Person:George Clendenin (7)

Col. George Clendenin, of Augusta and Kanawha County, Virginia
d.JUN 1797 Marietta, Ohio
m. 1735
  1. James Clendenin1737 - 1796
  2. Elizabeth ClendeninABT 1738 -
  3. Adam ClendeninABT 1740 -
  4. Margaret ClendeninABT 1742 - ABT 1776
  5. Thomas Clendeninabt 1743 - 1748
  6. Robert Clendeninabt 1744 - Bef 1808
  7. Col. George Clendenin, of Augusta and Kanawha County, Virginiaabt 1746 - 1797
  8. Thomas Clendenin1748 -
  9. Mary Eleanor 'Nelly' Clendenin1751 -
  10. Capt. William Clendenin, of Augusta and Kanawha County, Virginia1753 - 1828
  11. Alexander ClendeninAbt 1754 - 1830
  12. Ann Clendenin1756 - BEF 1801
  • HCol. George Clendenin, of Augusta and Kanawha County, Virginiaabt 1746 - 1797
  • WJemima McNeal1750 - 1815
m. 2 Feb 1779
  1. Parthenia ClendeninABT 1778 - 1839
  2. Cynthia ClendeninABT 1779 -
  3. Mary 'Polly' Clendeninest 1780/81 - 1837
Facts and Events
Name Col. George Clendenin, of Augusta and Kanawha County, Virginia
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1746 Augusta County, Virginia
Alt Marriage BEF 1776 to Jemima McNeal
Marriage 2 Feb 1779 Greenbrier, West Virginia, United Statesto Jemima McNeal
Death? JUN 1797 Marietta, Ohio

Col. George Clendenin was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of George Clendenin in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • MAY 19, 1785. - (56) Charles Donally and George Clendenning returned no inhabitants.
  • APRIL, MAY, JUNE, 1785 (B). - James Gardner vs. George Clendennin.--Writ, 25th October, 1784. Not executed, he being on his way to the Assembly, it being sitting. Writ, 22d December, 1784, not executed by reason of his being on his way home from the Assembly. Writ, 17th November, 1784, not executed by reason of his being at the Assembly. Writ, 19th January, 1785, no inhabitant.
  • Page 198.--16th July, 1788. Commission to George Clendenin and Samuel McClug, gent., Justice of Greenbrier, to take privy examination of Elizabeth, wife of William Long, deed to Anthony Mustoe, dated September, 1786. Executed and returned, 20th July, 1788.
  • APRIL, 1795 (K to Z). - Anthony Mustoe vs. Thomas Lynn Lewis, Elizabeth Strother Lewis, Charles Augustus Lewis, John Banks Lewis. Writ of right, 26th June, 1793. Bath, 400 acres in Bath on Thompson's Mill Run, a branch of Cowpasture, surveyed for defendants, 29th September, 1792, by virtue of a location made 3d February, 1787, in name of John Lewis, for 400 acres. Plaintiff claims, by a survey of 1,000 acres, made January 10, 1793, by virtue of three locations, &c., viz: (1) 397-1/2 acres, by warrant, for 1,000 acres, No. 12,433 assignee of Charles Copeland; (2) 202-1/2 acres, by warrant, for 4,000 acres, No. 489, assignee John Oliver, assignee Zachariah Clarke; (3) 400 acres, by virtue two warrants (a) 140 acres, by warrant, for 500 acres, No. 12,600, assignee of George Clendennin, (b) 260 acres, by warrant, for 1,687-1/2, No. 12,095, assignee William Poage, assignee James Rucker, assignee Augustine Rucker. Locations for Mustoe at Warm Springs. Three cases.
  • Book 2 - Cantrell vs. Ruffner--O. S. 185; N. S. 65--Deed 12th August, 1796, by Col. Geo. Clendenin and Jemima, his wife, to Joseph Ruffner, Sr. (of Shenandoah), of Kenawha County, conveys tract at mouth of Elk River and GreatKenawha. Recorded in Kenawha County, November, 1796.
  • Book 2 (undated, abt. 1805-1809) - Wm. H. Cavendish, Attorney for Silvanus Walker, vs. George Clendennin's Heirs--O. S. 172; N. S. 61--Greenbrier. George Clendennin died intestate, leaving Jemima (widow), children, Parthenia Meggs, wife of John Meggs; Cynthia and Margaret Clendennin.
  • Book 2 - Andrew Bryan vs. John Cantrill and Benj. Stephenson--O. S. 210 N. S. 74 -- Bill in Mason County, 25th February, 1813. Deed 24th April, 1809, by John Oldacre and Martha, his wife, of Mason County, to Andrew Bryan; 100 acres on Kenawha River. Recorded in Mason 6th June, 1809. George Clendennin died 1796 or 1797 intestate, and land descended to his heirs, viz: Mary, who married John Cantrill, and others. Deed dated 7th May, 1805, by Charles Donnally and Elizabeth, his wife, of Mason County to John Oldacre, 100 acres in Mason County. Recorded 7th May, 1805. Deed - May, 1805, by William Lewis of Botetourt-County to John Cantrill of Mason County, 74 acres 2-1/2 miles from Point Pleasant. Recorded 7th May, 1805. Deed 7th May, 1805, by above to John Oldacre. Release deed. Recorded 7th May, 1805.
  • FEBRUARY, 1806 (M). - Mustoe vs. Graham.--Deposition of Charles Arbuckle, 1st November, 1805, in Greenbrier. He possesses a receipt by Jacob Skiles, 6th April, 1792, from George Clendennin for collection from War Department at Philadelphia, pay roll of ninety-two privates, one captain, one lieutenant, two ensigns, four sergeants, also list of rations, allowing each officer and private a ration per day for 153 days. Certificate of ammunition furnished all for service in 1790. George, receipts, 24th April, 1793, for having received the several allowances for services of the Kanawha Rangers. William Clennondon, of Mason County, taken first Tuesday of October, at house of John Vanhever, in town of Point Pleasant, before Justice John Boush and John Henderson. Brother of George Clendenon. Letter of Joseph Graham from Monroe County. Certificate, 1st September, 1791, by George Shaver, Lieutenant, and Andrew Lewis, Ensign, that Joseph Graham has served as a soldier at Kanawha. Deposition of Reuben Slaughter, 14th May, 1805. He negotiated sale of goods by Mustoe and Chambers to the soldiers in Kanawha County in 1791. Col. George Clendenin was considered paymaster. Joseph Graham was a soldier on Kanawha River in 1791 and came down from Greenbrier with George Shaw, who was lieutenant. George died about 1796. Order, 11th May, 1791, by William Miller on Col. George Clendennin for his pay as soldier accepted by George. David Johnson's similar order. Ditto James Robertson, David Johnston, James Spencer, John Sharp.
  • Book 2 - Mays vs. McClung--O. S. 318; N. S. 114--Patent, 17th September, 1792, by virtue of warrant under Dunmore's proclamation 1763, to John Finie, 200 acres in Greenbrier on South Branch of Gauley River known as Cherry Tree River at Cherry Tree Bottom. Patent, 7th November, 1787, by virtue of a certificate in right of settlement to George Clendennin, assignee of Spencer Cooper, 387 acres in Greenbrier on a southeast branch of Gauley River at Cherry Tree Bottom. Commissioner's certificate to Spencer Cooper in right of settlement before 1st January, 1778, at Cherry Bottom, 11th April, 1780. Commissioners, viz: Saml. McDowell, Jas. McCorkle, Ro. Davis. Assignment, 27th March, 1784, by John Finney of Culpeper County to James and Joseph Mays of Greenbrier, 600 acres in Cherry Tree Bottom. Ditto 8th December, 1796, by James Maze, Sr., late of Greenbrier, to Joseph Maze, 600 acres above; also all claims against Donel Fear by reason of being kept out of possession. Bill by Joseph Mays, son of James. William Gilkerson had claimed the land by reason of his having made a camp on it and remained there some time in capacity of a hunter. In April, 1785,

Joseph and James settled on it. Answer by Stuart, Nancy, Betsy, Harriet, Polly, Sally, Jane, Rebecca and Ann McClung, infants of Andrew McClung. Deed 30th September, 1807, by Jemima Clendenin, widow of George Clendenin; James Lamure and Andrew Bryan, who intermarried with _____ Clendenin and Parthenia Clendenin, children and heirs of George and John Cantrill, who married Mary Clendennin, another daughter and heir of George, all of Mason County, Va., except Lamure, who lives in Clarke County, Ky., to Andrew McClung of Greenbrier, 387 acres in Cherry Tree Bottom. Recorded in Greenbrier, 22d October, 1811. Finnie claimed under a military warrant originally granted to Edward Franklin.

  • Book 2 - Donolly vs. Lockhart--O. S. 278; N. S. 98--Bill, 19th November, 1808, by Charles, James and John Lockhart of Kentucky, children and residuary legatees of Jacob Lockhart of Greenbrier, who died, testate, in fall of 1785. Andrew Donnally and George Clendennin were executors, with securities, Robert Clendennin, James Huston and Anthony Brown (Bowen). George Clendennin is dead. Robert Clendennin is also dead and his personal representative lives in Ohio. James Huston lives in Kentucky. Anthony Bowen is dead, insolvent, and has no personal representative. Bill for settlement of Jacob's estate. John and James Finney (ie) live in Kentucky, 10th August, 1807. Will of Jacob Lockhart of Greenbrier County. Wife, Mary; sons, Charles, James and John, lands in Kentucky; daughter, Agness. Dated 31st March, 1734. Recorded in Greenbrier, 23d March, 1786.
  • Book 2 - Thomas McCarthy vs. Massinbird--O. S. 270; N. S. 95--Bill, 1811. - .....(beginning omitted) Deed, 1st June, 1790, by William and George Clendennin of Kanawa County to George Massingbird of Greenbrier, 970 acres by survey, 1782, on Little Levels, &c. Recorded in Greenbrier, 27th July, 1790. George Clendennin's heirs are, viz: Widow Jemima Clendennin; children, viz: Mary Cantril, wife of John Cantril; Cynthia, wife of _____ Lamb; Parthenia, wife of Andrew Bryant. Copy of Court of Appeals, 2d May, 1783, confirming surveys under Loyal and Greenbrier Companies by orders of Council. atent, 1783, to James Crawford, 270 acres in Greenbrier. Patent, 11th November, 1804, to William and George Clendennin by certificate in right of settlement (assignees of Nathaniel Day, Jr., Joseph Day and John Ellis), 970 acres by survey, 1782.
  • Book 2 - McClung vs. Bevins and Edgar--O. S. 254; N. S. 89--Bill, 1812. Complainants are William McClung and Robert Wahub. In 1782, William entered in Greenbrier 230 acres on Slab Camp Creek, a branch of Meadow River, including 100 acres entered by virtue of a military warrant, part of a survey made for William in 1776; another entry for 400 acres, and another for 71 acres. William and George Clendennin made a partnership to locate lands. Alexr. Welsh was surveyor of Greenbrier. Defendants are, viz: George Clendennin's heirs, viz: Andrew Bryan and Parthenia, his wife; _____ Lamb and Cynthia, his wife; John Cantrill and Polly, his wife; Henry Banks, Wm. Whitcroft, James, Henry and Ann Ringold, James Welsh, Richard Witherhead, James Bevins and Thomas Edgar. John Welch, son of Alexander Welch, deposes 23d February, 1814.
  • Book 2 - Hays vs. Kinney--O. S. 294; N. S. 104 -- Will of Moses Hayes. Wife, Sarah, and her children, land in Harrison County on the Monongahela; daughters, Elizabeth Luce, Mary Stockdale; daughter, Hannah Halsey; sons, James Hayes, Isaac Hayes, Richard Hayes; sons, Winsted Hayes, William Hayes. Dated 21st July, 1796. Proved in Augusta, 20th September, 1796. Bill filed 29th March, 1813, by William Hayes of Pendleton County. Moses Hays left 5 children besides orator, viz: George, Susanna Hardiway, wife of John Hardiway; Nancy, now wife of Henry Cunningham; Sarah, now wife of John Gaul; and Peggy. Signature of Squire Boone, 1783. Letter by William Clendennin dated Greenbrier, 15th May, 1782, the Indians have been very troublesome this spring; is brother of George Clendennin, member, and now attending the Assembly. Signatures of, viz: Wm. Spriggate, 1786; Wm. Gamson (Jemmyson), 1793.
  • Book 2 - Berry and Riddle's heirs vs. Clendennin's heirs and Huston--O. S. 262; N. S. 92--Bill, 1815. Complainants are, viz: George Berry and Michael Gabbert, Stephen, John and Andrew Riddle, Clara, wife of Adam Rader; Deborah, wife of Thomas Rutledge; Catherine, wife of James Craig, children and heirs of Cornelius Riddle, deceased, of Augusta. In 1779, Gotlieb Gabbert, father of Michael, owned Adam Stroud's settlement and preemption of 1,400 acres on Gauley River, then in Greenbrier, now Kenawha, and in that year agreed with Cornelius to give him half the 1,400 acres if Cornelius perfected the title. Cornelius came to an agreement to divide with George Clendennin, who was then a member of the Virginia General Assembly. Clendennin had 3,000 acres surveyed, including Gabbert's 1,400, on 6th June, 1785. Gotlieb Gabbert died 18__, testate, devising his lands to his nephews, John and Michael Gabbert. Cornelius Riddle, son of Stephen (plaintiff), deceased, deposes 15th June, 1818. Certificate, by the Commissioners for Augusta, Botetourt and Greenbrier, dated 8th June, 1782, that the heir of Peter Stroud is entitled to 400 acres by right of settlement prior to 1st January, 1778, on a branch of Gauley River adjoining Adam Stroud; also preemption of 1,000 acres adjoining. Commissioners are Wm. McKee, Robert Davis, Thos. Adams. imilar certificates to Adam Stroud, same amount. Assignment dated 23d May, 1771, by Adam Stroud to John Tackett of an improvement between Elk and Gauley Rivers, assigned by Tackett to Gabbard.
  • Book 2 - (undated abt. 1819), John Young's Declaration: Age 73; Born in Lancaster County, Penna., in 1760, and moved to Augusta when four; enlisted under Capt. All, who raised a Company of Volunteers in Augusta to repell the Indians; Lieutenant Jacob Pence; marched to the South Fork of the Potomac, thence over the waters of the Monongalia; built a fort on Hacker Creek; volunteered May 1, 1778, under Capt. William Cravens to succor Tigart's Valley, in which inroads and massacres had been made the preceding fall; marched to the head of Greenbrier, thence to the head of Tygart's; volunteered September 1, 1778, under Capt. Robert Cravens, Col. Benj. Harrison, Gen. McIntosh, against the Indians; volunteered in September. 1780, under Capt. Robert Cravens of the Virginia Militia as a volunteer rifleman; Gen. Green, Gen. Morgan; in March, 1783, moved to Kanawha; Capt. William Morris; declarant served as spy; Col. George Clendenning, Capt. William Clendenning; David Robert was a spy; in August, 1790, Cale Fort was captured by the Indians; Thomas Allbury, Michael See, Fleming Cobb; 1793 was the last year of Indian hostilities in Kentucky.