Person:Ezekiel Clements (1)

m. abt. 1725
  1. Abraham ClementsAbt 1726 - 1785
  2. Jeremiah Clements1732 - 1811
  3. James Clements1734 - 1795
Facts and Events
Name Ezekiel Clements
Gender Male
Birth? 1695 Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts Or Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Marriage abt. 1725 to Christina Castell
Death? 1778 Rockbridge County, Virginia

Ezekiel Clements was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 131.—Same (From Zeruiah Borden, widow, of Frederick County and Benj. Borden, of Augusta, executors of Benj. Borden, late of Orange) to Ezekiel Clements, 5 shillings current money Virginia. Benjamin in his lifetime had agreed to convey 400 acres patented to Benjamin 24th March, 1740, on a Jame(s) River branch called the Mary on southwest side.

Records of Ezekiel Clements in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • District Court Judgments, Sept. 1794. - Abraham Clements vs. Robert Shaw--Ejectment, October 12, 1786, Rockbridge Co. Abraham Clements, heir -at-law of Ezekiel Clements, deceased, who was heir-at-law of Ezekiel Clements, demise 18th June 1746, 400 acres, known as Broad Spring. Patent (Copy) to Robert McClenachan, 375 acres on Mary Branch of the James River, corner JAMES McClung, corner Robert Campbell, dated 24 March 1740. Mary Roberts deposes, February 28, 1788, in Frederick County, Maryland, that she was a near neighbor of Ezekiel Clements, of Hopewell Township, County Huntingdon, New Jersey, and knew the family 15-20 years. Ezekiel, and eldest son, Abraham, went out to purchase land; said they had bought in the backwoods. Abraham married and had three children, one of whom was a son named Abraham. Copy deed from Bordens' executors to Ezekiel Clements, 1746, in Augusta. This land lapsed on October 18, 1753, and reverted to the Crown.

From Virginia Reports By Thomas Johnson Michie, Thomas Jefferson, Peachy Ridgway Grattan, pg. 165:

Shaw and Others v. Clements.

[Thursday. November 1st. 1798.] Writ of Right-Special Verdict.'-Special verdict may be found in a writ of right. Same— Damages. Jury may assess damages in a writ of right.

Same—Proceedings In—Rule —Ejectment.—Proceedings in a writ of right may be had at Rules; 'tis otherwise In ejectment.

  • In a writ of right brought by Abraham Clements, heir at law of Abraham Clements deceased, who was heir at law of Ezekiel Clements deceased, against Robert Shaw, William Moore and James Parker, the pleadings were had at the Rules, and the jury found a special verdict, stating, that Benjamin Borden being seised of the lands in the count mentioned, by virtue of a patent dated the 24th of March, 1740, sold, but never conveyed it to Ezekiel Clements. That the said Borden by his last will, dated in April, 1742, directed his executors to convey all the lands which he had sold in his life-time: Of which will he appointed three executors. That two of the said executors, in pursuance of the said will, executed a conveyance to Clements for the said lands in June, 1746. That between the years 1743, and 1746, Clements was seised of the lands; and died in *1778, leaving the said Abraham Clements father of the demandant, his eldest son and heir at law. That the said Abraham Clements the father, died in 1785, leaving the demandant his heir at law. That M'Clenchan obtained a judgment in the General Court, in the year 1753, against Abraham Clements for 400 acres of land, founded on a petition, which stated that the said lands were forfeited for non-payment of quit-rents; and in consequence thereof, obtained a patent for the same on the 16th of September, 1765. That M'Clenchan, after obtaining the said patent, entered on the lands and was thereof seised ; and being so seised, sold and conveyed them to the defendant Shaw...

The verdict then finds a survey made during the progress of the cause; and that it contains the lands mentioned in the count. After which it states, that Benjamin Borden one of the executors of Benjamin the elder, who executed the deed to Clements, was heir at law and eldest son to his testator; and if upon the whole matter the law be for the plaintiff, then the jury find for the plaintiff the lands in the declaration mentioned and one penny damages; but if the law be for the defendant, then they find for the defendant. (Note: Much more listed regarding this court case at source listed above)

Information on Ezekiel Clements

Ezekiel Clements (b. 1695, d. 1778) Ezekiel Clements (son of Abraham Clements and Hannah Gove)1 was born 1695 in Salisbury, Essex Co., MA Or Hunterdon Co., NJ, and died 1778 in Rockbridge Co., VA. He married Christina Castell on Abt. 1725.

Notes for Ezekiel Clements: Moved to Pennsylvania 1701, to New Jersey about 1725, likely to Virginia in 176 5, where he died about 1778. Ezekiel's great-grandfather was Robert Clements, a founder of Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1642. Robert's great-grandfather died in Crofts, Leicestershire, England in 1571. A number of interesting events are related to Ezekiel: his father as a child was captured by Spaniards on a trip to England; his mother's father was imprisoned in the tower of London in 1687; his greataunt was imprisoned for witchcraft in Salem, Massachussetts; his secon d cousin's son was First Earl of Leitrim in Ireland; his father's Fawne inheret ance was lost in the 1666 London fire. About 1741 Ezekiel Clements bought land (375 acres) in what is now Rockbridge Co, Va. The deed was issued Jun 18-1746 (Augusta Co DB I, 131) by the heirs of Benjamin Borden, originally of New Jerse y. Borden had been granted 92,000 acres on Nov 8-1739. It was patented Mar 24-1 740. Borden died in Frederick Co, Md in 1743. His will, written 1742, gave auth ority for the 1746 deed, given to satisfy an oral agreement made earlier. Zerui ah Borden (widow) of Frederick Co and Benjamin Borden (son) sold 400 acres (375 when surveyed) in Orange (now Augusta) County to Ezekiel Clements for 5 shilli ngs. Ezekiel7 Clements and family, including the oldest son, Abraham8 and his family, moved to the farm about 1743. Things did not work out well for they lef t Virginia and likely returned to New Jersey in 1748.

More About Ezekiel Clements: Date born 2: 1695 Date born 3: February 01, 1695/96, Salisbury, Essex Co., MA Or Hunterdon Co., NJ. Died: 1778, Rockbridge Co., VA.

More About Ezekiel Clements and Christina Castell: Marriage: Abt. 1725

Children of Ezekiel Clements and Christina Castell are:

  • Jeremiah Clements, b. 17321, d. 18111.
  • James Clements, b. 1734, Hopewell Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ, d. October 1795, Buffalo Twp., Washington Co., PA.
  • Abraham Clements, b. Abt. 1726, NJ, d. February 1785, VA.