Person:Hugh Dobbins (5)

Hugh Dobbins
d.bef. 15 August 1799
Facts and Events
Name Hugh Dobbins
Gender Male
Death? bef. 15 August 1799


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Transcript:Call to the Rev. Samuel Black, Albemarle, VA, 1747
Transcript:WIll of Hugh Dobbins, Caswell County, NC, 1771
Person:Bazaleel Maxwell (1)
Person:John Walker (81)


Did this Hugh Dobbins move to Orange County NC where he lived on Hico Creek watershed, near John Walker land?

From Rootsweb Maxwell List

Orange Co., N.C. Deed Bk, 3 P. 519 19 Aug. 1767 Maxwell to Walker Bezaleel Maxwell of Albemarle County in Virginia of the one part John Walker [1] of the county of Orange and province of North Carolina of the other part ... in consideration of sum of sixty pounds current money of Virginia ... two hundred seventy five acres situate lying & being on both sides of the Reedy (Hico?) Creek Beginning at a White Oak, ite. ... Hugh Dobbins[2] line ... Wit. James Long Thomas Maxwell George Douglas

Note 1

From VDOT ALBEMARLE COUNTY ROAD ORDERS 1744-1748 , Nathaniel Mason Paw1ett, Faculty Research Historian

23 Jan. 1745 O.S., p. 88 Road./. Viewd. On the Petition of Thomas Walker for a Road from the north Garden through Ivey Creek Pass to Rock fish Road. Order’d that William Sudworth Hugh Dobbins and John Lyon or Any two of them do View the same and make their Report there of to Next Court./.

Note 2

At a Court continued for Albemarle County June 13, 1746

In case of Joseph Hickingbottom agst Richard Fletcher Gregory, parties appear as does a Jury, to wit: james Christian (foreman), Thomas Thornill, William Christian, Richard Gwinn, John Hays, Samuel Herston, Hugh Dobbins, John Dobbins, Robert Herston, John McWerters, John Thomas & Thomas Joplin who find the deft has not done his work in a workmanlike manner nor performed his contract. Plt. to recover.

Note 3

Original Source:Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon), July 18, 1771.
Intermediate Source:The African aAmerican Experience

GLOUCESTER, July 11, 1771.

RUN away from the Subscriber, in February 1770, a likely Negro Fellow named ADAM , by trade a Cooper and sawer, near six Feet high, of a yellow Complexion, down Look, rather slow of Speech, his Beard grows much under his Chin, has some gray Hairs on his Head, though but twenty five Years old, and one of his Shins has been Hurt. He was some Months advertised in the Virginia Gazette, and in the Night of the 25th Instant made his Escape from Mr. Spilsby Coleman, at an Ordinary in Henrico County, who was bringing him from Orange County, North Carolina (where he had indented himself, by the Name of Thomas Jackson, to one Hugh Dobbins) but has since been seen at the Plantation of Colonel William Macon, in New Kent. He had on when he made his Escape, a Pair of coarse patched Rolls Trousers, a Cotton or white Plains Waistcoat much worn about the Sleeves, a pretty good brown Linen Shirt, but very dirty, a small new Felt Hat, and a Pair of old Shoes. He took Nothing with him but what he had on, which perhaps he may change the first Opportunity. He pretends to be a Newlight, can read and write a little, and had when taken up a forged pass. Whoever brings the said Negro to me in Gloucester County, or to Colonel William Macon of New Kent County, shall have FIFE [sic] POUNDS Reward if taken in this Colony and TWENTY FIVE POUNDS if out thereof.


  1. THis could be John Walker III of the Wigton Walker line
  2. Conceivbly Person:Hugh Dobbins (5) of Albemarle County, from which Bazaleel is believed to have come