Person:George Keller (17)

Hans George Keller
b.17 May 1711 Weiler, Germany
d.ABT October 1782 Shenandoah County, Virginia
  1. Hans George Keller1711 - ABT 1782
m. bef. 1750
  1. Jacob Keller1750 - 1810
  2. Mary Keller1753 - 1806
  3. George Keller, Jr.1758 - bef 1820
  4. Henry Keller1759 - 1823
  5. Anna Keller1761 -
  6. John Keller1763 -
  7. Frederick Kellerest 1764 -
  8. Elizabeth Keller1765 - 1821
  9. Margaret Kellerabt 1767 -
  10. Barbara Kellerabt 1769 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Hans George Keller
Alt Name George Seller
Alt Name George Sellers
Gender Male
Birth? 17 May 1711 Weiler, Germany
Baptism? 2 DEC 1713 Evangelish Church, Alsheim
Alt Birth? BET 15 MAR 1716/17 AND 1719 Zweibrunken, Schwarenacker, Bavaria
Christening? 17 May 1719 Weiler, Sinsheim, Elsenz, Germany
Marriage bef. 1750 to Barbara Anna Hottel
Death? ABT October 1782 Shenandoah County, Virginia
Alt Death? BET 1783 AND 1788 Mt. Olive, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

George Keller (Seller) was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Frederick County, VA

Records of Land Acquisitions by George Sellers:

  • 1750 — George Sellers, Augusta County, 400 acres, On the No. River of Shannandoah [Source: Library of VA Northern Neck Grants]
  • 1752 — George Sellers, Augusta County, 300 acres, Whereon he lives. [Source: Library of VA Northern Neck Grants]

Records of George Keller (Seller) in Frederick County, VA

  • 1 March 1747 - O.S., FOB 2, pg. 347 - On the Petition of George Hoge, Matthew Harbinson, Joseph Langdon, George Lockmiller [blank in book], William Stephenson, Wm. White, William Blackburn, Archibald Blackburn, Isaac White, William Wilson, George Eger, William Blackburn Jr., James Blackburn, James Young, Matthew Young & Benjamin Blackburn for a Road from the County Line by Thomas Little Gent. to Lewis Stephens Mill. It is Ordered that the said Road according as it is laid off by John Blackburn & George Seller who are hereby Appointed to View Mark & lay off the same. And it is further Ordered that the Tithables living within two Miles on Each side of the said Road together with the Petitioners clear & Work on the same. And that the said John Blackburn & George Sellers be Overseers thereof who are also Ordered to Keep the said Road in good repairs according to Law. [Source: Frederick County, Virginia Road Orders, 1743-1772 By Virginia Genealogical Society, pg. 29].
  • 4 August 1762 - FOB 10, pg. 78 - It is Ordered that James Littler, Abraham Denton, Rynard Bardin & George Seller or any three of them being first sworn do view the Ground from Stony Lick by Christopher Windles in the main Road by Mr. Pughs & mark the same and Report their Opinion to the next Court. [Source: Frederick County, Virginia Road Orders, 1743-1772 By Virginia Genealogical Society, pg. 111].
  • (partial transcript, date not given) - 84 Road from George Sellers's to Lewis Stephen's Mill.

Records of George Keller (Seller) in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER, 1747. - George Sellers, of Frederick County, vs. Abraham Miller and Christian Miller, of Frederick County. Bond dated 8th October, 1745. "The defendants live near the narrow passage, by Falkenborgh's old place."
  • Vol. 2 - Hite vs. Ready--O. S. 118; N. S. 40--Deed 24th November, 1772. Jacob Bordon and Mary, his wife, of Frederick County, to George Adam Bowman, of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Recorded in Dunmore County Court, 24th November, 1772. Deed 23d March, 1797. Augustine Reedy and Minna of Shenandoah County to Philip Ready. Proved in Shenandoah County 11th April, 1797. George Mummah, who married Elisibed (Allice) Boughman, late of Lancaster County, deceased, one of daughters and heirs of John Boughman of Hempfield Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, yeoman, deceased. Nicholas Bower, who married Maria Boughman, deceased, another of daughters and heirs of above. Sebastian Wiedman, who married Anna Boughman, another of the daughters, &c. Joseph Charle, who is intermarried with Elizabeth Bowman, another of daughters, &c. All above, viz: George, Nicholas, Sebastian, and Joseph, are of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and Nicholas Young, of York County, Pennsylvania, and Christina, his wife; also one of daughters and heirs, &c. Above heirs release their interest as heirs to John in tract sold by Jost Hite to John in 1739; to Benjamin Leyman (Lehman), who married Barbara, another daughter of John, by release dated 13th August, 1770. John Boughman died intestate leaving above issue. Copy of survey November 22, 1751, for John Boughman of Pennsylvania, of 500 acres. Copy of release by above heirs to Benj. Lehman, dated 2d June, 1763. Recorded in Virginia Land Office. Copy dated 21st September, 1799. Copy of grant by Fairfax to George Keller, 1762. Copy of deed 8th April, 1796. George Adam Bowman and Mary, his wife, of Shenandoah County, to Augustine Ready. Recorded in Shenandoah 13th April, 1796.
  • Vol. 1 - DISTRICT COURT JUDGMENTS. - APRIL, 1790. - August County, Sec.--To the sheriff, or goaler, of the County ____. We send you herewith the bodies of William Hinton, Martin Groeder and John Groeder, taken and brought -- by warrant --- of Abraham Smith, Esq., County Lieutenant, upon information made upon oath before Daniel Smith, Esq., by David Hernot and John Owens of being guilty of a breach or coming under the Act of Assembly made in this State for punishing certain offenses and after learning sundry evidences, viz: David Harnet, John Owens, Thomas Alderson, Joseph Smith, John Conner, Joseph Burgess, Jacob Falkner, George Keller, Peter Grass, John Bright, we are of opinion that the said William Hinton, Jr., Martin Groeder, and John Groeder have been guilty of a breach of the Act aforesaid. You are therefore required to receive them -- until they shall from thence be discharged by order of the Justices of our said Court, to be held on the Third Tuesday in September next, and this shall be your warrant. Given under our hands and seals this 23d day of August, 1777. (Signed) Sampson Mathews (seal), William Bowyer (seal), Alexander Sinclair (seal).

Information on Hans George Keller

George Keller immigrated to the colony of Pennsylvania in 1732. He settled near the John Hottel family, where Barbara Anna soon caught his eye. George and Barbara Keller established their family, raising nine children to adulthood. By 1750, the Keller family had migrated to the Shenandoah Valley where 400 acres of land was patented from Thomas, Lord Fairfax. Over the course of years, George took up additional patent lands. At the time of his death in the winter of 1782/1783, the majority of his land holdings were located near the headwaters of Toms Brook (Mt. Olive). [Source: Shenandoah Germanic Heritage Museum Website]

Hans George KELLER (Bastian , Johannes (Joannes) , Jacobus ) was born on May 11 1711 in Weiler, Wurttemerg, Germany. He died about 1782 in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. m'd Barbara Anna HOTTEL in Jun 1751 in Lancaster Co., Pa.. Barbara was born on Feb 12 1712/1713 in Alsheim, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany. She died about 1783.

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