Person:Gilbert Christian (1)

Capt. Gilbert Christian
b.1677 Scotland
m. 1703
  1. Mary ChristianABT 1704 - AFT 1764
  2. Robert Christianabt 1712 - bef 1794
  3. Capt. John ChristianABT 1718 - BEF 1779
  4. Maj. William Christian1720 - BEF 1779
Facts and Events
Name Capt. Gilbert Christian
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1677 Scotland
Marriage 1703 Scotlandto Margaret Richardson
Death[1] AFT 1756 Christians Creek, Augusta, Virginia

Gilbert Christian was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Information on Gilbert Christian

  • 1726 - He, his family, his nephew Israel Christian and Israel's wife came to America.
  • Landed at New Castle, Pennsylvania and spent 6 years at Derry in Lancaster Co.
  • 1732 - Came down into the Valley of Virginia locating near what is present day Staunton
  • Settled on a creek that he named Christian's Creek (still named this today)
  • 1756 - A celebrated Indian fighter, he commanded a battle in Augusta Co. at age of 80
  • Most of his family moved to Kentucky and Tennessee

From "Record of the Families of Gilbert Christian and Moses Fisk" by H. C. Christian:
Gilbert Christian was born in Scotland in 1680, moved to Ireland in 1702, where sometime between 1702 and 1726, he married Elizabeth Richardson. In 1726, with his wife and three sons, John, Robert and William, and a daughter, Mary, came to Newcastle, Pennsylvania. Removed to Lancaster where he remained until 1732, when he came to what became Augusta County, Virginia. Here he lived and died. Each of his children married, lived, reared large families and died in Augusta County. Many of the descendants remained in that section; others came to Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri and other states.
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