Person:George Barber (36)

George Barber, of Craig's Creek
b.Est. 1708-1718 England
d.bef. 22 May, 1750 Augusta County, Virginia
  1. George Barber, of Craig's CreekEst 1708-1718 - bef 1750
  • HGeorge Barber, of Craig's CreekEst 1708-1718 - bef 1750
  • WElizabeth Mooreest 1718-1720 - 1807
m. est. 1736-1738
  1. Sarah Barberabt 1740 -
  2. Capt. George Barber, Jr.1743 -
  3. Plyer Barber1748 - before 1814
Facts and Events
Name George Barber, of Craig's Creek
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1708-1718 England
Marriage est. 1736-1738 Englandto Elizabeth Moore
Death? bef. 22 May, 1750 Augusta County, Virginia

George Barber was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

George Barber was an early settler in the "Craig's Creek" area of Augusta County, before 1745-1748, as evidenced below in the "records" section below. The records of his land acquisition are most likely in early Orange County, Virginia records (the predecessor county to Augusta), since the acquisition probably took place prior to 1745, when records started to be recorded in Augusta County. Unlike most of the early settlers of Augusta County who came from Ireland, he apparently came from England sometime between 1738-1739 after the birth of his son Ply (Plier).

Administration of George Barber's Estate

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 240.--22d May, 1750. Elizabeth Barber's bond as administratrix of George Barber, with sureties Jno. Smith, Robert Looney.
  • Page 268.--18th July, 1750. George Barber's appraisement, by Henry Houlston, Robert Williams, William Terry, Joseph Robinson.

James Barber of Orange County, VA

There is a James Barber, who served on the Court in early Orange County, Virginia (the predecessor county of Augusta) abt. 1734-1736, who could possibly be a relation of George Barber. More research would be necessary to prove any relationship, this is listed only as a possible lead to other researchers. (Source: Orange County, Virginia, Order Book One 1734-1739, Part One 1734-1736, by Barbara Vines Little.)

Records of George Barber in Augusta County, VA

  • ORIGINAL PETITIONS AND PAPERS FILED IN THE COUNTY COURT. 1745-1748. - Petition for road by inhabitants of Craig's Creek from Henry Houlston's (Holstine) to James Montgomery's. Signed Henry Holstine, Sr., Wicklor Welch, Stephen Holstine, George Barber, William Lee, John Shichelve, Waiter Welch. Henry Houlston.
  • Page 87.--10th August, 1748. Daniel Monahan's appraisement by James Davies and Mark Evans.
  • Page 89.--Sale bill of above estate, 13th December, 1744, purchasers, viz: James Price, Wm. Akers, Pat Shirkey, Chas. Ewing, John Thomas, Mary Akers, Nicholas Harford, Mary Kinder, Wm. Armstrong, Wm. Carson, Archibald Grimes, Wm. Mills, James Burk, Bryan Cuff, Wm. Armstrong, Henry Brown, Daniel Creeley, Pat Shirkey, Mark Cole, George Barberer, Simon Akers, Peter Kinder, Joseph Love, Methusalem Griffith, Tobias Bright, Jno. McFall, Wm. March, Mark Cole, Jasper Terry. Henry Brown, Jr., Wm. Terry, Stephen Rentfro. 1740. The estate of Daniel Monahan, Dr. Cash paid Joseph Tate. Cash paid Edmond Cartledge. 1743--Cash paid Andrew Gaughagin.
  • FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. 1750-51-- page 97, Eliz. Barber on Craig's Creek, married to one Patton, (1751, May), Smith's and Looney's motion for counter security. (Note: The Fee Books are the Books of Charges for services rendered, required by law to be kept by the Clerks. They should contain an entry of every fee charged, the name of the person who is to pay, and a statement of the services rendered.)
  • List of Delinquents - 1755 - List of Robert Breckinridge, Sheriff: Plia Barber
  • List of Delinquents - 1756 - In ye lower end of Augusta County: Jno. Barber
  1.   George Barber was early in Augusta County, Virginia and on December 13, 1744 he was shown as a purchaser at the estate sale of James Davis, Augusta Will Book One, page 268. Again George Barber is shown in Chalkley, Vol. 1, p. 430 on Road Petitions (1745-1748)... Petition by Inhabitants of Craigs Creek from Henry Holstine to James Montgomery, signed by among others: George Barber. To further show this area of settlement please see (1-pp. 142, 141 ____). In a later reference by Stoner 1962, "A Seed Bed of the Republic, Early Botetourt", p. 172 there is reference to Barbers Creek as follows: "Major Bailey purchased in 1804 ... 438 acres of land lying on Barbers Creek a branch of Craigs Creek" DbK 8, p. 458 (Botetourt). These references show that the settlement area of George Barber was Fincastle Community in Augusta County, VA that later became Botetourt County.

    George Barber died in early 1750 as shown in Augusta Will Book One, page 240, dated May 2, 1750 as Elizabeth Barber was named administrator of the estate of George Barber. The sureties were John Smith and Robert Looney. The appraisment of the estate of George Barber was shown July 18, 750, Augusta Will Book One, page 268 when the following neighbors were chosen to appraise, Terry and Joseph Robinson. Finally in Chalkley taken from Fee book of Augusta County we see "Elizabeth Barber on Craigs Creek married to one Patton."