Person:Isabel Patterson (1)

Isabel Patterson
b.ABT 1741
d.before 1774
m. c1721
  1. Abigail Patterson1720-1734 - bef 1774
  2. Elizabeth Patterson1720-1734 - bef 1774
  3. Thomas Pattersonest 1728-1738 - Bef 1794
  4. John Patterson1730 - 1808
  5. Mary Pattersonbef 1737 - BEF 1768
  6. Isabel PattersonABT 1741 - before 1774
Facts and Events
Name Isabel Patterson
Gender Female
Birth? ABT 1741
Death[1] before 1774

Person:Isabel Patterson (1) is a descendant of William (61), The Pennsylvania Patriarch


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This article is for the Isabel Patterson who appears in the Tinkling Springs Baptismal records, baptized 2 August 1741. The baptismal record indentifies her father as Robert Patterson. We currently have records showing six Robert Pattersons in the area between c1738 and c1800:

Person:Robert Patterson (51) 17111775Known to be in area in 1741
Person:Robert Patterson (39)17001774Known to be in area in 1741
Person:Robert Patterson (38)17281799Too young to have fathered a child baptized in 1741
Person:Robert Patterson (19)17501828Not yet born in 1741
Person:Robert Patterson (41)1755? Not yet born in 1741
Person:Robert Patterson (47)17871864Not yet born in 1741

Of these, assuming the stated vita are correct, only Robert (51) and Robert (39) could be her father, the others being either too young to have a child baptized in 1741, or not yet born. Robert (51) left a will dated 1775, in which he named his sons and daughters. An "isabel" is not included among them, though it is possible that she predeceased him (and so might not be named, particularly if she left no children.) Robert (39) also left a will (dated 1774) but identified no daughters. This may indicate that 1) he had no female children, 2) his daughters were all married, and he left them no bequests, or 3) they had predeased him. Currently, we have no way to discriminate between the various alternatives, and Isabel could be a daughter of either of these Roberts, or alternatively a daughter of a currently unrecognized Robert Patterson in the area.

Robert (39) testified in 1740 that he had self-imported from Ireland. That may mean that he came directly from Ireland to Virginia sometime before 1740, or that he initially settled elsewhere (presumably Pennyslvania), but by 1740 he was in Virginia. His importation record lists his wife and children:

May 1740 Robert Patterson, Grace, his wife; Thomas, Mary, & Elizabeth Patterson (from Ireland)

Need Source

Thomas, Mary, and ELixabeth are presumably his children. Isabel, baptized 1741, could perhaps have been born after his importation


Isabella Patterson Records in Chalkley's Chronicles
Patterson Baptisms at Tinkling Springs
Known Isabella Patterson's in Chalkley's Chronicles
Person:Isabel Patterson (1)c1741c1774 Person:Robert Patterson (39) of Cathey's RiverWilliam Patterson (61), the Patriarch
Person:Isabella Patterson (4)17381806c1760James Burnside Nathaniel (5)William (61)
Person:Isabella Erwin (2)1707aft1752Person:Nathaniel Patterson (5) William (61)wife of Nathaniel, records listed under her married name
Person:Isabella Patterson (3)c17741794John Dixon Thomas (20)Mary ChristianWilliam (61)
Person:Isabella Patterson (5) 17981845 Alexander H. Walker JosephJane Walker Currently Unknown Jane is in the Wigton Walker Line
Person:Isabella Patterson (10)1753 1809 John Dickey James Sarah Sproul James The Saddler
Person:Isabella Patterson (XX)1741 Robert Known from Tinkling Springs baptismal record
Person:Isabella Patterson (8)1769 1824 David Hunter William Esther Finley James Patterson (84)
The Indian Trader
Need to see if she actually came to Old Augusta
Person:Isabella Patterson (6) 1744 c1769 James Brown Person:James Patterson (77) Mary Montgomery Unknown Patriarch No evidence that she came to Old Augusta; probably died in Lancaster County PA
Person:Isabella Patterson (7)1783 1818 currently unknown James Letitia Gardner Person:James Patterson (77) No evidence that she came to Old Augusta; probably died in Lancaster County PA
Person:Isabella Patterson (9)1800 1861 Currently unknown Galbreath Catherine Thomposon unknown No evidence that she came to Old Augusta

See Color Key for Old Augusta Patterson Patriarch's for key to color coding


From Chalkley's Chronicles 3:137

Psge 295 - - 1st October, 1774. Robert Patterson's will - - To son-in-law, Alexander Stuart, Bible; to son, Thomas; to son, John; to son John's children; to granddaughter, Mary Stuart; to grandson, Robert Stuart; to grandson, Robert Patterson. Executor, son Thomas. Teste: John Archer, Daniel Kidd, Edward Hall. Proved, 16th November, 1774, by Kidd, and recorded. Thomas qualified with John Madison, Jr.


A 1791 marriage record for Isabel Patterson, to William Graham, identifies her father as Robert.

From Chalkley's Chronicles 2:295

1791--June 6, Wm. Graham and Isabella Patterson, daughter of Robert Patterson; surety, Robert Patterson.

This Robert can not be Robert of Cathey River, son of the Patriarch WIlliam 61, as he died in 1774.

  1. Presumed to have predeceased her father as she is not listed in his will of 1 October 1774. However, the basis for her inclusion in his will is not known. A 1791 marriage record for Isabel Patterson, to XXXXX, identifies her father as Robert, but that is presumably a different Isabel, as that Robert was alive at the time of the marriage.