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Meadows Family Documents.


George Marlow Will and Codicil

Will Record, Warren County, Indiana, Volumes 1-4, 1830-1895; FHL #1976412
Vol 4, p.10
On 15 April 1884
Will filed of George Marlow (of Warren County, Indiana, deceased)
Farm in the Prairie Known as W1/2 of NW 1/4 of Sec 21, T23N, R7W in Adams Township and E1/2 of the SW1/4 of Sec 3, T22, R7, except ten acres off the south end
Distributed as follows:
Heirs of Wesley Marlow $300 cash equally divided among them
Two heirs of Levina Robinson $400 cash each
Heirs of Solomon Marlow $800 cash equally divided
Heirs of Louisa Waymire $1 cash
Jackson Marlow $100 cash
William and Isaac Marlow $1 cash each
Marcus D. Marlow I cancel claims against him that I hold
Mary C. Clements $800 cash
George Marlow Jnr $800 cash
Francis M. Marlow $1 cash
Martha S. Marlow and her heirs $800 cash
Appoint David Frazier Executor
Signed 18 Feb 1881 George x his mark Marlow

1) Isom Marlow, Marcus Marlow, William Marlow, Jackson Marlow, my sons
Heirs of Wesley Marlow my son
Solomon Marlow heirs
Heirs of Isaac Marlow my son
Levina Robinson Heirs, Louisa Waymire heirs
all mentioned in the will made 18 Feb 1881
I give to each $1 and hereby revoke my former will
2) I give to Mary C. Clements $800
3) I give to my son George Marlow $25
4) to my son Francis Marlow $1
5) to Martha A. Marlow my daughter-in-law the balance of my estate [wife of Francis]
Signed 17 Dec 1881 George x his mark Marlow
Witness J. Frank Rowan, John B. Metsker

Isham Meadows Probate Record

Montgomery Probate Records, Book A, pp 134-7; Available from the Crawfordsville District Public Library
The State of Indiana Montgomery county
The Montgomery Probate Court May Term 1829
Before the Honorable James Still and Wm Burhedge associate Judges of Said County Constituting a Probate Court
Isom Meadows Decd

Be it remembered that on Tuesday the 12th day of May AD 1829 being the Second day of the Term personally came into court John Beard and Richd Breaks the admn of Said Decd and files the following Petition

To wit To the Honorable the Judges of the Probate Court of the county of Montgomery a& State of Indiana May Term 1829. Your Petitioners Richard Breaks & John Beard admn of the goods chattels rights Credits monies and effects of Isom Meddows Late of Said County Decd respectfully represent to your honors that it is their belief of your Petitioners that a part of the heirs of the Decd has recd property in advance and your petitioners would further represent that Some of the heirs of the estate aforesaid namely Isom Meadows and Keziah Woods are not residents of this State your petitioners therefore prays your Honors to Cause them to be notified to be and appear at the next Term of this Probate Court to answer as to the value of Such portion or advancement Richard Breaks & John Beard admrs of the Estate.

It is therefore ordered, that Sally Meadows widow of sd Decd George Marlow Eda Marlow Thomas Meadows Riley Meadows John Meadows and Isaiah Meadows Reuben Meadows Jackson Meadows Polly Meadows & George Meadows minor heirs of Said Decd by George Marlow there guardian resident heirs of Said Decd be Summoned to appear at the next term of this Court on the 1st day thereof to answer as to the value of any portion or advancement which they or any of them may have recd in the life time of Said Decd and that notice of the pe[…] of this petition be published in the Indiana Journal a paper printed at Indianapolis in Sd State four weeks Sucessevely [sic]and that unless Said Isom Meadows Isaac Wood & Keziah Woods be and appear hereon the first day of the next Term of this court to answer as to the value of any portion or advancement which they or either of them have recd by way of advancement in the life time of Said Decd or the Court will proceed to decree a distribution in their absence[.]

Whereupon the Sheriff is commanded to Summons the Said Sally Meadows George Marlow, Eda Marlow Thomas Meadows Riley Meadows & John Meadows and Isaiah Meadows Reuben Meadows Jackson Meadows Polly Meadows & George Meadows by George Marlow their proper Guardian heirs and Legal representatives of Isom Meadows Decd personally to be and appear before the Judges of the Probate Court on the first day of their next Term to be holden at the Court house in Crawfordsville on monday the 7th day of Sept ([?]hin next) to answer as to any portion or advancement which they or either of them have recd by way of advancement in the life time of Said Decd and afterwards towit at the Sept Term of Said Court in the year 1829 before the Honble [sic] Robert Taylor Judge of said Court on the first day of the Term Comes Said administrators and David Vance Esq Sheriff of Said Co returns said writ thus Endorsed personally served Sept 7 1829 on all except George Marlow Eda Marlow & Thomas Meadows D. Vance Sheriff who notwithstanding appears together with the writ of Said resident heirs and the Court being Satisfied that due notice had been published as aforesaid and all and singular the premises being enquired into by the Court of each and Concerning the matters and things Set forth in Said Petition It appears to the Satisfaction of the Court that the said George Marlow Eda Marlow his wife Thomas Meadows Isom Meadows Isaac Wood and Keziah Woods have reced during the life time of said Decd their full share of said Estate and the Said Marlow and Thomas Meadows here in Court Say they Claim no more and the said Riley Meadows say here that he has recd twelve dollars.

It is therefore ordered adjudged and Decreed by the Court that John Meadows Isaiah Meadows Reuben Meadows Jackson Meadows Polly Meadows & George Meadows each receive an Equal Share of said Estate after the payment of the widows portion and 3rd part and her allowance by Law of one hundred dollars. and that the said administrators Settle with them accordingly

_ And afterwards towit at the same Term on the second day of the Term Said administrators appeared and presented the following account current of said Estate to wit __

Dr. John Beard and Richd Breaks Administrators of Isom Meadows Decd in account Current with the Estate of Decd
[Credits] To amt of Inventory $575.47
To aditional [sic] inventory 16.50
[New Total] 591.97
“ Amt for which the goods sold over and above the appraised value 13.87
To amt of interest collected on Undue Notes .62 and 1/2
[New Total] 606.46 and 1/2
[Debits] To allowance by law for widow $100.00
To amt of property Selected by widow at appraised value 106.77
To Austin Holland in Acct 1.50
To P. M. Currey for Medacal [sic] aid 5.37
To Editor of Indiana Journal 1.00
To John Wilson for Letter of administration etc 1.75
To foster Fields Collecter for Tax .48
To Bollard and West to Satisfy note 16.43 and 3/4
To P M Currey for Services
To George Key in acct 2.25
To Aham Wood for Beef 2.00
To Elias Moore for Whiskey 2.00
To Saml Maxwell for Crying Sale
To James Williams & Alex Croy appraisers 2.0
To George Marlow finding property 7.56
To John Beard as Admr for Services 20.00
To Richd Breaks Do Do 10.00
To John Wilson as Clerk 5.31
To David Van as Sheriffs fees 2.77
To Sally Meadows residue of her one 3d part 33.04
To Riley C. Meadows his Legacy 27.94
To John Meadows his Legacy 41.94
To George Marlow Guardian Legacies of five minor heirs[ Isaiah, Reubin, Polly, Jackson, George ] of Said Estate 209.70
[Total Debits] 606.46 1/2
Sept 8t 1829 John Beard, Rich Breaks
which is Examined and recd by the Court as a final Settlement of Said Estate and is approved as Such by the court

William Isom Meadows Probate

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 09:53:11 -0700
From: "Colleen Wilburn" <>
Subject: Guarenty Bond
I have transcribed a Guarenty Bond of Isham Meadows b. abt 1800 in KY d. 1853 in Indiana. His sons, Isom Meadows b. February 19, 1827 and Riley Meadows b. May 24, 1828, have signed the document. Minor chilldren are listed in the Bond. . . .
Guarenty Bond October 22, 1853
We Isam Meadows and Riley Meadows are bound unto the State Of Indiana in the sum of One hundred and fifty dollars, for the payment of which we bind ourselves severally, firmly by these presents, sealed and dated this 22nd day of October 1853. ¶ If the above bound Isam Meadows will faithfully discharge his duties as guardian of the person & property of Pleasant W. Meadows, Wade H. Meadows, Cornelias Meadows and Paulina Meadows children of said Isam Meadows, then the above obligation is to be void else to remain in full force.
Signed: Isam X his mark Meadows Riley X his mark Meadows

Probate Order Book, Vol 1, 1853-1862, Monroe County, Indiana; FHL #1295696
p. 125 – 25 Oct 1853
Isom Meadows Guardian of the person and estates of Pleasant Meadows, Wade H. Meadows, Cornelius Meadows and Paulina Meadows
The clerk in vacation having granted letters of guardianship to the said Isom Meadows on the persons and estates of the above named minors, and the Court on due inspection of the premi[?s] does Order that said letters be confirmed and that the Estate be taken upon himself the Guardianship of said minors according to law.
Petition to Sell Real Estate Exparte
Now comes Isom Meadows Gurardian by Mr. Dunning his attorney and files his petition for the sale of certain real estate belonging to said minors being their undivided eighth part each in the SE1/4 of the NE1/4, S14, T9N, R1W and on motion it is ordered that James W Spencer and Emnanuel Chitwood be appraisers ant they they report to this Court at is [sic] present term and day as given
p. 134 – 26 Oct 1853
Meadows heirs – Application to sell real estate Exparte
Now comes said Guardian of Pleasant W. Wade H, Cornelias and Paulina Meadows and also come James W. Spencer and Emanuwal Chitwood appraisers who file their appraisement and the Guardian by his attorney files his additional Bond and the Court does order that said Guardian proceed to sell the land, being the undivided 1/2of the SW1/4 of the NE1/4, S14, T9N, R1W at private sale for cash in hand for the best price that can be had and not for less than the appraised value and that he report said sale to the Court.
p. 135 – Petition to sell land Exparte
Now comes said Guardian by his Attorney Mr. Dunning and files his report of sale of the real estate of said minors to Isaac Cox for the sum of $75 cash in hand
p. 155 – 29 Oct 1853
Meadows heirs
Now comes Isom Meadows, Guardian, . . to report Deed of Conveyance to Isaac Cox to with
Indenture 28 Oct 1853
Between Isom Meadows who was appointed Guardian on the 25th day of October
Sold for $75, paid by Isaac Cox
The undivided 1/2 of the SE1/4 of the NE1/4, S14, T9N, R1W, Monroe County
Signed Isom x his mark Meadows
Witness Milton McPhetridge Clerk of Court of Common Pleas

Nathan Shelly Will

Whitley County, Kentucky, Will Book 1, 1818-1854
pp. 56-57
In the name of God Amen I Nathan Shelly of the county of Whitley & State of Kentucky make this my last will & Testament. First I give & bequeath my soul to god who gave it to& my body to buried in Chisten like form and all my just debts if any & funeral expences to be paid out of my personal property as soon as convenient my track of Land I will to my beloved wife Polly Shelly to Live on during her natural life and if she should die before the youngest child should com of age that the Children that now is remaining on the place still stay on the same & when the youngest is of age if their Mother is dead the Land then to be sold by Thomas Shelly on the best terms for all my Legatees and the Money divided equally between Thomas Shelly, Jeremiah Shelly, Nathan Shelly Betsy Shelly, Jain Papker, William Shelly, Jackson Shelly, Nancy Shelly & Polly Shelly both my horses I leve to my beloved wife and should the mare bring a Colt to live it is for William Shelly and should my beloved wife deces before the youngest child come of age that William is to have the horse and Coalt and Jackson the Mare, I leve to my beloved Wife the two cows and Calves and three year old heifer that is in the flat woods all my hogs and Sheep I leve to my beloved wife for the use of herself and the Children that remain with hur all my house hold and Kitchen furniture I leve for the use of my beloved wife and the family that is with hur and for hur to divide as She has with those that has left her and at hur death if the youngest child is of age the balance to be equally divided amongst the above mentioned legatees, I will a black pided [pied] heifer to Betsy Shelly I have Six Steer I want raised and Sold to the best advantage and the money equally divided between William and Jackson Shelly my gun and Shout pouch Big ax the open collar and Chains I leve to William Shelly the new chains and big coller and heims and buck bar and small ax I leve to Jackson Shelly one old pair of chains and back bar and what is cauld the thin ax I leve to Thomas Shelly one pair of chains and heims that is at Nathan Shellys I leve to him all my farming tools I leve on the place for the use and benefit of the family all the corn that is now on the place is for the use and benefit of the family that is now on the place what money is on hand & what debts is owing to me I leve to my beloved wife for her use & benefit I want Thomas Shelly to make a calculation of the horse & saddle so that William & Jackson may be made equal with the other boys when the Land is Sold if not before, I hereby appoint my beloved wife Polly Shelly and Thomas Shelly exeters of this my last will and Testament hereby revocan all other will or wills heretofore made
In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this 11th of September 1845 Nathan Shelly
Witness: John Ross, James Smith
State of Kentucky Whitley County Court
I Addison Williams Clerk of the court aforesaid do hereby certify that the foregoing Instruments of writing was this day presented to the Court and proven to be the last will and testament of Nathan Shelly by the Oaths of John Ross and James Smith Subscribing witnesses thereto which being examined by the Court was ordered to be recorded and the same is done accordingly.
Witness my hand this 20th day of October 1845
A. Williams clk

Frances Wallace Pension Application

Frances Wallace Pension Application; [ Footnote] 28 Feb 2009
(orig: NARA M804, Rev. War Application Files, North Carolina Veteran John Wallace)

  1. 3540, Evansville, Indiana

Frances Wallace, widow of John Wallace of North Carolina, who served as a Private; Certificate of Pension issued 31 Jan 1854, sent to Geo. W. Hardin, Bloomington, IN.; Recorded on Roll of Pensioners under act 3 Feb 1853, p. 1919, Vol. A On 4 May 1853 Frances Wallace aged 74, resident of Green County, Indiana, declares that she is thee widow of John Wallace; that she was married to the said John Wallace in Tennesse on 15 January 1813 by Esq. King, a JP; and that previous to her marriage her name was Frances Medows. That John Wallace died at home on 24 August 1834 in Owen county, IN and that she has not remarried

On 9 August 1853 Lewis A. Meadows and Eli Wallace of Stockton Township, Green County, IN say they are the children of Mrs. Frances Wallace, that John Wallace was a pensioner; that Frances Wallace lived with Eli Wallace both before and after his marriage and he was intended to move to MO in Nov 1852 but couldn’t because of the poor roads and his mother’s disability to travel
Signed Lewis A. Meadows, Eli x his mark Wallace

Testimony of Frances Wallace: She was Frances Alsop before her first marriage to Isom Meadows which took place in anson county North Carolina and was solemnized by Eli[z?]ah Lowry a JP in January [year left blank] and that she and John Wallace both resided in Knox County, Kentucky and went into [blank] county in Tennessee in order to be married and were married there by an Esquire King. She has no family records of either of her marriages or of the births or deaths of any of her family. She had five children by John Wallace, Isaac Wallace and John Wallace, both of Newton county, Missouri, Angus Ross Wallace of ripley county, Missouri, Elias Wallace of Hopkins County, Texas, and Eli Wallace (the youngest) of Green County Indiana. Signed Frances x her mark Wallace
27 Oct 1853
my Mothers name was Sally Rhory and my fathers name was Alsop they never was married, . . . [but] I always went by my fathers name Alsop I was born in North Carolina Anson County with in 12 or 13 miles of Wades Borough the County Ceit I Also was married to Isom Meadows in the same County and State by Elizah louray a Justice of the peace some time in the month of Jan in or about the yer 1799 or 1800 we also moved from Carolina to Kentuck Knox County on Cumberlin River below Barhursville we had five Children and he dyed ------ know Conerning the marriage of me and John Wallace we lived in knox Copunty ky know cald Whitley Copunty tho we were married in Tennessee State County I doe not remember the reason we went to Tennessee it was a great del nearer than it was to the County Ceit in knox where we lived we was married in Jan in or about the year 1812—old John Meadows Isom Meadows and daughter Edy Meadows and Isah Meadows James Lasley all in the same neighborhood betwixt Cumberland river and Jillico Creek from there I and Wallace moved to Wayne County ky on the little south form of Cumberlin river and there lived until we had five Children . . . some of our neighbours thear was Eli Hubbard and Richard Byres Aron Byres . . . and then we moved to Indiana owen County you wisht to know of the Children in and about owen they have all left thear Mordacai Meadows is living in Morgan County near Martinsville you make inquire about one Isom Meadows living in or about Bloomington and see if he recollects anything about the marridge of me and John Wallace also make enquire about Mobley Meadows yuu will find him if he is alive living some whear on blew River near Salem Ia. see if he noes eny thing about I and Wallus being married and living as husband and wife -------------- ----------------- ----------------
those people old John Meadows isom Meadows and Isiah Meadows and Edy Meadows and James Lasley all went with us and saw us married respetfuy yours
Frances Walles to Geo W Hardin

[Note: the nearest Tennessee County would be Campbell County, and the way to the County seat would follow the Cumberland River rather than having to cross over hills in order to reach the County Seat of Knox County. Campbell County, TN was organized in 1806, but the earliest extent marriage records are from the 1830s.]