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Genealogical research has been an on-again-off-again hobby of mine for the last fifteen years or so. As a lover of history, knowing how the individuals that make up my genome factor into the historical narrative fascinates me.

In early 2011, I surveyed the multiple linear feet of notebooks full of pedigree sitting on my shelf and realized all of that information wasn't doing anyone any good. With the goal of making the information accessible, I went searching for a forum and happened to stumble upon WeRelate. I liked the familiar Wiki format, the ability to tie into others' work and the ability for others to add information to pages I had already set up.

Given the quantity of data to be input and the time I have to devote to this endeavor, I'll be at this for quite some time...

Paternal Line: Dr. Jerry Kennon Smith and Carolyn Ann Goodrich

Maternal Line: Harold Rudolph Evans and Bobbie Fay Butler

Other research interests include the ancestors of Aaron William Frondorf, via William F. and Joyce Frondorf and Dallas Lefess Ford and Darthular Bernice Moses.

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