Person:Edward McMullin (2)

Edward McMullin
b.Est 1725
d.Bef Jun 1788 Botetourt Co, Virginia
m. Est 1750
  1. John McMullinEst 1751 - 1809
  2. Margaret McMullinEst 1753 -
  3. Agnes McMullinEst 1755 -
  4. Elizabeth McMullinEst 1758 -
m. Abt 16 May 1759
  1. Ester McMullin1764 - 1838
  2. James McMullinAbt 1765 - 1792
  3. Edward Tate McMullin1767 - 1845
  4. Sarah McMullinBef 1770 -
  5. Jean McMullinAbt 1772 -
  6. Rachel McMullen1772 - 1851
  7. Lettice McMullin1774 -
  8. Lovia McMullinBef 1777 -
  9. Mary McMullin
  10. Samuel McMullinAbt 1776 -
  11. Sampson McMullin1776 - 1853
  12. Joseph McMullinAbt 1777 -
Facts and Events
Name Edward McMullin
Alt Name Edward McMullen
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1725
Marriage Est 1750 to Catherine Morelock
Marriage License 16 May 1759 Augusta County, Virginiato Sarah Robinson
Marriage Abt 16 May 1759 Augusta County, Virginiato Sarah Robinson
Death? Bef Jun 1788 Botetourt Co, Virginia

Edward McMullin (McMullen) was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land in Augusta County:

  • Page 279 - Edward McMullen, 335 acres, Greenbier [sic] River, April 17, 1751. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 95].
  • Edward McMullin bought of Andrew Lewis, 1772, 325 acres on Dunlap [Creek] for thirty pounds ($100). ["A Centennial History of Alleghany County, Virginia", By Oren F. Morton]

Will of Edward McMullin

McMullin, Edward - Will proven June 1788.
Names wife Sarah and children: John (eldest), Elizabeth, Margaret and Agnes (by a first wife), James, Edward, Joseph, Samuel, Sampson, Lovia, Jean, Sether, Sarah, Lettice and Mary, children of 2nd marriage.
[Source: Early Marriages, Wills and some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt County, Virginia, Compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell, pg. 60].

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 90.--12th February, 1759. Stephen ( ) Rentfro to Wm. Preston, £100, 191 acres; corner Jno. Buchanan, conveyed to Stephen by Geo. Robinson, Gent., 25th May, 1748. Teste: Jno. Dickinson, Wm. Ward, Wm. Davis, Edward McMullin, Jno. Shields, Henry Earnest. Delivered: Mr. Gilbert by your order, 3d October, 1759.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1759 -- May 16, Edward McMullen. (bride's name not listed).
  • NOVEMBER 19, 1766. - (340) Joseph Carpenter, Sr., and Wm. Whooley appointed road surveyors from Fort Defiance to Handley's Mill, with these workers and their tithables: Peter Wright, Solomon, Thomas, Nathaniel Carpenter, John Umphries, Thos. Carpenter, Zopher Carpenter, Ezekiel Johnston, Edward and John McMullin, James Williams, Joseph Leeper, John Fieler, William Christian and Peter Whooley, Wm. McMurry, Thos. Wright, Rob. Galesby, Pat. Corrigan and Joseph Carpenter, Jr. (Note: same Edward McMullin?).
  • 1767--Lists of Supernumeraries: James Henry, Mathew Ralston, Jno. Bowin, Robt. Armstrong, James Akin, David Tate, Edw'd McMullen, Thos. Hicklin, Sam'l Hodge, Pat Lowry, Wm. McMurry, Jas. Lauderdale, Jno. Hodge, Jno. Kinkead, James Simpson, James McCoy, Chas. Lewis, James Robinson, Jno. Henderson, Wm. Hugart, Wm. Feemster, Wm. Blanton, Thos. Willson, Jno. Lowry, Sam Campbell, David Smith, Robt. Kilpatrick, Robert Guinn, Wm. Martin, Wm. Lowry, Thomas King, Geo. Jemison, Sam'l Lawrence, Peter Right, Wm. Black, Jos. McDonald, Benj. Watson, Henry Bowin, Mary Glass, Sam'l McCrackin, Andrew Hamilton. (Note: this record places Edward McMullen near David Tate in 1767. Edward's daughter Sarah married David Tate, Jr. in 1787).
  • Page 429.-- 1767 - Processioners appointed, viz: Isaac Robinson, Geo. Rider, James Johnston, Jno. Thomas, in the Forrest. John Graham, Jr., William Hamilton (Andrew's son), William Elliot (Govenor), John Waughub, on both rivers of Calf Pasture and waters thereof. John Bodkin, John Montgomery, John McCreery, Jr., Hugh Hicklin, John Clendenning, James Hugart, Saml. Hamilton, from head to mouth of Cow Pasture and waters thereof. James Burnside, Loftus Pulling, Richard Bodkin, Jr., John Estill, in Bull Pasture and waters thereof. John Willson, Stephen Willson, John Dean, Robert Armstrong, William Mann, Edward McMullen, from head of Jackson's River to mouth of Cowpasture. George Givens and Wm. Galespie, from mouth of Cowpasture to mouth of Craig's Creek. John Dunkle, Henry Pickle, Henry Stone, Michl. Props, Jr., William Davis, Jno. Roadabough, on South Fork of Potowmack. Nicholas Harpool and Martin Peterson, on North Mill Creek.

Family Information on Edward McMullin

The names of his children by both marriages were taken from a copy of his will which was probated in June of 1788 In Botetourt County, Virginia. Neither their birthdates nor their birth order in the family have been established but Sarah was his second wife. The name of Catherine Morelock as his first wife was recieved from several other compilers, none of whom were able to offer substantiating evidence.

From "History of Wabasha County" (1884), says James McMillin's father was Edward who's father was Samuel McMillin. Samuel was the son of a Virginian Scotsman and served as a soldier in the continenal army. From this, it could be that this Edward McMullin, could really be Samuel McMillin.

Information on Edward McMullen

1. EDWARD1 MCMULLEN was born Abt. 1735, and died 1788 in Botetourt County, VA. He married (1) CATHERINE MORELOCK Bef. 1755. She died Unknown. He married (2) SARAH ROBINSON January 16, 1759 in Augusta, VA, daughter of JAMES ROBINSON and JANE. She died Unknown.


i. ELIZABETH2 MCMULLIN, d. Unknown; m. JOHN PATTERSON, January 31, 1791, Greenbrier, VA; d. Unknown.
ii. MARGROT MCMULLIN, d. Unknown.
iii. AGNES MCMULLIN, d. Unknown; m. JACOB WRIGHT, April 15, 1799; d. Unknown.
2. iv. JOHN MCMULLIN, b. Abt. 1760, VA; d. 1809, Garrard, County, KY. (Note: was probably a son of Edward's second marriage if born in 1760).


v. JAMES2 MCMULLIN, d. Unknown; m. JANE, March 14, 1788, Boutetourt County, VA; d. Unknown.
vi. JEAN MCMULLIN, d. Unknown; m. WILLIAM GILKERSON; d. Unknown.
vii. LOVIA MCMULLIN, d. Unknown; m. VALENTINE JONES, December 23, 1794, Greenbrier, VA; d. Unknown.
viii. MARY MCMULLIN, d. Unknown.
3. ix. SARAH MCMULLEN, d. Unknown.
4. x. ESTHER MCMULLIN, b. February 14, 1764, Sweetwater Springs, Monroe or Augusta County, VA; d. April 03, 1838, Dudley Township, Henry County, IN.
5. xi. EDWARD TATE MCMULLIN, b. January 15, 1767, Greenbrier County, VA; d. Unknown.
6. xii. LETTICE MCMULLEN, b. April 07, 1774, Sweet Springs, Monroe County, VA; d. 1821, White County, IL.
xiii. SAMUEL MCMULLIN, b. Abt. 1776; d. Unknown.
7. xiv. SAMPSON MCMULLIN, b. November 07, 1776, Botetourt, VA; d. October 20, 1853, Champaign, IL.
8. xv. JOSEPH MCMULLIN, b. Abt. 1777; d. Abt. 1855.
9. xvi. RACHEL MCMULLIN, b. 1789, VA; d. October 03, 1851, Cole County, MO.