Thomas on same page

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    Indenture 18 Sept 1820
    Between Isham Meadows and Sarah his wife of Whitley County, KY and Elisha Blevins of same place to sell 75 acres on the Waters of Jellico River and bounded as follows
    “Beginning on a black walnut running so as to strike the conditional line between Isham Isaiah Meadows and with the same to the opposite line and thence to the Beginning”
    Indenture 18 Sept 1820
    Between Isham Medors and Sarah Meadors his wife of Whitley County, Kentucky and Uriah Parks of same place to sell by estimate 125 acres
    Beginning at a sourwood and gum and running W and with the original survey and binding on a conditional as marked and agreed upon between Ishom Meadors and Isaiah Meadors

  6. Whitley, Kentucky, in United States. 1820 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication M33), pg 14 line 9.

    Meaders, Isaiah (indexed as Kara W. Maden), 1 male age 26-45 [b 1775-1794]
    1 female under 10 [b 1810-1820]
    2 females age 10-16 [b 1804-1810]
    1 female age 26-45 [b 1775-1794] Obedience (1775)

  7. Kentucky. State Land Office. Tellico land grants, 1803-1853, v. 1-2. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1962), Vol. 1, p. 524, Primary quality.

    Grant #427, Isham Meadows, 200 Acres, Knox County, September 1st 1817
    In Consideration of Certificate #143 granted by the Circuit Court of Knox in April 1813 agreeably to the Several Acts of Assembly for settling and improving the vacant lands acquired by the Treaty of Tellico there is granted unto Isham Meadows assee of Isaiah Meadows a certain tract or parcel of land containing two hundred acres by Survey bearing date the twentieth day of November one thousand eight hundred and thirteen lying and being in the County of Knox on the waters of Gelico and bounded as follows . . . .
    Signed 5 April 1817, Gabriel Slaughter, Lieutenant Governor

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    Information from M. R. “Russ” Meadors of Indianapolis, IN
    Thomas Meadows, b. 1736-8, VA (son of Jason Meadows and Elizabeth Stone), d. 1826, Whitley Co., KY, m. 1760 Anson Co., NC to Keziah Moberly (b. 1743, VA, dau. of Edward Moberly Sr. and Susannah De Ruel)
    8. Isaiah, b. NC

  9. Whitley County (Kentucky). Tax Assessor. Tax books, 1819-1875. (Frankfort, Kentucky: Kentucky State Historical Society, 1952-1953), Primary quality.

    1820, Isah Meadows, 50 acres 2nd rate, Jelico, , $160,
    1821, Isaiah Meadors
    1821, Isaiah Meadow
    1823, Isaiah Meadows, 50 acres, C. Creek, 1 horses, $160,
    1824, Isaiah Meadows, 100 acres+50 acres, G Creek, 1 horses, $175
    1826, Isaia Meadors, 100 acres, Beck Cr, 1 horses, $225
    1827, Obedience Meadows, 100 acres, Beccas Creek, $100,
    1828, Biddy Meadows, 50 acres, Becks Cr, $50,

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    p. 4
    November 20th 1818
    Surveyed for Isaiah Meadors assignee of Harrison White assignee of Hendrick White assignee of Nathan Cox 50 acres of land by virtue of a Kentucky Land Office warrant No. 1944 bearing date November 4th 1817.
    Situate lying in Whitley County on Gellico creek beginning on a black oak and sugar tree on the bank of said creek at the mouth of a small gut running thence down the creek N50E88 poles to a chestnut on the bank of the creek thence continuing own with its meanders N46W20 poles thence N63W32 poles thence N36W60 poles to a hickory and poplar thence leaving the creek S48W39 poles to a black gum and dogwood thence S7E120 poles to a stake thence 67E28 poles to the beginning.
    Hugh Munholland HK [housekeeper], Peter Bryant ChM [chainman], Isaiah Meadors marker [of trees or corners], Joseph Gilliss surveyor
    pp. 98-99
    July 5th 1822
    Surveyed for Isaiah Meadors assignee of Jesse Walker 50 acres of land by virtue of Kentucky Land office warrant No. 8396 bearing date the 13th of day of May 1822.
    Situate in Whitley County on the waters of Gellico beginning on a black walnut running thence S39E58 poles to a white oak thence S11E48 poles to a corner of Bryant Patrick’s thence with a line of the same S48W74 poles to a gum and two dogwoods thence N60W46 poles to a chestnut and gum thence N23E62 poles to a hickory thence N29W20 poles to a clack oak thence a direct line to the beginning.
    William Adams HK, Samuel Mumholland ChM, Isaiah Meadors marker
    Joseph Gilless surveyor

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    p. 20 – July 1819
    Pearson Walton Plt vs Isaiah Meadows Deft – Trespass assault & Battery
    Ordered that suit be dismissed as directed by Plaintiff’s attorney
    pp. 43, 49 - April, July 1820
    See Isaiah Meadows Indictment for Perjury for transcription of Indictment for Perjury
    p. 87 – 16 July 1821
    The Commonwealth of Kentucky vs Isaiah Meadows
    Upon a Recognizance for Surety of the Peaces
    Case dismissed for lack of proof

  12. 12.0 12.1 Kentucky. County Court (Whitley County). Court order books, 1822-1868. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1968), Book #1; FHL #0532090, Primary quality.

    p. 64 - 21 Feb 1825
    Mark of Isaiah Meadows is a crop and a slit in the right ear and half crop in the left
    p. 106 - 4 Dec 1826
    Obedeance Meadows came here into Court and took upon herself the administration of the estate of her late husband Isaih [sic] Meadows. It is therefore ordered that Letters of administration be granted her upon her entering into bond on the penalty of $100 with Reuben Meadows and James Tacketh Securities as the Court directs.
    Ordered that Elisha J[er?]man Robert Haley and William Meadows to appraise the estate of Isiah Meadows Dea'd and make report therof to our next Court
    p. 108 - 1 January 1827
    William Meadows produced a list of the appraisement of the estate of Isaiah Meadows dec'd which was rec'd and ordered to be recorded.