Person:Henry Thompson (34)

Henry Thompson
m. Abt. 1748
  1. Capt. James ThompsonABT 1750 - ABT 1811
  2. Margaret Thompson1750 -
  3. Mary ThompsonABT 1751 - ABT 1796
  4. William Thompson1752-1776 -
  5. Isabella ThompsonABT 1755 -
  6. Sarah Ann Thompson1757 -
  7. Henry ThompsonBEF 1760 - 1828
  8. Nancy ThompsonABT 1763 - BEF 1815
  9. Thomas Patton Thompson1765-1776 -
m. ABT 18 SEP 1780
  1. Sally ThompsonABT 1782 - ABT 1837
  2. James P. ThompsonABT 1784 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Henry Thompson
Gender Male
Birth? BEF 1760 Montgomery, Augusta County, Virginia
Alt Birth[1][2][3] 1775
Marriage ABT 18 SEP 1780 to Elizabeth Cloyd
Death[1][2] 1828 Prob. Tennessee

Henry Thompson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Henry Thompson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Thompson vs. Thompson--O. S. 349; N. S. 126--Bill, 1810, by John Thompson, Jr. In 1805 orator was living in Louisa and went to Washington County to visit his mother and while there he proposed to purchase land from Elijah Carpenter. His uncle, Jno. Thompson, was living in Louisa and they together bought the land, and they both moved there. Uncle John conveyed all his property to Wilson Quarles of Caroline and sold his portion of the land to George Byars. Deed, 2d October, 1807, by Elijah Carpenter and wife Elizabeth to John Thompson, Jr. and Sr., of Washington County, 400 acres in Washington County, corner Andrew Smothers. Recorded in Washington District Court, 2d October, 1807. Letter by John Thompson, C L, dated Louisa County, 30th April, 1805, addressed to John Thompson, Washonton County: "Dear Nephew-- Your aunt went to see her sister Pleasants, but when she got there she was dead 2 days. Brother Robert is married and also Richard Jones. John's father is going to Rockingham on Dan River." Deposition by Patton Thompson of Washington County, February, 1820, in the cause of Thompson vs. Cloyd, viz: James Thompson vs. Gordon Cloyd and Henry Thompson. Patton is brother of James and Henry Thompson. John Cloyd was father-in-law of Henry Thompson. Bond by John Cloyd to James dated 1778. Henry sold his farm to Gordon Cloyd and moved to Tennessee. Gordon Cloyd was son of Joseph Cloyd.
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