Person:George Weaver (22)

George Weaver
b.1703 Germany
Facts and Events
Name George Weaver
Alt Name John George Weber
Gender Male
Birth? 1703 Germany
Marriage 1740 Virginia, United StatesPossibly
to Christiana Unknown
Death? Feb 1784 Augusta, Virginia, United States
Reference Number? 266

John George Weber (Weaver) was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants:

  • H-300: George Weavour of Augusta County, 300 acres in Augusta County on Passage Creek, in Powel's Fort. Surv. Mr. R. Rutherford. Adj. Patrick Fitzsimmons. 24 Apr. 1753. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, pg. 67].
  • Page 283.--15th October, 1765. Patrick ( ) Willson to George Weaver. £130, 380 acres, art of 5,000 acres patented to Jacob Stover, 3,100 acres thereof being conveyed by Jacob to Christopher Francisco and recorded in Orange County, on Shanando River; corner Morris Pound whereon he lives. Delivered: Geo. Weaver, 20th December, __94.

Will of John George Weber

  • Page 173.--27th July, 1767. John George Weaver's will (signed in German Waber)--To wife, Christina, after her death division among the children; to son, Andrew, 1 shilling in lieu of birthright; to rest of children, viz: Ann Margaret, Peter, John, George, Mary, Elizabeth. Executors, Thomas Mitchel. Teste: Peter Hanger, Samuel Bell (a German). Proved, 15th September, 1789. by Peter Hanger and Harman Lovingood. 19th January, 1790, Mitchell appeared and refused to execute. Administration granted widow Christiana and son John.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 21, 1785. - (137) On motion of Peter Weaver, ordered that Christiana Weaver be summoned to produce the last will of George Weaver, deceased.
  • Vol. 1 - JANUARY 19, 1790. (188-189) Admn. c. t. a. of John George Weaver granted the relict, Christiana Weaver, and John Weaver.
  • Page 234.--20th July, 1790. Recorded. John George Weaver's appraisement by Thomas Mitchel, Samuel Hunter, Wm. Shields, James Mitchel, Jr.
  • Page 141.--John George Weaver's estate in account with John and Christian weaver, administrators.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 156.--6th February, 1762.--James Litster's estate sold to, viz. James Ward, Geo. Wilson, Mathew Reed, Wm. Cabeen, Chas. Donnally, Ro. Armstrong, Edward Long, Pat. Cunningham, Andw. Greer, Thos. Fulton, Margt. Cameron, Jno. Stewart, Ro. Reed, Geo. Francisco, David Bell, Wm. Poage, Wm. Crow, Luke Bowyer, Abraham Thornton. Wm. Henderson, Jno. Buchanan, Thos. O'Neal, Alex. Gibson, Alex. Wright, Jno. Francis, James Simpson, Geo. Weaver, Philip Helveston, Jno. King, Geo. Anderson, Rev. Mr. Craige, Andw. Russell, Saml. Caldwell, Joseph Roberts, Jno. Gregory, Jno. Lucas, Mathew Clark, Jno. Anderson, Jr., James Robinson, Jacob Parsinger, Saml. Moore, Christopher Vinyard, Thos. Patterson, the Widow Bell, Ralph Gorrell, Jos. Russell, James Gilmore, Simon Robertson, James Hughes.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 21, 1765. - (248) Geo. Weaver has in his possession Elizabeth Countzmann and does not provide for her--summoned.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 19, 1767. - (365) George Weaver, bound to peace towards John Hill.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 19, 1773. - (32) Jacob Miller (near George Weaver's), to be summoned for not providing for his children.
  • Vol. 2 - John Peter Weaver vs. Beverley's heirs--O. S. 48; N. S. 16. In 1774 Alexander Kelly entered land in Beverley Manor which he sold to George Weaver, father of complainant. George died intestate as to this land prior to 1785 and orator was heir-at-law. Copy of contract between Alexr. Kelly and George Weaver (14th July, 1774).
  • Page 360.--__ _____, 1794. Peter Weaver and Elizabeth, Margaret Denton, John Stickleman and Elizabeth to John Weaver, interest in tract descended from their father, John George Weaver.
  • Vol. 2 - Weaver vs. Weaver--O. S. 194; N. S. 68--Bill, 31st January, 1804. Orator, John Weaver, son of John George Weaver, deceased (alias George Weaver), who on 1st February, 1776, entered into contract with his son, John Peter Weaver (alias Peter Weaver), for sale of part of tract he lived on. John George Weaver died testate (will in Augusta). Widow was Christiana Weaver. The children were, viz: Andrew Weaver, Margaret Denton (formerly Weaver), widow; John Peter Weaver; orator; George Weaver, alias George Philip Weaver; Mary, who has married to Benj. Odle; Elizabeth, who has married John Stickleman. John George Weaver died February, 1754 (s/b prob. 1784). Will of John George Weaver dated 27th July, 1767, of Augusta County.
  • Vol. 2 - Stuart vs. Kesler--O. S. 227; N. S. 80--Bill, 1811. Orators Lewis Stuart, who on 20th April, 1808, purchased 450 acres in Greenbrier which had been conveyed in trust by Henry Hoffman and Anne and Michael Hoffman to Thomas Creigh and John Mathews, 24th June, 1806, to secure John Stuart for a debt, and by them sold to orator 28th June, 1808. The land was granted to William Frogg, 13th July, 1780, issued on a survey dated 30th April, 1751. It was sold by Frogg to John Stuart, 4th September, 1804, and he conveyed to the Hoffmans, 24th June, 1806. But Peter Kesler has possessed himself of 5 acres under patent to John Miller under a survey made in 1774. The survey of 1751 was for George Weaver. Kesler answers that he bought from Edward Miller 12 years ago, who bought from Col. _____ Brown, who bought from John Miller. the patentee (in 1783), who settled it about 1760. Patent to William Frogg, assignee of John Robinson, &c., 450 acres by survey 30th April, 1751, on Greenbrier River, part of Order Council to Greenbrier County, dated 1787. Deed 4th September, 1804, by William Frogg and Mary of Monroe County to John Stuart of Greenbrier, 2 tracts--1st, 450 acres patented above; 2d, 380 acres patented to William, 5th September, 1800. Recorded in Greenbrier, 25th September, 1804. Deed 24th June, 1806, by John Stuart and Agatha to Michael and Henry Huffman, conveys above two tracts. Recorded 24th June, 1806. Deed 24th June, 1806, by the Huffmans to Creigh and Mathews, trustees. Recorded June, 1806. Deed 28th June, 1808. Deed by Creigh and Mathews to Lewis Stuart. Recorded 28th June, 1808. James McCoy deposes in Lewisburg, 7th May, 1814. John Miller settled on the land in 1772 and Frogg settled on the adjoining place the next year. Miller claimed under a settlement right. George Weaver had improved Frogg's tract before Miller settled. Samuel Brown deposes as above. John Miller was settled when deponent came to settle in 1771 or 1772. Isaac Estill deposes in Lewisburg, 7th May, 1814: He married Elizabeth, daughter of John Frogg on 9th December, 1788. John was killed in latter part of 1774. John and William were brothers. Elizabeth was born 14th August, 1771. Patent to John Miller, Sr., 220 acres by survey 17th February, 1774, part of John Robinson's and Co's. order Council in Greenbrier County in the Great Levels. Dated 1787. Deed 27 April, 1802, by Edward Miller and Peggy of Greenbrier to Peter Kelso, 138 acres in Greenbrier County. Recorded 29th June, 1802. Deed 29th January, 1798, by Samuel Brown and Elizabeth to Edward Miller, 220 acres. Recorded January, 1798. Deed 30th June, 1795, by John Miller of Harrison County and Jane to Col. Andrew Hamilton, attorney, to Samuel Brown of Greenbrier, 220 acres in Greenbrier, patent to John Miller 1787. Recorded June, 1795. William H. Cavendish deposes in Lewisburg, 24th February, 1813. He settled in Greenbrier in 1769. John Miller, in 1771 or 1772.

Information on John George Weber

Johan Georg Waber, b. 1715 in Germany, d. February 1784 in Augusta, VA, changed name to John George Weaver ca. 1749 because he moved to America.

Spouse: Christiana ?

Married 1740 in Virginia.

Children and grandchildren:

Andrew Weaver, b. 1741 in Augusta, VA
Ann Margaret Weaver, b. ca. 1744 in Germany, m. John Denton Jr., 26 August 1764, d. 1807 in Shenandoah Co., VA
John Peter Weaver, b. 1745 in Augusta, VA
John Weaver, b. 1747 in Augusta, VA
George Philip Weaver, b. 1749 in Augusta, VA, d. 28 February 1814 in Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., KY
Mary Weaver, b. 1751 in Augusta, VA
Elizabeth Weaver, b. 1759 in Augusta, VA

St. Johns Cemetery Augusta County, Virginia

Weber, Johan George - 1703-Feb. 1784
Weber, Christianna (wife) - 1710-1798
Weaver, John Peter - 1745-1815, Revolutionary War Pvt. Augusta Militia
Weaver, Elizabeth (wife) - 1746-1814 (w/o Peter)
Weaver, Phoebe Hopping - w/o Samuel - Dec. 3, 1775 -1839
Weaver, Samuel Bolton - Sept. 3, 1808-Oct. 29, 1878
Weaver, Rosanna Bryant - w/o Sam'l. B. - 1804 - Sep. 15, 1884
Weaver, James Ellis - s/o Sam'l B. & Rosanna - Mar. 21, 1844-Jan. 10, 1877

(Last 3 above buried at Weaver Farm)