Family:Harrison Nix and Louiza Conn (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 15 Mar 1877 Etowah, Alabama, United States
15 Jan 1883
Bef 1900
Aft 1920

Alabama Marriage Records, 1800-1920 J.H. Nix and Louisa P. Conn Married on 15 March, 1877 At Etowah County, Alabama. Performed by Minister of tGospel E.T. Gilliland. OSPage 336

Full Context of Alabama Marriages, 1800-1920 Viewing records 50796-50796 of 149224 Matches ��<< Previous 10 |�Next 10>> Spouse 1: J. H. Nix Spouse 2: Louisa P. Conn Marriage Date: 15 Mar 1877 Marriage Place: Etowah Surety/Bond Date: � Performed By: Minister of Gospel Surety/Perf. Name: E. T. Gilliland OSPage: 336 Comment: �

This family is listed in the 1910 US Census; Alabama, Etowah ,Warrior district 73, page #10, family #6. Nix, Thomas age 26 (1884), wife Emma age 26, married 10 years, children 5/5. Children listed; son, Paul, age 7; son, Ernest age 5; Dau Alice age, ?. Analysis: 31 May 2001 This information matches with what I have for J.T. (Tom) Nix. Except I have him listed as a son of James Harrison Nix, Daniels step brother. This Thomas must be Daniel's son or grandson. But how???

Earlene found a hand written note, no envelope, no name just a list when whe was cleaning up Mothers house after she went into the nursing home.

Daniel Nix was born December the 21, 1877. James Nix was born December the 18, 1879 Tyre Nix was born June 30, 1882 Grover Nixwas born January 15, 1883 Isibell was born September 15, 1886 Salie Nix was born May 6, 1889 Dewit Nix was born January 15, 1892 Harvey Nix was born April 12, 1894

1900 Census Alabama Etowah County, Union/Wasrrior, <www.Ancestry,Com>. The entire Nix family is living along this road, James Russell as a servent to the Humphries, Daniel with only Audie, Louisa P, With all of the children except Grover, after Harrison died. Nannie Nix, Widdow of David S. with all of her family, and Daniel with Nancy his second wife.

RESIDENCE 96, FAMILY 96 Nix, :piosa. Head, W. F, April 185941, Wd., 8,7, Al, Ga, Ga,

     , William, Son, W, M, June, 1882, 17, Al, Al, Al, Farmer, 
     , Ethe; I. , Daughter, W, F, Sept 1886, 13, S. , Al, Al, Al, 
     , Sallie E., daughter, W, F, may 1888, 12, S, Al, Al, Al, 
     , Jennings D., Son, W, M, jan 1892, S, Al, Al, Al, 
     , Harvey, H., Son, W, M, April 1894, 6, S, Al, Al, Al, 

NOTE, I need to redo this summry.

1910 census shows Netia Griffin living with Joseph P Griffin in the house that was occupied by GGrandmother Conn in the 1900 census. Age 51 which aagrees with previous records for born 3 April 1859. Years of present marriage 5, children born 8, living 7. This would mean they married 1905. I can check that with the letters Earlene found. Also 8 born 7 living would leave room for Grover that We have not been able to define.