Person:Ericus Smith (1)

Ericus Smith
b.31 May 1734 Wilmington, Delaware
m. c 1715
  1. Tobias Smith, Hatter1724/25 - 1781
  2. Frederic Smith1727 - Bef 1806
  3. Ericus Smith1734 - abt 1797
m. 22 Nov 1753
  1. Ericus Smith1750-1760 - aft 1840
  2. Maria Smith1754 - abt 1800
  3. John Smith1757 - 1757
  4. Rachel Smith1759 - 1858
  5. Ale Smithabt 1761 - 1837
  6. Andrew Smithabt 1769 - aft 1846
Facts and Events
Name Ericus Smith
Alt Name Ericus Stalcup Smith
Gender Male
Birth[1] 31 May 1734 Wilmington, Delaware
Christening[1] 3 Jul 1734 Old Swede Church, Wilmington, DelawareSponsors: John Engeberg, Carl Christopher Springer, Mrs. Brita Suds, Mrs. Betti Colsberg. Probably named for Ericus Tobias Bjork, pastor of the Old Swede Church and his uncle by marriage (married his aunt, Christina Stalcup).
Marriage 22 Nov 1753 Wilmington (Chrtistiana), DelawareOld Swede's church
to Brigett Andersdatter
Property[1] 23 Nov 1756 New Castle County, Delaware
Property[2] 18 Jun 1770 Augusta County, Virginia
Property[1] 4 Oct 1783 New Garden, Washington County, Virginia
Death? abt 1797 Russell County, Virginia

Ericus Smith was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 354.--14th August A. D., 1770. John Stephenson's estate, appraised by Thomas Wilson, John McClung, James McCampbell, James Buchanan--William Chambers' account, insolvent; John Michel Siver's bond, not all solvent; Eracker Smith, James Doearn.
  • Page 145.--18th June, 1770. Charles Hays, Sr., and Margaret ( ) to Charles Hays, Jr., 10 acres devised to Charles, Sr., by his father John Hays, by will dated 5th December, 1750. Teste: Andrew and John Hays, Ericus Smith. Delivered, October Court, 1784.


23 Nov 1756: Sold "Christiana Hundred" to Thomas Shipley for £306S1 -- 136 A. willed to him by "Hanse" Smith [his father, Hans Jurgen], 12 Dec 1753. His father had purchased the land from Charles Springer, 4 Nov 1732.

He has not been accounted for between Nov 1757 (when his son, John, was buried in Wilmington) and Apr 1770, when he first appears in court records in southwest Virginia -- cited for failing to appear at a militia muster in Augusta County.S1 He appears to have moved on c.1773 to the part of Fincastle County that became Washington County a few years later.

He witnessed transfer of property by John Hays to his son, Charles Hays, Sr., in a will dated 5 Dec 1750. Delivered, Oct court 1784.[2]

He served in the Virginia militia in Dunmore's War and his name appears on the list of those at the Elk Garden Fort, where he was erroneously reported as "found dead till Aug. 29, 1774."[1] (The intent is unclear, but this may mean he was MIA and then found.) His name also appears on the commemorative monument at the Point Pleasant battle site.

Ericus appears on the Washington County tax rolls in 1782 & 1783.[1]

4 Oct 1783, Thompson Creek, a branch of the Clinch River at New Garden: Ericus had 200 A. surveyed, which he actually had been living on since about 1773.[1] Most of the Hatfields lived in the same neighborhood, and Joseph Hatfield married Ericus's daughter, Rachel.

9 Dec 1785: He signed the petition for the formation of Russell County out of Washington County.[1]

Ericus last appears in the Russell County tax list for 1792; his widow appears as head of household in 1793. Also, his property tax for 1793 was paid by his son, Ale (spelled "Eli" in this instance), as his assignee.[1]

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