Person:Harrison Nix (1)

Harrison Jenning NIX
m. 1845
  1. Lettice Malinda Nix1846 - 1897
  2. Mary Ann (Polly) NIX1848 - 1911
  3. Falby Jane Nix1849 - 1936
  4. Harrison Jenning NIX1852 - 1898
  5. Martha Frances NIX1855 - 1898
  6. Virginia Caroline (Princess, Jane C.) NIX1859 - 1926
  7. Julia E. NIX1862 - Abt 1936
  8. David S. NIX1866 - 1898
m. 15 Mar 1877
  1. Daniel Cylvester Nix1877 - 1966
  2. James (Jim) Russell NIX1880 - 1958
  3. William Tyre NIX1882 - 1976
  4. Grover NIX1883 - Bef 1900
  5. Ethel Isabell NIX1886 - Aft 1920
  6. Sarah Ester (Sallie) (Ruth) Elizabeth Nix1889 - 1964
  7. Jennings Dewitt NIX1892 - 1975
  8. Harvey Andrew Nix1894 - 1985
Facts and Events
Name Harrison Jenning NIX
Gender Male
Birth? 27 Oct 1852 Blount County, Alabama
Marriage 15 Mar 1877 Etowah, Alabama, United Statesto Louiza Penitas (Netie) CONN
Death? 20 May 1898 Etowah County, Alabama (age 44Y 6M 24D) (Moody's)Age: 44Y 6M 24D
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Alabama Marriage Records, 1800-1920 J.H. Nix and Louisa P. Conn Married on 15 March, 1877 At Etowah County, Alabama. Performed by Minister of Gospel E.T. Gilliland. OSPage 336 Question? Why was he listed as J.H. Nix when I am sure that his name was Harrison Jenning Nix? My belief is based on my grandfather Daniel Cylvester Nix telling me that everyone was always getting his fathers name mixed up and that the correct name was Harrison Jenning (no "s") Nix.


Harrison seems to have had problems with his name all of his life, and there after also. My Grandfather once told me "people call him different things, but I know what his mother named him and it was not Jennings or J.H. it was Harrison Jenning with no "s". But his head stone at Moody's Chapel is marked J.H. NIX. He died at an early age, even for that time. I do not know what he died from and I do not think that my Grandfather knew what caused his death either.

1880 Census, Alabama, Etowah County, District 68, Township 12S, Range 3E, Image #5 <>/ family #42 Nix, Harrison W., M., age 27 Farmer Elizabeth P.? W., F., age 27, wife, keeping house Daniel C. W., M., age 2 Son James R., W., M., age 6/12 Harris Jospph B. W., M., age 19, farm laborer

SHERIFF�S SALE Under and by virtue of a vendi- tioni exponas and fleri facias in my hands issued from the City Court of Gadsden, Etowah County, Ala., againist J.R. Nix and in favor of A. E. Fields, I will proceed to sell on Monday, the 31st day of December 1906, at the court house door of Etowah county, between the legal hours of sale, the following describ- ed property of the said J.R. Nix, to- wit: An undivided one-seventh (1-7) interest in se1-4 of nw1-4 and ne1-4 of sw1-4, Sec 12, Tp. 12, R3 east, and ne1-4 of nw1-4 and wm1-4 of ne1-4, Sed. 12, Tp, 12, R. 3 east, s 1-2 of nw 1-4 of se 1-4 and se 1-4 of sw 1-4 and sw 1-4 of se 1-4 Sec. 1, Tp 12, R3, east on Etowah County, Ala. This 20th day of November, 1906, Wm. Chandler, Sheriff of Etowah County 11-20-3w

I think that we can assume this is the property that Harrison owned when he died.

12/1899 RETURNED LIST 1899 (This is the tax record for the tax year of 1899, signed 3 Dec 1898, the year that Harrison Jenning died, d. 20 May 1898, so it may be a very good record of the property that he had when he died.

Etowah County, Ala; Warrior Precinct, No 20. Mrs L.P. Nix

E1/2, SW1/4, Section 12, T12, R3 Acres 80 SE of SW1/4, Section 1, T12, R3, Acres 40 SW1/4 of SE1/4, Section 1, T12, R3, Acres 40 NE of NW & NE of NE1/4, Section 12, T12, R3, Acres 80 Pt. of SE of SW1/4 Section 1, T12, R3, Acres 20

Total of 260 Acres, Valued at $325.

Personal property Exempt Household Furniture $50. Wagons 1 $10. Tools Farm Implements $10 Cattle 2 $25 Hogs 7 $10 Sheep 6 $6

Personal Property Taxable Clock 1 $1 Guns 1 $2 Horses 2 $50 Mules 1 $35

Signed 3 Dec 1898 Mrs L.P. Nix D.C. Nix

Alexander, Lucinda � Spouse: Nix ,Jennings � Marriage Date: City: County: State: � Nix ,Jennings � Spouse: Alexander, Lucinda � Marriage Date: City: County: State: � Nix ,Jennings Harrison Spouse: Conn, Louisa Ann Marriage Date: 15 March 1877 City: County:Etowah Co State: AL

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Nix ,Jennings Harrison Father: Nix , Daniel � Mother: Holden, Elizabeth Ann Birth Date: 1853 City: County: State: AL Country: USA

Nix ,Jennings D Father: Nix , Thomas B Mother: Inman, Adaline � Birth Date: March 1887 City: County: State: AL Country:USA

Nix , John Jennings Father: Nix , Daniel � Mother: Abstone, Adaline Frances Birth Date: 20 February 1837 City: Barrytown County: Choctaw State: AL Country: USA

Nix , Thomas Alexander Father: Nix ,Jennings � Mother: Alexander, Lucinda � Birth Date: 1831 City: County: State: AL Country: USA

Nix , Tyre � Father: Nix ,Jennings � Mother: Alexander, Lucinda � Birth Date: 1825 City: County: State: SC Country: USA

Moody's Chapel Cemetery (Etowah County)

Township 12 South, Range 3 East, Section 15

Location: About a mile inside the Etowah County line on Warrior Valley Road, turn South at the Mt. Pisgah church sign, cemetery is on the right after a quarter mile

Completely surveyed by Robin Sterling 22 Jun 03

Father Mother Birth Date Nix, Daniel � Nix , Jennings � Alexander , Lucinda � 1827 Nix, Jennings � Nix , Daniel � � , Margaret � 1800 Nix, Jennings Harrison Nix , Daniel � Holden , Elizabeth Ann 1853 Nix, Jennings D Nix , Thomas B Inman , Adaline � March 1887 Nix, John Jennings Nix , Daniel � Abstone , Adaline Frances 20 February 1837 Nix, Thomas Alexander Nix , Jennings � Alexander , Lucinda � 1831 Nix, Tyre � Nix , Jennings � Alexander , Lucinda

Name:General H�Nix Age in 1860: 7 Birthplace:Alabama Home in 1860: Eastern Subdivision,�Blount,�Alabama Gender: Male Value of real estate: View image Post Office: Summit Roll: M653_2 Page: 1050 Year 1860 Head of Household: Daniel�Nix

Tammy, I am reviewing the marriage bond for Adaline and John. I can read everthing down to the signatures of John Nix and Harrison Nix. And I am going to ask you to extract or scan the rest, the small hand writting after the signatures. Let me tell you why.

Harrison is my gg-grandfather. After reviewing all the details I am now sure that this is the correct Harrison. They were first cousins and both were 21 in 1906. Harrison was not married at that time and he is about 10 months younger than John Henry. This is one of the first indications of interaction between these two families that I have found. For some reason many of the grandchildren of Tyre ended up in the Walnut Grove area, while those of his brother Daniel stayed in the Warrior Valley area. Only 6-8 miles apart, but that is a fair distance on mule back. Tyre died during the Civil War, their mother died in 1877, so some of them did not have parents for their young years.

Another thing, My gg-grandfather did not sign his name, but only his mark on the document. This is the first indication I have of his education. I think that the purpose of a marriage bond was to prove that both parties were capable of marrying. That is not currently married and not under age. I think that Adaline may have been under age in 1906, John was 21 by my records so was OK but I have her 15 or maybe 16 when they married. And the first child was born a year latter when she was either 16 or 17. Generally the parents would sign a release for underage daughters to marry, but I have John Inman dead before this time, and a trip to Gadsden would have been a real task for Winnie. But if I am correct and she was really underage then a marriage bound could have really been a risk for Harrison. So he must have had an appreciation for his cousin and his future wife. I notice that the Justice of the Peace states that Harrison was personally known to him, so maybe they had greased the track before they went to Gadsden.

Family Data Collection - Births Record about Jennings Harrison Nix Name: Nix, Jennings Harrison Father: Nix , Daniel � Mother: Holden , Elizabeth Ann Birth Date: 1853 State: AL Country: USA