Person:Ezekiel Gillham (2)

Ezekiel Gillham
b.ABT 1732
m. Abt. 1729
  1. Charles GillhamABT 1729 - bef 1802
  2. Ezekiel GillhamABT 1732 - BEF 1800
  3. Mary GillhamABT 1735 -
  4. Nancy GillhamABT 1737 -
m. 4 NOV 1760
  1. Jacob Gillham1761 -
  2. Edith Gillham1786 -
Facts and Events
Name Ezekiel Gillham
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1732
Marriage 4 NOV 1760 Possibly in Rockbridge County, Virginiato Sarah Clements
Death? BEF 10 JUL 1800 Lexington, Oglethorpe, Georgia

Ezekiel Gillham was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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From: Sam Redding <> Subject: Names and places Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 23:57:37 -0500

I have been trying to sort out the Gillihans by concentrating on a few locations. Over time, the same location often changed names as counties changed, etc. So it is possible that the Gillihans were not in as many different places as first appears. The Gillhams of early Virginia (some appear there by 1692) may not be the Gillihans at all. Or they may be some of the Gillihans and not others. Some Gillihans may come from the Delaware/Pennsylvania connection, but by the time we find them there (1740s), the Gillhams are already in Virginia. Some have speculated that the name Clemen (Clement, Clammons, etc) entered the family through Sarah Clemens who married Ezekiel Gillham and had a son named Jacob Clemens Gillham. This Jacob appears in Rev. War records, but so does a Clemence Gilliham. So they may have no connection. If anyone can shed light on this, I am interested. Also, do we know that the various references to Washington County and other counties in Tennessee and North Carolina are in fact different places or the same place with different names at different times?


1730: Thomas Gillham marries Mary Meade in Augusta County, VA. 1732: Ezekiel Gillham born to Thomas and Mary in Augusta County, VA 1749: Thomas Gillham (2) born to Thomas and second wife, Margaret Campbell in Augusta County, VA 1754: William B. Gillham born to Thomas and Margaret Gillham in Augusta County 1756: John Gillham born to Thomas and Margaret Gillham in Augusta County 1758: Ezekiel Gillham marries Sarah Clemens in Augusta County 1761: Jacob Clemens Gillham born to Ezekiel and Sarah Clemens Gillihan in Augusta County (is this Clement Gilliham who enlisted at Cheat River in Rev. War and later settled in Kentucky? Maybe not: see INDEX OF REV WAR PENSIONS APPS. John GillhamSouth Carolina Jacob GillhamSouth Carolina (Jacob Clemens Gillham?) Isaac GillhamSouth Carolina Clemence GillihamVirginia (enlisted at Cheat River, now W. VA) William GillehanSouth Carolina, Virginia (1775-79)

1771: John Gillihan is taxed in Botetourt County (?), VA (formed in 1769 from Augusta) 1772: John Gillihan buys land in Wythe County (Wythe was not formed until 1789, when it was carved from Montgomery, which was formed in 1776 from Botetourt, which was formed in 1769 from Augusta) 1774: John Gillihan in Dunmore's War which was fought in northwest Virginia 1775: William Gillihan enlists in Continental Army in Virginia


1783: John Gillihan receives land grant in Washington County, which included entire area of what is now Tennessee and part of North Carolina. 1783: Thomas Gillihan (3) born in North Carolina, which could have been what is now Tennessee. Son of William? What happened to Thomas (2) born in 1746? 1788(?): Clement Gillihan born to William. 1790: John Gillihan sold land and bought land in Sullivan County, TN which was still part of North Carolina (until 1796)


1790: William Gillihan receives bounty land in Greenville County, SC and is in census there. (He may have been here for a few years, and Thomas and Clement may have been born here.)


1793:John Gillihan in Buncombe County, NC ordered by court to lay road from ford of Ben Davidson's Creek to middle of French Broad river. 1794:John Gillihan in court records in Buncombe County, NC 1795:William Gillihan member of jury in Buncombe County, NC John Gillihan sold 150 acres in Buncombe County, NC John Gillihan bought 200 acres in Buncombe County, NC William Gillihan in court records in Buncombe County, NC John Gillihan ordered to serve on jury in Buncombe County, NC


(This is in central Kentucky.)

1792: Clement Gilliham in census here. This is the year the county was formed from Nelson County.

CHRISTIAN COUNTY, KY (also Caldwell County)

(This is northwest Kentucky. Who is this William Gillihan?)

1800: William Gillihan taxed here. 1811: William Gillihan dies here. 1823: References to Widow Gillihan's ferry.


1800(?): William and son Clement are in Smith County, TN. 1830(?): William Gillihan dies in Smith County. Thomas Gillihan leaves Jackson County for Illinois, then Missouri. Frances Gillihan (William's widow) follows Thomas and later dies in Missouri (1843).

Note: It is possible that all the references to Gillihans in Tennessee and North Carolina, including several counties, could actually have been in the same area. So Smith County could be a continuation of the Washington County (NC, TN) settlement cited above. Follow the logic below: 1776: NC annexed what is now Tennessee as Washington County, NC. 1779: Sullivan County formed from Washington County 1783: Davidson County created from Washington County 1784 to 1789: What is now Tennessee was organized as State of Franklin. 1786: Sumner County created from Davidson County. 1789: What is now Tennessee returned to North Carolina. 1796: Tennessee became a state. 1799: Smith County, TN formed from Sumner County. 1801: Jackson County, TN formed from Smith County.