Person:Daniel Nix (1)

Daniel Cylvester Nix
m. 15 Mar 1877
  1. Daniel Cylvester Nix1877 - 1966
  2. James (Jim) Russell NIX1880 - 1958
  3. William Tyre NIX1882 - 1976
  4. Grover NIX1883 - Bef 1900
  5. Ethel Isabell NIX1886 - Aft 1920
  6. Sarah Ester (Sallie) (Ruth) Elizabeth Nix1889 - 1964
  7. Jennings Dewitt NIX1892 - 1975
  8. Harvey Andrew Nix1894 - 1985
m. 22 Jan 1899
  1. Addie Eudell NIX1899 - 1937
  2. Louie Ernest Nix1901 - 1974
  3. Robert Earl Nix1903 - 1992
  4. Loyd Carl Nix1910 - 1985
  5. Raymond Webster NIX1916 - 1959
  6. Roland Andrew Nix1923 - 1960
Facts and Events
Name Daniel Cylvester Nix
Gender Male
Birth? 21 Dec 1877 Etowah County, Alabama
Marriage 22 Jan 1899 Etowah County, Alabamato Margaret Frances FOSTER
Death? 1 Oct 1966 Etowah County, Alabama (age88Y 9M 11D) (Moody's)Age: 88Y 9M 11D
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SSDI; Daniel Nix, b 21 Dec 1877, d 15 Oct 1966, Gadsden. SSN 419-68-8647


Grandaddy would have been 89 on his next birth day. He lived a long life and saw a lot of changes during his life. I have heard him tell the stories about the old times. One of my favorites is his story about the time that his father went to town and purchased 5 matches. You know the things that you start a fire with. When he got home all of the boys wanted to see him "make fire", but their Father would not because one of the boys was working. Daniel offered to run to the field and get his brother so they all could watch their Father strike a match. He had similar stories about the first auto and the first airplane he saw. He also had stories about the Civil War, but they all involved settling the score with the Home Guards when the solders returned. He lived in Altoona, Alabama and farmed 20 plus acres about 2 miles down the road over the Blount County line. He was a small man, 5ft 10 and maybe 160 pounds. I never saw him mad at anything or anyone except maybe his old mule "Beck". He was known by everyone in Altoona as "Uncle Dan". He lost his wife when he was about 70 and spent the following 18 years with his oldest son's family.

1880 Census, Alabama, Etowah County, District 86, Township 12S, Range 3E, Image #5 <>/ family #42 Nix, Harrison W., M., age 27 Farmer Elizabeth P.? W., F., age 27, wife, keeping house Daniel C. W., M., age 2 Son James R., W., M., age 6/12 Harris Jospph B. W., M., age 19, farm laborer

Alabama Marriages, 1800-1920 Viewing records 1-7 of 7 Matches ��� Spouse 1 Spouse 2 Marriage Date Marriage Place Full View � Nathaniel Robens Eliza Jane Durham 13 Nov 1859 Blount View Full Record John Endsley Nancy Moody 07 Oct 1860 Blount View Full Record Ely Anderson Rebecca Youngblood 24 Jul 1861 Blount View Full Record Marion Hathcock Mary Ann Wildman 12 Sep 1861 Blount View Full Record William Pool Artamissa Boon 23 Dec 1861 Blount View Full Record Daniel Nix Nancy L. Turner 14 May 1895 Etowah View Full Record Daniel C. Nix Margret Foster 22 Jan 1899 Etowah View Full Record

Earlene found a hand written note, no envelope, no name just a list when whe was cleaning up Mothers house after she went into the nursing home.

Daniel Nix was bprn December the 21, 1877. The same that I have from other records. James Nix was born December the 18 1879 Tyre Nix was born June 30 1882 Grover Nixwas born January 15 1883 Isibell was born September 15 1886 Salie Nix was born May 6 1889 Dewit Nix was born January 15 1892 Harvey Nix was born April 12 1894

1920 Census Alabama,Etowqh, ED# 114, Warrior Precinet #20 , dated 2 June 1920, signed by Dempsey BYNUM, Sheet #1 of 7, Family #1 is Daniel C. NIX, age 42 head, ; Margaret Wife, age 39, Ernest, Age 18; Earl, age 17, Loyd, age 9; Raymond, age 3.

Family #8 Jennings D. NIX, head age 27; Rosa, wife age 22; Netie, Mother , age 61.

1899 RETURNED LIST 1899 (This is the tax record for the tas year of 1899, signed 3 Dec 1898, the year that Harrison Jenning died, d. 20 May 1898, so it may be a very good record of the property that he had when he died.

Etowah County, Ala; Warrior Precinct, No 20. Mrs L.P. Nix

E1/2, SW1/4, Section 12, T12, R3 Acres 80 SE of SW1/4, Section 1, T12, R3, Acres 40 SW1/4 of SE1/4, Section 1, T12, R3, Acres 40 NE of NW & NE of NE1/4, Section 12, T12, R3, Acres 80 Pt. of SE of SW1/4 Section 1, T12, R3, Acres 20

Total of 260 Acres, Valued at $325.

Personal propery Exempt Household Furniture $50. Wagons 1 $10. Tools Farm Implements $10 Cattle 2 $25 Hogs 7 $10 Sheep 6 $6

Personal Property Taxable Clock 1 $1 Guns 1 $2 Horses 2 $50 Mules 1 $35

Signed 3 Dec 1898 Mrs L.P. Nix D.C. Nix

Real and Personal Property, Etowah County for the year of 1934 school district 25-5a Daniel Nix Jr., P.O. Address Altoona Beat #32

??? & Lots 1-2-3 B G Rickles #2 Altoona Value 350/100 SE NW1/4 and NE SW1/4 Section 12, T12, R3, 80 Acres SE SE1/4 Section 11, T12, R3, 40 acres

Personal Property Household and Kitchen furniture $100 Cow 1 $20 Mules 2 $100 Signed # Nov 1933; Daniel Nix Jr.

Real and Personal Property, Blount County for the year 1934

E1/2 of NE SE less 1/2 a of of SE NE 29 acres $300 Signed 30 Oct 1933 Daniel Nix

This would indicate that some time before Oct of 1933 Daniel at age 55, moved from Warrior to Altoona Town. The description would seem to be the location where he lived for all of the time that I knew him. And the farm would appear to be the one that he farmed all the time that I knew him. But I have not yet plotted it on the map. Nor have I plotted the land that he retained in Warrior, Beat 20. This is the only time that I have seen him sign as Daniel Jr. This may have been because most people in Altoona knew his Grandfather Daniel, the manager of the local Feed and Seed Store.

Additional aactivities Plot both farm properties on a map. Research location of Rickles #2 lots 1-2-3

1900 Census Alabama Etowah County, Union/Wasrrior, <www.Ancestry,Com>. The entire Nix family is living along this road, James Russell as a servent to the Humphries, Daniel with only Audie, Louisa P, With all of the children except Grover, after Harrison died. Nannie Nix, Widow of David S. with all of her family, and Daniel with Nancy his second wife.

residence 91, Family91, Nix, Daniel, Head, W, M, dec 1877, 22, M, Al, Al, Al, Farmer Laborer

     , Margaret, F., Wife, W, F, Nov, 1880, 19, M, 1, 1, 1, Al, Al, Al, 
     , Audie, U, daughter, W, F, Oct 1899, 7/12, S, Al, Al, Al, 

1930 census, Alabama Etowah County, Altoona City, page 7 of 22, Family #77, Bynum Road, Precinct #32, dated april 4, 1930 and conducted by Verna Stanfield, ED 28-54. NIX, Daniel, Head,O, 1.000,no,M,W,53,M,21,no,yes,Al,Al,Al,yes,miner,coal mine,78v2,W,yes,no,line #13 Margaret,Wife-H,,F,W,49,M,18,no,yes,Al,Al,Al, Loyd, Son,M,W,19,S.,no, yes,Al,Al, Al,yes miner , coal mIne, 78v2, W, yes,no. line #15 Raymond,Son,M,W,14, S, yes,yes,Al,Al,Al, Roland, Son,M,W,6,S,yes,Al,Al,Al,

  1. 78

Nix, Earl, Head,R,$8,No,M,W,26,M,26,no,yes,Al,Al,Al,yes, Miner, Coal mine, 78v2, W,W, yes, no, line 18. Amanda, Wife-H,F,W,23,M,23,no,yes,Al,Al,Al,

Nix, Daniel � View Image Online � Age: 53 Year: 1930 � Birthplace: Alabama Roll: T626_16 � Race: White Page: 4A � State: Alabama ED: 54 � County: Etowah Image: 1109 � Township: Altoona � Relationship: Head

1910 Alabama Censes Etowah County, District 73 Warrior/Union Image 11 F Resident 12, Family 12, Daniel Nix, Head, m, w, 32, m, 11, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama Margaret, wife, f, w, 29, m, 11, 3, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama Addie, daughter, f, w, w, s, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama Ernest, son, m, w, 9, 3, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama Earl, son, m, w, 6, s, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama Nix, Dewit, border, m, w, 18, s, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama

Year: 1880 ;�Census Place: , Etowah, Alabama ;�Roll: T9_13 ;�Family History Film: 1254013 ;�Page: 340A ;�Enumeration District: ;�Image:

district #68, Source Information township 12 range 3 Easst Thios film is very faint and hard to read,, Line 42, family 42, Nix, Harrison, W, M 27, farmer,Al, SC, SC,

     , Lousa P. W, F, wife, keping house, Al, GA, GA, 
     , Daniel C., W, M, 2, son, Al, Al, Al,  
     , James R. W, M, 6/12, son, Al, al, Al, 

Harris, Joseph B. W, M, 19, Al, Al, Al,

Nix, Daniel, W, M, 53, Farmer, SC, SC, SC,

     , Elizabeth, W, F, 53, wife, Keeping House, SC, SC, SC, 
     MarthiaF. w. F, 23, daughter, Al, SC,SC, 
      , Julie E. W, F, 16, daughter, AL, SC, SC, 
      , David S. , W, M,12, son, Farming, Al, SC, SC, 

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Record about Daniel Cilvester Nix Name: Daniel Cilvester Nix City: Not Stated County: Etowah State: Alabama Birth Date: 21 Dec 1877 Race: White Roll: 1509384 DraftBoard: 0


Serial No 244, Registration Card 214 Daniel Cilvester NixRFD 1, Altoona, Etowah Ala. 40 , Dec 21, 1877 White, Farmer, Rt#1, Altoona Etowah Ala, Mrs Maragaret Francis Nix, sign Daniel Cilvester Nix. NOTE; It appears that the clerk filled out the form and then Daniel signed, looks as if he follows the clerks lead and didnot question the "I" in place of "y" in the Middle name.

1-4-5-C height; med build, med., eyes; blue hair; Dear Brown James D. Silvey Sept 12, 1918 Local Board Etowah County, Gadsden Ala.

NOTE; James D. Silvey was Daniels brother-in-law. He married Margaret's older sister Martha Jane Foster

Daniel Cilvester Nix 21 Dec 1877 White Not Stated, Etowah, AL

Daniel Cylvester Nix is my grandfather. He was another of the six sons of Harrison Jennings Nix and Louiza Penitas (Netie) Conn. He was the grandson of Daniel, and the great grandson of Jennings. He was born in Warrior Valley, Etowah County, Alabama and lived in that area for 88Y 9M 11D. When I was a young boy he was my friend, my companion and my grandfather. We spent a lot of time together and I enjoyed the stories he would tell about the early times. I would like to share one: His father had returned from town and one of his purchases was a supply of five matches. You know those things we use to start a fire. In the early times it was necessary to keep a fire going in the house day and night, year around, even in the summer. Without that it was not possible to cook a meal. And should the fire go out it was necessary for someone to o to a neighbors house to borrow a bucket of coals. No such thing as just turning on the electricity or the gas. So a match was a big thing. All the boys wanted their dad to strike a match for them. And they pestered him until he agreed. But he noted that one of the boys was in the fields plowing, and they must wait until he comes in. My granddaddy volunteered to go to the field and bring the brother home. He ran all the way, and when they returned their farther, true to his promise, struck a match for the assembled sons. Daniel married Margaret Frances Foster. It was her sister Martha Jane Foster's husband James David Silvey that filled out the registration card and made the error in the spelling of Dan's middle name. Daniel and Margaret had six children, five sons and one daughter. With five sons that reached marriage age and had families it would seem reasonable to assume that there was no danger in that Nix line terminating. But it came close, all my first cousins were girls. Grandaddy was a small man, maybe 5' 9" and 150 pounds. I never saw him mad at anyone, except maybe his old mule "Beck". Margaret died when he was 70 and he spent the next 18 years living with his oldest son. His physical features listed on the card was; Height - Medium, Build - Medium, Eyes - Blue , Hair - Brown.