Person:Jennings Nix (3)

Jennings Dewitt NIX
m. 15 Mar 1877
  1. Daniel Cylvester Nix1877 - 1966
  2. James (Jim) Russell NIX1880 - 1958
  3. William Tyre NIX1882 - 1976
  4. Grover NIX1883 - Bef 1900
  5. Ethel Isabell NIX1886 - Aft 1920
  6. Sarah Ester (Sallie) (Ruth) Elizabeth Nix1889 - 1964
  7. Jennings Dewitt NIX1892 - 1975
  8. Harvey Andrew Nix1894 - 1985
m. 22 Jun 1919
  1. Robert Paul NIX1925 - 1959
Facts and Events
Name Jennings Dewitt NIX
Gender Male
Birth? 15 Jan 1892 Etowah County, Alabama
Marriage 22 Jun 1919 Etowah County, Alabamato Rosa Lee (418-86-8065) BURTON
Death? 25 May 1975 Etowah County, Alabama (age 82Y 9M 10D) (Moody's)Age: 82Y 9M 10D
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Buried at Moody's Chapel SS with Rosa Lee Burton

Earlene found a hand written note, no envelope, no name just a list when whe was cleaning up Mothers house after she went into the nursing home.

Daniel Nix was born December the 21, 1877. James Nix was born December the 18, 1879 Tire Nix was born June 30, 1882 Grover Nix was born January 15, 1883 Isibell was born September 15, 1886 Salie Nix was born May 6, 1889 Dewit Nix was born January 15, 1892. This is the same date that I have Harvey Nix was born April 12, 1894

Letter receiaved from Gladys (Nix)Gattis; 870 Lees Road, Altoona, AL 35952 Hello, Hello Dalton; It was so good to hear from you. Yes I would love ato hear about Jennings only daughter Mary Ann in Mississippi. You wrote that her youngest son was buried in Altoona, Walnut Grove Cemetery. I will see if I can find his grave. You ask abour Uncle Tyre's Wife, he married Lilly Crawford. I will give you a list of his chikdren, but I cannot give you their age. I'll contact Veanie and try to find that information. (1) Edgar Nix 1906 b. Moodys Chapel, died I belive about one year of age. (2) Viola, Married John Seay. Lived in Altoona about mid thirtys. One child Lewis Earl, moved to Californid, She moved back to some wherearound Valley Head, where she died. I do not know the date of her death. I think she was buried at Whit Hall Cemetery, Highway 11. (3) Oscar Nix, Married Ovlie Scott, Fort Payne. (I do not know anything abour his children). (4) Eunice Married Marion Payne. They had several children. I remember tahe girl, Carolyn, and I think her husband was, or is the Mayor of Fort Payne. They had twin boys - one was a mougoloide which was so unfortunate, after the parents died I think he lives with a brother. (5) Vernie married Britt Bray (he is deceased). They had 3 children. I do not know tae children. One of the girls brought Vernie to my house once. She was a beautiful girl. This girl was married to a Patterson, I do not know much about them at all. One of the boys taught school in Attalla I think at one time.

Now for the question about Grandpa Conn. I know very little about them, A Charlie Conn visited my Daddy (Jennings Dewitt)occassionally. I met most of them thru where I worked. They were Daddys 1st cousins. I remember Grandma Nix fairly well I understand they lived at Clear Creek and owned land in that area. There is also a Conn Cemetery at Clear Creek which you may like to visit sometime. I understand they were slave owners and were very considerate and good to them, in fact I understand they did not leave after the Civil War as for him (James R.) serving in athe Uniion Army I do not know. There could be some mistake there.

Dalton if you are interested Ill send you a list of my Daddy's family with children names and any other information I can find on them. I have very few 1st cousins left, out of a large number.

Dalton my sister Willie Hue Vance, Dot. We call her Dot, has the Nix family tree back to 1425. The families you have I do not belive are in our direct line. Our family, if I remember is from Jennings, buried at Ellison Cross Roads to Daniel, to Jennings Harrison, which was my Grandfather, that married Louisa Penita Conn. I remember a few things Uncle Dan told me (likeof German descenat). Here is a list of Harrison and Penita Conn Nix children, 1) Daniel S. m Margaret Foster. 2)Jim James Russel, m. Fannie Humphries, 3) Tyree m. Lilly Crawford, 4) Ethel Isvelle m Eligah Alexander 5) Sally m Henry Wilemon; 6) Jennings Dewitt m Rosa Lee Burton, 7) Harvey Andrew m Allie Payne.

My sisters address is 180 Wear Drive, Florence, AL. (Willie Hue (Dot) VANCE). She has a computer, you perhaps could e-mail her. Maybe you can get some information from this.

Gladys Gattis 870 Lees Road Altoona, AL 35952 (295) 589-2660

1920 Census Alabama,Etowqh, ED# 114, Warrior Precinet #20 , dated 2 June 1920, signed by Dempsey BYNUM, Sheet #1 of 7, Family #1 is Daniel C. NIX, age 42 head, ; Margaret Wife, age 39, Ernest, Age 18; Earl, age 17, Loyd, age 9; Raymond, age 3.

Family #8 Jennings D. NIX, head age 27; Rosa, wife age 22; Netie, Mother , age 6=======


1920 United States Federal Census about Jimmy D Nix Name: Jimmy D Nix [Jennings D Nix] Home in 1920: Warrior, Etowah, Alabama Age: 27 years Estimated birth year: abt 1893 Birthplace: Alabama Relation to Head of House: Head Spouse's name: Rosa Father's Birth Place: Alabama Mother's name: Nelie Mother's Birth Place: Alabama Marital Status: Married Race: White Sex: Male Home owned: Own Able to read: Yes Able to Write: Yes Image: 899 Neighbors: View others on page Household Members: Name Age Jimmy D Nix 27 Rosa Nix 22 Nelie Nix 61

1900 Census Alabama Etowah County, Union/Wasrrior, <www.Ancestry,Com>. The entire Nix family is living along this road, James Russell as a servent to the Humphries, Daniel with only Audie, Louisa P, With all of the children except Grover, after Harrison died. Nannie Nix, Widdow of DAavid S. with all of her family, and Daniel with Nancy his second wife.

1930 census Alabama, Etowah, All Townships, Warrior District 38, page 3, family 26. Dee, owned age 38).

1930 Federal Censusm Alabama, Etowah County, Warrior, District 38, Image 3 of 9, Alabama, Etowah, Precinct 20 Warrior, ED# 28-38, Supervisor's District No 3, Sheet# #A, stamp 173, on April 11, 1930 by Verna Stanfield.

Nix, Dee, Head O, 1,500,yes, M, W, 38, M, 27, no, yes, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama, 82, yes, Laborer, Rail Road, 7877, W, yes, no, line, 39

     , Rosa L., Wife, F, W, 32, M, 21, no, yes, Alabama, Georgia, Georgia, yes, none, 
     , Gladys, Daughter, F, W, 9, S, yes, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama, none,
     , Thelma D., Daughter, F, W, 7, S, yes, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama, none, 
     , Paul, Son, M, W, 4-9/12, S, no, Alabama, Alabama, Aalabama, none, 
     , Willie H.?, Son, M, W, 2-4/12, S, No, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama, none, 

Moody's Chapel Cemetery (Etowah County)

Township 12 South, Range 3 East, Section 15

Location: About a mile inside the Etowah County line on Warrior Valley Road, turn South at the Mt. Pisgah church sign, cemetery is on the right after a quarter mile

Completely surveyed by Robin Sterling 22 Jun 03

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Record about Jennings D Nix Name:Jennings D Nix City:Not Stated County:Etowah State:Alabama Birthplace:Alabama;United States of America Birth Date:15 Jan 1892 Race:Caucasian Roll:1509384 DraftBoard: 0


See "Draft Card A" at for the form and question no 40 1) Jennings D. Nix 25 2) Aloona, Alabama 3) January 15, 1892 4) Natural born citizen, USA 5) Etowah County, Ala USA 6) Citizen, USA 7) Miner 8) Gullf States Steel Co., Altoona, Alabama 9) Mother 10) Single, Caucasian 11) None 12) Yes, on account of mother. Signed D. + Nix His mark.

Registrar's Report 1) Tall, Medium 2) color of eyes Gray; Color of hair RED, Bald NO 3) lost arm, leg foot, both eyes...... NO Precinet 32 City Altoona State ALa. Jun 5 1917.

Jennings D Nix 15 Jan 1892 Caucasian AL Not Stated, Etowah, AL

Jennings Dewitt Nix was another of the six sons of Harrison Jennings Nix and Louiza Penitas (Netie) Conn. He was the grandson of Daniel, and the great grandson of Jennings. He is the only one of the six brothers and a bunch of cousins that "stayed home". He died at age 82 in 1975 living on the original Nix homestead. The road thorough that area is now named "Dee Nix road". But if you want to take a Sunday afternoon drive you had better call me for directions. Only a true cemetery researcher would know the way, it stretches about six miles from Samules Cemetery past Sauls Cemetery to Moodys Cross Roads, near Moodys Cemetery on the other end. This is the heart of the community called NIX, Alabama in 1880. Uncle Dee married Rosa Lee Burton in 1919 and they had three daughters and a son. The 1920 census, enumerated by his cousin Dempsey Bynum shows Dee and his wife and widowed mother living next door to his older brother, my grandfather Daniel Cylvester Nix. Dee died in 1975, two months short of age 83. A large number of the Nix males live long lives. Rosa Lee Burton had a younger brother, John Robert (Bob) Burton that married my mothers older sister Laura Elizabeth Galloway. They also have a road named for them, Burton Loop Road. In this part of the woods everyone is kin to everyone else if you hunt long enough. Dee and Rosa Lee, Bob and Laura as well as many of their cousins as well as other kin are buried at Moodys Chapel Cemetery. The cemetery is located behind Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist church which is across the road from Salem Primitive Baptist Church., a quarter mile off Warrior Valley Road. Don't get lost! The Registration card shows Jennings D. Nix working as a miner, for Gulf States Steel Company and responsible for a widowed mother. he was not yet married. He signed the form on 5 Jan 1917 with his mark. His physical features are: Height - Tall, Build - Medium, Eyes - Gray, and Hair - Red.