Person:Hugh Dever (2)

m. est. 1748
  1. James Deverabt 1749 - abt 1802
  2. William Ewing Deverabt 1756 - 1824
  3. Hugh E. Deverabt 1758 - bef 1815
  4. John Deverabt 1760 - abt 1815
  5. Margaret Deverabt 1762 - abt 1789
m. abt. 1778
  1. Hugh Dever1801 - abt 1863
Facts and Events
Name Hugh E. Dever
Alt Name Hugh E. Devier
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1758 North River, Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1778 Virginiato Mary Pearlow Bennett
Death? bef. May 1815 Dever Plantation, Rockingham County, Virginia

Hugh Dever was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of Hugh Dever

Will Extract:

DEVIER, HUGH, dated 12 Sept 1812. Wife Mary, Sons James, Wm., Jason, Luke Cannon, Francis Cannon, Hugh, Daughter. Mary Parlow Ervin, 3 gr. children Betsy, Mary and Margaret Philips. Wife's children and Margaret Agnes Devier. Negroes: Sua?, Moses, Emmy, Harry, Ben, Mariah, Abner, George, Hannah, Sea, Cinda, Daren, Hill, Frederick, Jack, Charles, Jacob, Nan, Jonas, Philis, Size and Rands. Land: Hugh's Creek patented to John Devier known as Richard's Camp; Sugar Camp in Pendleton co., on Brushy Fork, patented to John Devier and myself.; Bryer Branch; Brother owns Upper Tract.; land adjoining John Smith, Silas Hart, Luke C. Devier, George Day, James Cockran, Wm. Craven and Andrew Newman, Thos. King, Isaac Crawford, John Lineweaver, Wm. Hodgshead. Exors; Hugh Devier (merchant), James Dever, Wm. Dever and Luke C. Devier. Wit; Harry O'Kean, Joseph Doughladd, Michael Ritto. Probated May 1815.

Will Transcript:

Will of Hugh Devier dated 12 Sep 1812) (recorded May 1815)
In the name of God amen. I, Hugh Devier of Rockingham County and state of Virginia, being at present in good health and perfect sound and disposing mind and memory. Thanks go to God for the same and being desirous of disposing of all my estate both real and personal in the manner following.
I leave and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary DeVier the 1/2 of my dwelling house containing two rooms on the first floor, the kitchen adjoining the same, the smoke house, hen house, and garden at the back of my house; the chest, cup board, table, as many chairs as she chooses, her own bed and furniture, and every other necessity she shall think wanting for said house and kitchen; one mare or horse of her own choice to be furnished with saddle and bridal; one Negro wench of her own choice to wait on her; if the Negro don't please her she still take another and soon, - she is likewise to be furnished with as many cows as will give her milk and butter in abundance, and the same to be fed along with her mare or horse and taken care of for her; and as much cotton, wool, and flax as will be sufficient, agreeable to her orders, without waste.
I further order my executors to sell every fall as much of the produce of the Plantation whereupon my dwelling house stands as will provide coffee, tea, and sugar, as much of the sane as she shall think needful, in reason; and likewise she is to be furnished with as much pork, beef, flour, Indian corn meal off said Plantation as will support her and negros plentifully, without waste, and the same brought home to her, as she directs, with firewood sufficient, and I order and direct my three sons James DeVier, William Mason DeVier, and Luke Carmen DeVier, their heirs and assigns, to pay unto my said wife yearly the sum of four dollars each between Christmas and New years (if required).
It is farther to be observed that all said property my wife shall enjoy during her widowhood, but in case she should marry again, she is in ten days afterward to leave the Plantation without any of my property but her wearing apparel. But if she remains a widow, then at her death all the aforesaid property I leave unto her children and Margaret Agnes DeVier Newman to be equally divided.
I leave into my three grandchildren, Betsy, Mary and Margaret Philips the sum of 10 pounds each as they come of age. I leave unto my daughter Mary Pearlow Ewin the following negros tuo. Motes and Ewing during her natural life and after decease to the lawful heirs of her body equally. I likewise leave her two hundred and fifty one acres of land being part of abstract of land containing one thousand and five acres on the water or of Hughes Creek patent to Hugh and John Devier and known by the name of Richards camp.
I order and direct my executors to sell said land and the amount thereof to be paid unto the said Mary Pearlow Ewin or assigns. Also part of another tract of land called the Sugar Camp in Pendleton County on Brushy Fork, patent to John Devier and myself, containing fifty acres more or less, said tract was equally divided between us of which my brother owns the upper part. I also leave her one horse valued 15 pounds, and 50 pounds in good bonds or property, the above 50 pounds to be part when Hugh Devier comes of age. The remaining part that I've left her will be found in my book when she starts charges with the same.
I leave and bequeath unto Margaret Agnes Devier Newman, one Negro girl named Ramas, also one bed and furniture, one burrow, and table, one horse saddle and bridal, the value 15 pounds. One spinning wheel and one check meel, she is likewise to be educated and kept In good clothing and otherwise supported and get her home at my dwelling house until she comes of age free of any charge, and if she dies before she comes to age then above property is to be equally divided among my children.
I leave into my son James Devier one tract of land containing one hundred and eighty acres or more or less. Also one other small tract of land of eleven acres and three-fourths more or less, adjoining each other, on Bryer Branch bottom in Rockingham County. Also the three following Nigro's named Hary, Ben and Mariah and their increase, one horse, saddle and bridal, one rifle gun, two cows, one yearling, five sheep, one breeding sow, and shoots (shoats) all in his position. I likewise leave unto his son Hugh Devier ten pounds.
I leave into my two sons William Mason Devier and Hugh Devier the following tracts of land (..) one hundred and fifty acres more or less on which my dwelling house stands and another tract of two hundred and ten acres more are less - another tract of 35 acres more or less - another tract of two surveys adjoining sons land unto the crop line of Luke Carmen Devier, another little tract on an island in the North River adjoining the Plantation. I now live on formally the property of John Devier together with two other small tracts of land adjoining the above land the one containing seventy nine acres more or less; the other seven acres more are less. The whole of the above lands are bounded as follows by the lands of John Smith, Silas Hart, Luke C. Devier, George Day, John Cochram, William Cr..., and Andrew Nurream. The above lands are computed at six hundred acres more are less. The dividing line between the said William Mason Devier and Hugh Devier runs thus; beginning on the south side of the North River and runs with the fence to a locust post below the barn, and with the several curves of the fence to another locust post and with the curves of said fence to a white pine at the foot in the Hill, (a corner of sons line) to be run in a straight line from curve to curve until a corner along the South Branch road, with straight course to a corner along the South Branch road,with a straight course crossing the South branch road to a large pine at corner of John Smith's. It is to be remembered that beginning at the North river and going on the above mentioned course until the said large pine corner of John Smith's, the left-hand side, belongs to William Mason Devier, the above corners are known by my fine sons.
I further leave unto the said William Mason Devier three Negroes named a Aberes, George and Hannah, with their increase, with a horse, saddle and bridal, three cows and one yearling, five sheep, one breeding sow and some shoats, with one shotgun.
I leave unto my son Luke Carmen Devier part of four surveys of land, containing five hundred acres more are less bounded by the lanes of George Day, Thomas King, Isaac Crawford, John Sinawiann, William Hogshead and Silas Hart and then with the line of William Mason Devier to a corner made on the South Branch Road, from that in a straight line to a corner made on George Days line. I further leave unto him the three following Negro's Aim, Sia and Cinda, with their increase. I leave him one horse, saddle and bridal, three cows and one yearling, five sheep, one breeding sow and some shoats and one shot gun.
I leave unto my son Francis Carmen Devier the sum of five hundred pounds in cash, the same to be made out of the profits arising from my estate, that I have now in my possession after the payment of all my just debts. That is from the terms of my agreement until my son Hugh Devier comes to age. Together with one bed and furniture, one horse saddle and bridal, three cows, one yearling, five sheep, one breeding sow and some shoats, -- I likewise Negro's Marres, Dareus, Philo and Frearek, with their increase, with one shotgun.
I leave unto my son Hugh Devier, already mentioned, that part or division of land whereon my dwelling house stands. The house likewise only what is occupied by his mother. I leave him Negro's Firo, Marrino, Jack, Charles, Jacob, Nan and Jonas (a son of Nan's) with their increase, with all the other movable property I shall own at the time of my decease. --
Be It remembered that there is two Negro women named Philis and Sizo, that I have not bequeathed to anyone of my children, -- these two and their increase are to be equally divided among all my children, and in order to pay the aforesaid five hundred pounds, with more care, I order 50 acres of land to be sold and laid off my estate in manner following, being at a corner line of Hogretts land, and then to run an equal number of poles on Smith's line, off from that line where the corner joins Hogretts a number of poles on each line to make the said fifty acres and to farther assist in paying the said five hundred pounds, I order my executors to sell of my movable property various wagons, cattle, horses and other loose property, that may not injure the keeping the plantation in good order to assist in paying the aforesaid sum of five hundred pounds, the aforesaid property to be sold must amount to one hundred pounds for the above purpose. And it is further to be ordered that in case the said five hundred pounds shall remain unpaid until Hugh Devier arrives at the age of 20 years (though) the management or (?) of James Devier, William Devier and Luke C. Devier. (who is approved to have the same discharged by the profits arising from my estate). That if the above should happen whatever remains unpaid must come off the estate of the above mentioned James Devier, W. M. Devier and Luke C. Devier and it is further to be observed, that what I have left to my children and grandchildren by these presents, are likewise to their heirs and assigns forever. -- and lastly I do nominate an appoint Hugh Devier (merchant) James Devier, William Devier, and Luke C. Devier executors of my last will and testament , hereby revoking and dis.... all former wills, with all gifts made by myself or by any others except what is made now into writing.
In witness thereof I have set my hand and affairs my seal the 12th day of September 1812.

(signed) Hugh Devier

Signed, sealed published and delivered as this my last will and testament in the presence of:
Harry Okean
Joseph Douglas
Michea Ritter
Aboxy Testo H. J. Garribilt
Rockingham County May Court 1815

Records in Augusta County, VA

  • Page 36 - James Diver, 400 acres. Adjoining King, Crawford, John Wilson, Silas Hart, Hugh Diver. March 22, 1783. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 110].
  • Page 36 - James Diver, assignee of John Crow, 122 acres. Adjoining Hugh Diver, Henry Miller, William Bowyer, King. May 22, 1783. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 110].