Person:George Warful (1)

George Warfell
b.1715 Germany
  • HGeorge Warfell1715 -
m. est. 1740-1750
  1. Henry Warfulest 1742-1755 -
  2. Peter Warfulest 1742-1755 -
m. aft. 1761
Facts and Events
Name George Warfell
Alt Name George Warwell
Alt Name George Warrell
Alt Name George Warful
Gender Male
Birth? 1715 Germany
Marriage est. 1740-1750 to
Marriage aft. 1761 to Elizabeth Stoner

George Warful was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Lancaster County, PA

  • 1768 Henry Lesh, George Warfel, overseers of the poor.

Taxables in 1780:

  • George Warfel, 160 acres, 2 horses, 3 cows, total value Ł5000. (Now owned by William Rice and George W. Warfel)
Burial Grounds - On Jacob Bausman's farm, near Colemanville, the oldest marked grave is that of Barbara Stehman, Jan. 17, 1793; Henry Steman, April 16, 1793, aged forty four years; Peter Warfel, March 27, 1802; Peter Warfel, Jr., Feb. 6, 1803; George Warfel, Sept. 14, 1804. Latest burial Adam Warfel, October, 1859. Contains about one hundred and fifty bodies. [Source: History of Conestoga Township, Lancaster County, PA]

Records of George Warful in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - ORIGINAL PETITIONS AND PAPERS FILED IN THE COUNTY COURT. - 1750 - List of tithables liable to work on road from Sherrendo River to top of Blue Ridge at Swift Run Gap. Petition of Hance Magard (Magot). James Urry, William Burk, Stephen Hansburger, Samuel Thornbill, John Fought, John Furniss, Little Partrick, Charles Cross, George Wanol, Jacob Miller, Henry Lung, Adam Miller, Jacob Coger.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 20, 1752. - (247) James Urrey, Steven Hans Burger, John Fought, Wm. Burk, Saml. Thornhill, John Fornice, Little Patrick, Jacob Miller and son, Adam Miller and son, Charles Cross, Henry Lung, Jacob Coger, George Warrell-to be added to Hans Magart's road hands on road from Shanando River to top Blue Ridge.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL, 1763 (A). - George Warfell of Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, vs. James Frame of Laycock Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.-- 1750-1751.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL, 1763 (A). - Warfell vs. Frame.--James Frame, of Laycock Township, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, farmer. Bond to George Warfell, of Strasburg Township, same County, dated 16th March, 1750-51.

Information on George Warful (Warfel)

From, Biography of John B. Warfel:

Mr. Warfel's paternal great-great-grandfather, George Warfel, came from Germany, and was one of the early settlers of what is now Conestoga township, Lancaster county. He was twice married, and by his first wife had two sons, Henry and Peter. Henry married Margaret Good, and by that union had seven children, three sons and four daughters. Their second son, Jacob, married Marv Stoutzenberg, whose father was Jacob Stoutzenberg, and whose mother was Barbara Eckman, a granddaughter of Mathias Slaymaker, who came to this country from Strasburg, Germany, in 1710. Jacob and Marv (Stoutzenberg) Warfel had five children, one son and four daughters. John Warfel, the eldest, and father of John B., married Maria Eshleman.

Excerpted and Extracted from the History of Lancaster County by Dr. Frederick Klein, 1924


The history of early Pequea is given in Conestoga township chapter, for until 1853 the territory which now comprises Pequea township was a part of Conestoga. Pequea township lies to the southward of the county seat, Lancaster, between Pequea and Conestoga creeks. West Lampeter township line is the northeastern boundary of Pequea, Providence township line is the southeastern, Martic is the southern, Conestoga township is the southwestern, and the north and northwestern line borders the town of Lancaster. The soil is fertile; in fact, Pequea township land is among the best in the county for agricultural purposes. The surface is slightly undulating, but not difficult to cultivate, and some very valuable farming estates are to be found in that region. The two historic waters, Conestoga and Pequea, with tributaries, give water and drainage, and the Lancaster & Quarryville railway, which passes through the township from northwest to southeast, gives a transportation outlet. So much has been stated regarding the very earliest days of the ancient Conestoga township, which included Pequea, in the sketch of the former, that lengthy reference is not here necessary. Briefly, the early settlers in the Pequea part of Conestoga township included the Bare (Bear), Behm, Bachman, Breneman, Burkholder, Deitrich, Forry, Goehenauer, Good, Harnish, Hachman, Hess, Huber, Haberstitch, Newcomer, Mehaffy, Snavely, Stetler, Kindig families. The early assessment lists of the first years of the Republic show that among the landholders in what is now Pequea township were: John Bare, who in 1780 owned 216 acres of land in the northwestern part of the township; Jacob Bare, his brother, owned 200 acres nearby; John Behm (Beam) owned 90 acres; John Bachman, who lived north of what is now Willow Station, owned two acres; Jacob Breneman owned 100 acres one mile west of (now) West Willow village; Adam Breneman owned x5o acres nearby; John Burkholder owned i84 acres in that vicinity; Henry Deitrich owned 198 acres near West Willow, the railroad passing through part of it; Christian Forry owned 250 acres near West Willow Station; Jacob Gochenauer owned 130 acres in the lower end of what is now Pequea township; Henry Goehenauer had fifty acres in the eastern part of the township; Peter Good lived in the lower end, on 150 acres; John Good owned 65 acres near his brother's estate; John Harnish was assessed on 445 acres; Jacob Harnish, Jr., had 100 acres; Michael Harnish had as much, part in the original Harnish holdings being still in the possession of that family; Melchor Hachman owned 100 acres southwest of the village of West Willow; John Hess had 60 acres near the township line in the southwest; John Huber owned 60 acres near what is now Pequea Station; Michael Haberstich was in the northwest part, possessed of 250 acres; Abram Newcomer owned 200 acres just west of where the Mehaffys live; John Mehaffy's land was near West Willow Station, and later passed to Tobias Landis; Benjamin Snavely, son of Christian Snavely, who settled where West Willow developed, was a blacksmith in that place; Abram Kindig (Kendig) was one of the pioneer settlers, locating on the farm that was later owned by the Harnishes. Kindig possessed 175 acres in 1780; the Warfels date their settlement in Conestoga back to the earliest decades, when George Warfel, who was born in Germany in 1715, settled.

From "Historical Papers and Addresses of the Lancaster County HIstorical Society", 1921, pg. 149:

John Frame was a resident of Laycock Township, Lancaster County, Pa., and on March 16, 1750-51, gave his note to George Warfell, of Strasburg Township, in the same county. Warfell vs. Frame, Court Papers 406. John Frame removed to Augusta County, Virginia, prior to 1760, and settled on Middle River near Augusta Church neighborhood.

George Warfell complains of James FRAME/FRAIM owed him 14 pounds 1 shilling currant money of PA. this took place in March 16, 1751. [Source: Lancaster PA Surname Query].

Possible Relationship with John Warwell

There may be a relationship between George Warrell and the "John Warwell", listed in the following record: (more research necessary)

  • Page 165.--19th April, 1749. James Coburn's appraisement. Settled with Andrew Knoling, Peter Tustee, Henry Sheplar, Geo. Sea, Fredk. Sea, Thos. Dove. Due from James Kuykendall, Saml. Coburn. Due from Christian Ewigh, Joel Hornback. Due from Jacob Coburn, Wm. Leane, Isaac Coburn. Due from Henry Femster, John Ryon, Aaron Price. Due from Jno. Collins, Jno. Warwell, Richd. Field. Due from Henry Cartwright, Garrett Decker. Due from Danl. Richardson, John Kuykendall. 21 lbs. nails. By Abraham Vanderpoole, James Simpson, Michael Horn
  • Page 192.--25th August, 1749. Margery Sharpe's bond as administratrix of John Sharpe, with sureties Jno. Smith, Jno. Wamock.