Person:Louiza Conn (1)

Louiza Penitas (Netie) CONN
m. 15 Mar 1877
  1. Daniel Cylvester Nix1877 - 1966
  2. James (Jim) Russell NIX1880 - 1958
  3. William Tyre NIX1882 - 1976
  4. Grover NIX1883 - Bef 1900
  5. Ethel Isabell NIX1886 - Aft 1920
  6. Sarah Ester (Sallie) (Ruth) Elizabeth Nix1889 - 1964
  7. Jennings Dewitt NIX1892 - 1975
  8. Harvey Andrew Nix1894 - 1985
  • WLouiza Penitas (Netie) CONN1859 - 1928
m. Abt 1905
Facts and Events
Name Louiza Penitas (Netie) CONN
Gender Female
Birth? 3 Apr 1859 St, Clair County, Alabama
Marriage 15 Mar 1877 Etowah, Alabama, United Statesto Harrison Jenning NIX
Marriage Abt 1905 Pb. Etowah County, Alabamato Unknown
Death? 31 Dec 1928 Etowah County, Alabama (age 69y, 8m, 30d) (Moody's)Age: 69y, 8m, 30d buried at Moody's SS with Harrison Jenning NIX
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Alabama Marriage Records, 1800-1920 J.H. Nix and Louisa P. Conn Married on 15 March, 1877 At Etowah County, Alabama. Performed by Minister of tGospel E.T. Gilliland. OSPage 336

She is buried at Moody's and her head stone is the same size and design as his. His is marked J.H. Nix and hers is marked L.P. Nix. I have photos of both markers.

1880 Census, Alabama, Etowah County, District 86, Township 12S, Range 3E, Image #5 <>/ family #42 Nix, Harrison W., M., age 27 Farmer Elizabeth P.? W., F., age 27, wife, keeping house Daniel C. W., M., age 2 Son James R., W., M., age 6/12 Harris Jospph B. W., M., age 19, farm laborer

1920 Census Alabama,Etowqh, ED# 114, Warrior Precinet #20 , dated 2 June 1920, signed by Dempsey BYNUM, Sheet #1 of 7, Family #1 is Daniel C. NIX, age 42 head, ; Margaret Wife, age 39, Ernest, Age 18; Earl, age 17, Loyd, age 9; Raymond, age 3.

Family #8 Jennings D. NIX, head age 27; Rosa, wife age 22; Netie, Mother , age 61. Shows both of her pareants born in Geordia.

1920 United States Federal Census Record about Nelie Nix Name: Nelie Nix Age: 61�years� Estimated birth year: abt 1859 Birthplace: Alabama Race: White Home in 1920: Warrior, Etowah, Alabama Sex: Female Marital status: Widow Relation to Head of House: Mother Able to read: Yes Able to Write: Yes Mother's Birth Place: Georgia Father's Birth Place: Georgia Image: 899

Tax receipts "received of Mrs. L.P. Griffin, paid by D.C. NIX" for the years 1912, 1913, 1914 (actually paid Feb ! 1915), 1915 and 1916. The item to note is that at least as early as 1912 Granddaddys Mother was refered to as Mrs. L,P. Griffin. I still do not know who the husband was or when they were married. Harrison, her first husband died in 1898.

There is a detail tax record for the years 1913 and 1914 that describes the property as follows. SW1/4 SE1/4 Section 1 T12 R3 40 Acres SE1/4 SW1/4 Section 1 T12 R3 40 Acres S1/2 NW1/4 SE1/4 Section 1 T12 R3 20 Acres E1/2 NW1/4 Section 12 T12 R3 80 Acres NW1/4 NE1/4 Section 12 T12 R3 40 Acres NE1/4 SW1/4 Section 12 T12 R3 40 Acres.

Total of 260 Acres, valued at $600

1899 RETURNED LIST 1899 (This is the tax record for the tas year of 1899, signed 3 Dec 1898, the year that Harrison Jenning died, d. 20 May 1898, so it may be a very good record of the property that he had when he died.

Etowah County, Ala; Warrior Precinct, No 20. Mrs L.P. Nix

E1/2, SW1/4, Section 12, T12, R3 Acres 80 SE of SW1/4, Section 1, T12, R3, Acres 40 SW1/4 of SE1/4, Section 1, T12, R3, Acres 40 NE of NW & NE of NE1/4, Section 12, T12, R3, Acres 80 Pt. of SE of SW1/4 Section 1, T12, R3, Acres 20

Total of 260 Acres, Valued at $325.

Personal propery Exempt Household Furniture $50. Wagons 1 $10. Tools Farm Implements $10 Cattle 2 $25 Hogs 7 $10 Sheep 6 $6

Personal Property Taxable Clock 1 $1 Guns 1 $2 Horses 2 $50 Mules 1 $35

Signed 3 Dec 1898 Mrs L.P. Nix D.C. Nix

Gadsden Ala OCT THE 16 1910 My Dear Mother and Brother Will write you all a few lines to let you Hear from us Eligie is no Better the rest is doing aceary(?) well i truly Hobe this few lines will find you all well I havent much to write luent and leon started tyo school this morning iver wanted to go to two she said she wanted to go to school and learn ABC will mama i shur did wish you was up Hear last weak witch me Eligie went to rock springs wensday and atade till saturday night i shure was lonesome Hear well mama did you get your new theeth i shure waud like to over. see them and if Dewit coms to the show i want you to come to Be sure and come if you are able iver said to tell grandma to come to see me she said to tell Dee to come to see me i will close for this time maybe i can think of more to write next time tell Harvey i am looking for him every saturday if Dewit comes to the show and you cant come tell him to come up Hear write soon and a long letteryour loving Daughter as ever Bell Write soon and come just as soon as you can and stay a week of two (at the top of the letter0 Be sure to come i wand loft to see you

This must be Isabell, daughter of Harrison, sister to Jennings Dewitt.

1900 Census Alabama Etowah County, Union/Wasrrior, <www.Ancestry,Com>. The entire Nix family is living along this road, James Russell as a servent to the Humphries, Daniel with only Audie, Louisa P, With all of the children except Grover, after Harrison died. Nannie Nix, Widdow of DAavid S. with all of her family, and Daniel with Nancy his second wife.

1910 census shows Netia Griffin living with Joseph P Griffin in the house that was occupied by GGrandmother Conn in the 1900 census. Age 51 which agrees with previous records for born 3 April 1859. Years of present marriage 5, children born 8, living 7. This would mean they married 1905. I can check that with the letters Earlene found. Also 8 born 7 living would leave room for Grover that We have not been able to define.

1920 Census Alabama,Etowqh, ED# 114, Warrior Precinet #20 , dated 2 June 1920, signed by Dempsey BYNUM, Sheet #1 of 7,

Family #1 is Daniel C. NIX, age 42 head, ; Margaret Wife, age 39, Ernest, Age 18; Earl, age 17, Loyd, age 9; Raymond, age 3.

Family #8 Jennings D. NIX, head age 27; Rosa, wife age 22; Netie, Mother , age 61.

1900 census, Alabama, Etowah Couty, Union/Warrior, image 9 of 18 family #73, Griffin, Joseph, Head, W, M, Jan 1851, 49, M, 28 Ala, SC, Ala, Farmer Ary, C. , Wife, W, F, July 1855, 44, M, 28, Ala, NC, Ala Sargant B. , Son, W, M, Jan 1876, 24, S. Ala, Ala, Ala, Charles R,, Son, W, M, Feb 1878, 22, S. Rachel E., Daughter, W, F, Mar 1883, 17, S. Francis J. , Daughter, W, F, Aug 1885,14, S. Joseph F?. son, w,m,sept 1890, 9, s, Doctor A., Son W., m, Jan 1893, 7, S Easton, John C, Boader, W, M, June 1849, 50, S., Scotland, Scotland, England, 1888, 12, Na, Machinist

1870 census, Alabama, Etowah, unknown townships, image 15 of 254, Township 12S, Range 4 E, Family #19, enumeratedby D.W. Boyd, on 6 June, 1870

Conn, Jas R. age 34, M, W, Retail Grocer, 100, 200, Geo.

         , Sarah, 39, F, W, Keeping House, Geo.
         , Mary H., 12, F, W, Ala
         , Louisa C.?, 10, F, W, Ala
         , Laura E. 8, F, W, Ala
         ,Jas C. , 4, M, W, Ala,
         , Saml, 7/12, M, W, Ala,

Soggens, Nancy, 66, F. W, Geo.,

1870 census, Alabama, Etoway County, Unknown Townships, image 16 of 254, Township 12S, Range 4E, Family 30, Brothers, T.J..

  1. 30 BROTHERS, F.J., 36, M, W, Farmer, 2000, Ala
                              , Frances, 34, F,W, Home Keeping, Ala,
                              , James,  22, M, W, In Farming, Ala,
                              , Danl, B., 13, M, W, In Farming, No, Ca, 
     GRIFFITH, Joseph, 19, M, W, In Farming, Ala,
                       , I.J., 17, M, W, In Farming, Ala,
                       , Arenilla, 15, F, W, Ala,
                       , Gorgiannia, 9, F, W, Ala,
                       , Margaret R. , 4, F, W, Ala,
                       , Pearion D., 2, M, W, Ala,

Moody's Chapel Cemetery (Etowah County)

Township 12 South, Range 3 East, Section 15

Location: About a mile inside the Etowah County line on Warrior Valley Road, turn South at the Mt. Pisgah church sign, cemetery is on the right after a quarter mile

Completely surveyed by Robin Sterling 22 Jun 03

Nix, L.P., 3 Apr 1859 � 31 Dec 1923