Person:George Lewis (110)

George Lewis, of the Cowpasture, Augusta County, VA
b.ABT 1718
m. BEF 1718
  1. George Lewis, of the Cowpasture, Augusta County, VAABT 1718 - ABT 1795
  2. Rebecca Lewis1724/25 -
m. ABT 1738
  1. Sarah Lewisabt 1738 - bef 1825
  2. James Lewis1741 -
  3. John LewisABT 1742 - ABT 1787
  4. Matthias Lewis1743 -
  5. Benjamin LewisABT 1745 - ABT 1817
  6. Agnes Lewis1745 -
  7. Catherine Lewis1747 -
  8. George Lewis, Jr.Abt 1749 - Bef 1811
  9. Robert Lewis1751 -
  10. Rebecca LewisABT 1755 -
  11. Mordecai Lewis
Facts and Events
Name George Lewis, of the Cowpasture, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1718
Marriage ABT 1738 Poss. Virginiato Mary Catherine Crawford
Death? ABT 1795 Greenbrier County, Virginia

George Lewis was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 213.--11th October, 1755. George ( ) Lewis to John Lewis, £120, 215 acres on the Cowpasture, part of the tract where George now lives. Cor. Benjamin Lewis. Teste: Jno. Paxton, Samuel McCluer. Delivered: George Lewis, November, 1757.
  • Page 216.--11th October, 1756. Same (From George Lewis) to Benj. Lewis, £90, 215 acres on Cowpasture. Cor. John Lewis; cor. John McCreery's line.

Will of George Lewis

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 247.--11th August, 1796. George Lewis' will--To wife, Mary; to son, James; to daughter, Rebecka; to grandson, George Dadridge. Executor, James Lues. Teste: Alex. Reed, John Reed. Proved, 18th October, 1796, by the witness. Executor qualified.
  • Page 254.--25th October, 1796. George Lewis' estate appraised by John Foage, Marcus Cupp, Ludwig Mowry, Charles Yorehous.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 82.--21st November, 1754. Archibald Boreland's accounts as administrator, vs. estate of Wm. Jackson--Paid Andrew Dunlap, John Harden, Robt. Duffels, Archd. Elliot, Wm. Davis, Alex. Wright, Alex. McAllroy, Michl. Harper, Jno. Carolile, Samuel McAlvery, Jno. Graham, Joseph Mays, Samuel Ferguson, Wm. Elliott, Stephen Wilson, Alex. Gillespy, Naphtalin Gregory, Jno. Warwick, John Crockett, Charles Dunlap, Geo. Lewis, Thos. Bryan, Nathan Patterson, James Boreland, Wm. Hamilton, James Brown, James Lockridge, John Williamson, David Stanley; cash paid James Armstrong; 7 gallons whiskey for 2d vendue; to Jinney Boreland's account proved.
  • Page 51.--17th March, 1764. Hugh Edward's appraisement, by Joseph Mays, George Lewis, Ralph Laverty.
  • Page 366.--11th October, 1764. William Fitzjarrell's estate appraised, by James McCoy, Thos. Gillespey, Chas. Donnally. Vendue bill recorded 21st November, 1764; to Jno. McCaslin, Thos. Spencer, Geo. Lewis, Francis Jackson; to Timothy Sullivan.
  • Page 84.--20th August, 1765. John McCreery, Sr., to John McCreery, Jr., £120, 260 acres on Cowpasture, part of tract whereon John, Sr., now lives, great spring, corner George Lewis. Teste: Thomas Feemster, Robert Knox, Wm. Black. Delivered: John McCreery, 2d December, 1786.
  • Page 522.--29th April, 1767. George Lewis to Thomas Stevenson, £5.10, cows and horses. Teste: Robert Williams.
  • Page 191.--11th September, 1772. John Lewis and Mary to Charles Lewis, £100, part of land on Cowpasture whereon George Lewis lived. Teste: Margaraet McClenachan, Felix Gilbert, John McClenachan, Matthew Matthewson.
  • Page 310.--10th August, 1774. Charles Lewis' will--To wife, Sarah; to son, John, tract testator lives on, also tract on Greenbryer called the Great Glade, 1,000 acres; to son, Andrew, plantation gotten from John Lewis, George's son, line where his brother's survey begins; also 1 plantation on Greenbrier where Wm. Crane lives; to daughter, Elizabeth Lewis, plantation on Greenbrier where George Lewis lives; to daughter, Margaret, plantation on Greenbrier where Wm. Bleake lives. Wife is now pregnant, to such child, plantation where Mr. Cowordin lives, also Cuthbert's Lick Place on Greenbryer; to sons, the lands coming to testator as an officer. Executors, brothers Thomas and William. Teste: John Dickinson, Hugh Hicklin, Charles Cameron. Proved, 17th January, 1775, by Dickinson and Cameron. Executors qualified, with Robert (mark) Bratton, Andrew Hamilton, Wm. Christian, George Mathews. (Note: Charles Lewis was a son of John Lewis and Margaret Lynn of Beverley Manor).

Information on George Lewis

•Name: George Lewis •Given Name: George •Surname: Lewis •Sex: M •Birth: Abt 1720 •Death: Abt 1795 in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia •Change Date: 8 Jul 2004

Father: David Lewis b: Abt 1680 in Northern Ireland Mother: Unknown

Marriage 1 Mary Catherine Crawford b: Aft 1720 •Married: Abt 1740 •Change Date: 25 Sep 2005 Children 1. Benjamin Lewis b: Abt 1745 in Augusta County, Virginia 2. John Lewis b: Abt 1747 in Augusta County, Virginia 3. Rebecca Lewis b: Abt 1755 in Cowpasture River, August County, Virginia