Person:Henry Paulin (4)

Capt. Henry Paulin
b.bef. 1746
Facts and Events
Name Capt. Henry Paulin
Alt Name Capt. Henry Pauling
Alt Name Capt. Henry Pawling
Gender Male
Birth? bef. 1746
Military? 10 October 1774 Served in Battle of Point PleasantBattle of Point Pleasant

Henry Paulin was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 11.--17th May, 1768. Thomas Stanton, of Orange County, N. C., to Henry Paulin, of Bedford County, Va., £85, on Woods River, 100 acres. Teste: John Pearey, Richard Davis, Nicholas Welch.
  • Page 450.--17th June, 1769. James Patton's executors to Henry Paulin, £15, 62 acres patented to James, 3d November, 1750, on Craig's Creek. Teste: Andrew Crockett, Samuel McRoberts.

Disposition of Land in Botetourt County, VA:

  • 1770 June 28 - Botetourt County: Henry Paulin sold to Samuel Pepper 100 acres on the north side of Woods River which was called Buffalo Pond. [Source: Annals of SW Virginia (1769-1800), by Lewis Preston Summers, 1929, page 538].

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 9.--19th September, 1766. Henry Field's estate appraised by James Neeley, Wm. and Edward Carvin--Paid accounts to, viz: Wm. Simpson, Stephen Trigg, Henry Paullen.
  • Vol. 1 - Boyd vs. William Dougherty.-Sundries. 1766, February 2d, May 23d, September 30th; 1767, August 1st, to Henry Paulin; August 22. Contra: 1766, September 30th, by 72° ginzang root, 2/6d; 2 3/4 deerskins, 4/.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 27, 1769. - (169) Henry Pauling, Joseph Murty and John Potts--to view a road from Joseph Murty's house down Craig's Creek and Patterson's Creek into the main road from John Crawford's to the Stone House.

Records in Botetourt County, VA

  • 14 February 1770, BCOB 1, p. 8 - Ordered that Henry Paulin, Andrew Crawford and Samuel McFarran or any two of them being first sworn before any one of the Justices of the Peace of this County do view the way from Thomas McFarran’s by Patterson’s Creek to Henry Paulin’s on Craigs Creek and report the Conveniences & Inconveniences thereof to the Court. (Source: Botetourt County Road Orders, 1770-1778])
  • Henry Paulin one of the persons appointed to view the way from Thomas McFarran's by Patterson's Creek to Henry Paulin's on Craig's Creek, having made report that a waggon road might easily be made there, it is ordered that upon one other of the viewers signing the said report before any one of the Justices of the Peace of this County Samuel McFarran with the tithables belonging to that Precinct do open & keep the same in repair from Craig's Creek waggon road to Patterson's Creek, and that Henry Paulin with the tithables belonging to his Precinct do open & keep the same in repair from Patterson's Creek to his own house and that John McFarran and John Potts do appoint the tithables to each Precinct. (Source: Botetourt County Court March 1770).
  • Henry Paulin & James McAfee produced commissions from his Excellency the Governor appointing them Lieutenants in the Militia, and John May produced a commission from his Excellency the Governor appointing him Quartermaster in the Militia, and thereupon they severally took the usual oaths to his Majesty's Person & Government and repeated & subscribed the test. (Source: Botetourt County Court March 1770).
  • This day came the parties by their attorneys, & thereupon came also a jury, towit: William McBride, Moses Collier, Robert Bowen, Reese Bowen, Henry Paulin, John Hanna, Thomas Rowland, William Rowland, Nathaniel Evans, Hugh Bartley, William Hall and John Jackson retd. verdict that deft, is not guilty. Judgt. accdgly. & that deft, recover of the plff. his costs by him about his defence in this behalf expended. (Source: Botetourt County Court March 1771).
  • This court doth appoint William Walker surveyor of the road in room of Henry Paulin, who is now discd. from that office. (Source: Botetourt County Court March 1771).
  • 13 July 1773, Henry Pauling was the surveyor of the road from John Howard's to the county line of Bedford.

Records in Kentucky

  • 1792: Names of the Kentucky members of the Virginia Convention which ratified the present Constitution of the United States:
Lincoln County
John Logan
Henry Pauling
[Source: "Historical Sketches of Kentucky: Embracing Its History, Antiquities, and Natural Curiosities, Geographical, Statistical, and Geological Descriptions", pg. 147].
  • Henry Green on 21 July 1797 authorized a survey of two 400 acres tracts then in Mercer County. These tracts were apparently originally the property of William Green Jr. and were obtained on 11 May 1780. One tract was adjacent to Henry Pauling and the other was adjacent to John Gore. [1]
  1.   Lyman C. Draper Manuscript Collection.

    Col. Jacob (Jehu) Stephens lived in what is now Wythe County on Reed Creek...-5 ft. 8-heavy made, & strong active man, a great wooodsman & a fine gunner. Rather illiterate...It was on Goose Creek in Bedford Co. where he Bufords lived, he was raised. Stephens' halfbrother & older(the same mother) was Capt. Henry Paulin...married for his first wife a Ramsey, a sister of Wm. Col. Stephens was a farmer - good character- lived in a Dutch settlement. Moved to Tennessee just as the bells of the Indians Wars...moved to Little River in Knox Co., Tennessee... Died there somewhere about the close of the War of '12.

  2.   Bockstruck, Lloyd de Witt. Virginia's Colonial Soldiers. (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Co., c1988), pg. 8.

    Botetourt County:

    13 March 1770 - John Bowyer, Capt.; David Robinson, Capt.; James Cloyd, Capt.; Francis Smith, Capt.; Robert Doak, Capt.; Philip Love, Capt.; Matthew Aruikle [s/b Arbuckle], Capt.; Anthony Bledsoe, Capt.; Walter Crocket, Capt.; Arthur Campbell, Capt.; Henry Paulin, Lt.; John May, QM; James McAfee, Capt.

  3.   Reuben Gold Thwaites, Louise Phelps Kellogg. Documentary History of Dunmore's War, 1774: : Compiled from the Draper Manuscripts in the Library of the Wisconsin Historical Society and published at the charge of the Wisconsin Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. (Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Historical Society, 1905), pg. 315.

    Return [of] Troops from Botetourt on the Expedi[t]ion against the Ohio Indians 1774 Septr. 7

    Col. Wm. Fleming
    Capt. Henry Paulin, 1 Lieut., 1 Ensign, 4 Sergt., 1 Fifer, 1 Drummer, 53 Rank & File.