Person:Henry Holston (2)

Henry Holston, Sr.
b.Abt 29 Mar 1694 Pennsylvania
m. Bef 1718
  1. Stephen HolstonAbt 1718 -
  2. Sarah HolstonAbt 1720 -
  3. Henry Holston, Jr.Abt 1723 - Bef 1805
Facts and Events
Name Henry Holston, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 29 Mar 1694 Pennsylvania
Christening? 29 Mar 1694 Old Swedes Church, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Marriage Bef 1718 to Catharina Evans
Death? Botetourt County, Virginia

Henry Holston was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 517.--22d November. 1753. Same (From James Patton) to Henry Holdston, Sr., 1753, 181 acres. As above (on Craig's Creek).
  • Page 462.--16th November, 1754. Col. James Patton to Henry Holston, £7.6.0, 146 acres by patent, dated 3d November, 1750 on Craigs Creek sycamore in the fork of John's Creek. Teste: Thos. Cobune, Henry Holston, Jr.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 471.--8th October, 1754. Henry Holston to John £-----, to Abraham Looney, £100, 180 acres by patent, 20th August, 1748, on the Long Run, a branch of James River; corner Robert Looney, Sr. Teste: Wm. Harbison. Delivered to Abraham, August, 1762.

Processioning List of 1765

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:

  • Vol. 2 - Page 382.--1765: Wm. Bryans and Jas. Neely report as follows, viz: For James Bryan (on Roanoke), for Wm. Bryan, Jr., for David Bryan (Geo. McAfee present), for Rees Bowin, for Hugh Mills, for David Cloyd (Tinker's Creek), for David Robinson, for Wm. Graham, for Wm. Graham (on Bufallo Creek), Benj. Paulson present; for Wm. Graham, Henry Holston present; for Peter Evans; for Thos. Tosh, Danl. McNeal present; for Jno. McAdoo, Jas. Mellin present; for David Dutton, Wm. Elam present; for Israel Christian, for Joseph Snodgrass, for Joseph Robinson, for John Neilly; for Baptist Armstrong, present Thomas Acres; for Wm. Carvin, for Wm. Terry, for Thomas Ackers, for James Neilly (on Carson's Creek).

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records: (Note: some records may be for Henry's son)

  • Vol. 1 - ORIGINAL PETITIONS AND PAPERS FILED IN THE COUNTY COURT. 1745-1748. - Petition for road by inhabitants of Craig's Creek from Henry Houlston's (Holstine) to James Montgomery's. Signed Henry Holstine, Sr., Wicklor Welch, Stephen Holstine, George Barber, William Lee, John Shichelve, Waiter Welch. Henry Houlston.
  • Page 268.--18th July, 1750. George Barber's appraisement, by Henry Houlston, Robert Williams, William Terry, Joseph Robinson.
  • Page 100.--1st October, 1754. Appraisement of Jacob Patton's estate, by James Mountgomery, Henry Houlston, Wm. Plummer.
  • Page 84.--18th November, 1754. William Preston, Assistant Surveyor, enters 400 acres below the survey made on the Forks of John's Creek; 200 acres above the uppermost survey on South Fork of John's Creek; 200 acres above the survey made on the North Fork of said creek; two 400-acre tracts between Bradshaw's survey and Adam Looney's land; 200 acres called the sugar land; 200 acres called the Mill place joining Jacob Patton's old place; 200 acres at a spring below Henry Holston's joining Frederick Hartsough's land; two 400-acre surveys between the Spreading Spring Draft and George Burdwell's; 400 acres at the Poplar Spring joining Dayley's land; 200 acres on the west end of Dayley's; 200 acres between John McGowin's and Nathaniel Evans' land; two 400-acre tracts below the Laurel Gap on Pott's Creek; 400 acres on the next large bottom above said Gap; 400 acres on Purgatory Creek on north side of James River; 200 acres on east side of the Long Bottom; 400 acres between William Hutchinson's and James Moore's on the Path; 400 acres between Priscilla Reese's and James McAfee's land; 200 acres at head spring of little Catabo.--James Patton.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 157.--27th November, 1755: Vestry met. Processioners designated as follows, viz (to report before 1st March next): William Robinson and John Wilson, in Cap. Vanse's Company on (page 158) Roan Oke; David Miller, Wm. Carravan, James Cloyd, Bryan McDonald, Jr., in Cap. Geo. Robinson's Company; Robert Montgomery and Thos. McFerrin in Cap. John McFerrin's Company; William Bryans and Thomas Tosh in Cap. James Campbell's Company; Henry Holston and Placherd Scilar, on Craig's Creek.
  • Page 203.--17th February, 1758. Colonel James Patton's estate; appraised by Thomas Stewart, John Ramsey, Edward Hall. List of bonds, bills, &c., due the estate: Henry Holston, 17th December, 1753;, George Peter Tar and Henry Holston, Sr., 17th December, 1753; Henry Holston, 4th October, 1753; Henry Holston, 4th October, 1753; Henry Holston, 13th December, 1753;. (Note: listed among many others).
  • Page 205 - (continuation of record above) - Henry Holston, 4th October, 1753. (Note: Henry Holston had apparently acquired several tracts of land from Col. James Patton).


The earliest documented Holstine ancestor of the Nelson-Lewis family is Henry Holston Sr. of Botetourt County, in the early 1700's. Henry is supposedly a descendant of Mathias "Mats" Holston, who came to this country with Peter Minuet (1580-1638) on the ship "Key of Kalmar." Minuet, first governor of New Netherland, was born in the Duchy of Cleves, now a part of Germany. He was appointed director general of New Netherland by the Dutch West India Company in 1626 and is best remembered for buying Manhattan Island for sixty guilders. When William Penn landed in Philadelphia in 1682, one of his fellow passengers testified, "At our arrival, we found it a wilderness; the chief inhabitants were Indians, and some Swedes , who received us in a friendly manner. . . "The Swedes of New Sweden (Delaware) did not last through the continual immigration, even though, in 1659, "there were one hundred thirty Swedish families in New Sweden. In 1693, these had increased to one and thirty-nine inhabitants. . .," but in 1664, the English conquered the whole country of New Netherlands.
"Mats" Holston, with his family of four, is on the list of Swedish settlers in 1693. Whether or not this Mathias is the immigrant or son of the immigrant cannot as yet be determined. The Swedes had a small settlement called "Wicaco" which was located at the lower end of the present-day Philadelphia.
At this time, it should be pointed out that there were two different families who came to this country and later would have their name spelled Holstein. The first family who came is the subject of this chapter and whose name was originally spelled Holston, then Holstine, and later it became Holstein, only because clerks spelled it that way.
The second immigrant family who became Holstein was the German Holsteiner family who first settled in the North, then migrated to the South, where they dropped the er from their name and became Holstein or Stoner. Of This Holsteiner-Stoner family was the famous George Michael Holstein, who later took the name Stoner and is well remembered for his explorations with his friend and companion Daniel Boone.
Henry Holston was at one time recorded in Providence Township of Pennsylvania, but not found later and "no descendants of that name ware to be found in or around the area"; therefore, it is supposed that Henry moved his family to the Virginia frontier.
Henry Holston I was living in Augusta County as early as 1748, possibly earlier, when he and other inhabitants on Craigs Creek petitioned for a road "from Henry Houlston's to James Montgomery." The petition was signed by "Henry Houlston (I), Stephen Holsten, John Shichelve, Henry Houlston (II) among others. It is believed that Henry I was father of Stephen and Henry Holston II who were born in the early 1720's. No records have been found that verify their birth dates nor the name of Henry's wife.