Person:Drury Puckett (1)

Drury Puckett
b.25 January 1733 Henrico County, Virginia
d.bef. 26 January 1794 Russell County, Virginia
  • F.  John Puckett (add)
  • M.  Judith Kirby (add)
m. 1718
  1. Phoebe Puckett1720 -
  2. Joel Puckett1723 -
  3. Sheppy Allen Puckett1725 - 1782
  4. Phebe D. Puckett1728 -
  5. Stephen Puckett1728 - abt 1821
  6. Drury Puckett1733 - bef 1794
  7. Daniel Puckettest 1735 - 1793/94
m. 4 May 1762
  1. George Puckett1762 -
  2. John W. Puckett1764 - 1844
  3. Rosanna Puckettabt 1766 - abt 1812
  4. Judith Puckett1768 -
  5. Phebe Puckett1770 - 1808
  6. Drury P. Puckettabt 1777 -
  7. Robert Puckett1779 - 1860
  8. Nancy Puckett1781 -
Facts and Events
Name Drury Puckett
Gender Male
Birth[1] 25 January 1733 Henrico County, Virginia
Marriage 4 May 1762 Augusta County, Virginiato Robin Unknown
Death[2] bef. 26 January 1794 Russell County, Virginia

Drury Puckett was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Notebook. Miscellaneous Notes for Drury Puckett
Transcript: Extracts for Drury Puckett from Summers, 1929


Drury Puckett, b. 1733, is identified in baptismal Records of Bristol Parish Register in Henrico County, (Source:Chamberlayn, 1980:79) as the son of John and Judith Pucket. His mother's last name is sometimes given as "Kirby", but the basis for this is unknown. In 1756 Drury appears as a sergeant in the company of William Byrd in Augusta County. He reported as being "an artificier" under Capt. William Peachy near Winchester Virginia. [3] His presence in 1756 in Augusta County is probably in conjunction with the French and Indian War. The following year Drury is shown enlisting in the militia in Chesterfield County, indicating that that he was probably still living in that area . Chesterfield split off from Henrico in 1749, so it would seem likely that Drury's family was actually from the area now known as Chesterfield Co.

At some point Drury did moved to Augusta County, as he is reported as being married there in there in 1762.[4] This date is consistent with the DOB commonly given for their eldest child. Marriage records for Augusta County abefore 1785 have been lost. However, there is a county clerk register of marriage license fees, a copy of which is still extant. Drury paid for a marriage license on 24 May 1762 in Augusta County.[5]

Land records for Washington County indicate that he initially settled in Southwest Virginia as early as 1769. A 1765-1770 probate record for John Donnelly in Augusta County identifies Drury Puckett as an heir. This could be a different "Drury Puckett", but given the relative rarity of the name "Drury", this seems unlikely. It seems likely that Drury settled initially in Augusta County, married there (per the copy of the clerks register referenced above) and then moved on to Southwest Virginia. Direct evidence for Drury's presence in Augusta County is needed, as is information on his relationshio to John Donnelly. [6]

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land in Virginia:

  • Page 96 - Dursy Packett [sic], 195 acres, Cataba Creek, adjoining Mullens. June 9, 1767. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 35].
  • Page 99 - Drusy Pickett [sic], 24 acres. Craig Creek. March 18, 1768. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 99].


Drury PrickettWashington County Land records show him as acquiring land in 1769"Drury" is a rare enough given name that entries for "Drury Prichett" is likely to be a mistranscription for "Drury Puckett"
"Chippy Ally" PuckettWashington County Land records show him as acquiring land in 1772"Chippy Ally" Puckett is found in only a single land record. He is presumably "Shippyallin Pucket" brother of Drury, as shown in church records of Bristol Parish, Henrico Co. Source:Hamilton, 1978 identifies a "Sheppy Allen Puckett" as the brother of "Drury Puckett"; A family Genealogy Garrett, Hester Elizabeth. 1960. Some Pucketts and their kin. includes a reference to "Sheppyallin Pucket", as a brother of Drury.

Personal Data

Personal Data
DOB: 25 Jan 1733baptismal Records of Bristol Parish Register, p. 79; Christening date given as 12 February 1733. Source:Chamberlayne, 1980
POB:Henrico Co, VA.christened Jan 1733 in Bristol Parish, Henrico, VA.; Circumstantial evidence based on Drury's military enlistment in Chesterfield County, suggests that his parents lived in the western portion of Henrico that split off to form Chesterfield.
DOD:Based on land records for the sale of his property beginning 1797. Some authors cite "before 26 Jan 1794"---basis unknown.
Father:John Pucket (one 't") Pucketbaptismal Records of Bristol Parish Register, p. 79 identify his parents as John and Judith Pucket; The basis for identifying his mother's surname as "Kirby" is unknown.
Mother:Judith Kirby
Spouse:Robinland records (see below) identify "heirs of Drewery Puckett deceased and Roben Puckett of Russell County...". "Roben" is presumably "Robin". See Digital Library
DOM:4 May 1762Chalkley's Vol. 2. p. 276
POM: Augusta, VA Entry in fee book as purchasing marriage license in Augusta County. Groom list only. No bride's name listed.
Name DOB POB DOD POD Spouse DOM POM Dispersion and Notes
George PUCKETT 1762.
John W. PUCKETT Botetourt Co., VA. 26 February 1764 Botetourt County, Virginia 30 September 1844 Smithville, DeKalb County, Tennessee
Rosanna PUCKETT about 1766 Botetourt Co., VA.
Judith PUCKETT 1768 Russell Co., VA..
Phoebe PUCKETT 1770 VA.
Drury P. PUCKETT about 1777.
Robert PUCKETT 1779 VA. May 1860 McDonald County, Missouri, United States
Nancy PUCKETT 1781

Data Timeline


Year Record/Event/Text Place of Event or Recordation Extractor/Source Original Source Verification Source/ text Verifier/Date
1733 Drury Son of John & Judith Pucket Born 25th Jan' 1733 Bap' 12th feb'. Bristol Parish (Henrico, Source:Chamberlayne, 1898:353
1757 16 June 1757; Drury Pucket, a Virginian, lively countenance, 6'1", enlisted for servce, paid #5.5 Chesterfield Co, VA Source:Bockstruck, 1993:87 Chesterfield county Loose Papers Source:Virginia Magazine of Genealogy, 1999(1); June 16th 1757, This day Inlisted Drury Pucket, a Virginian, Age 23, of a ___ly coutenance, 6 feet 1 inch high.
1762 FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT- 4 May 1762; Drury Puckett Augusta Co, VA Source: Chalkley , 1980 : V. 2, 276
1767 June 10, 1767, Drury Puckett--Survey for 175 and 175 acres,on Looney's Mill Creek From Kegley, 2003:357 Google Books
1767 p. 297. On list of Delinquents in Col Preston's List. Augusta County. From Kegley, 2003:297 Google Books



Year Record/Event/Text Place of Event or Recordation Extractor/Source Original Source Verification Source/ text Verifier/Date
1770 22d March, 1770. John Donnelly, Sr.'s, estate settlement recorded — William Preston, administrator, 1765. 1765, cash paid Saml. Piper for making a coffin. 1765, 29th October, cash paid Joseph Cloyd for rum for vendue. Cash paid Drewry Puckett, James McAffee, David Fleming, Joseph McDonald, Conrad Wall, James Cloyd, administratrix of Abraham Biss. Has paid the widow her thirds, and three of the children. Estate sold at vendue to, viz: Danl. McCormick, Walter Stewart, Drury Puckett, Archd. Fisher, Michael Reesener, James Laughlin, Elizabeth Hance, George Darr, Wm. Thornton. Chalkley vol 3 p. 117 fide Google Books Augusta County VA, Will Book 4

1774 Included on a list of Capt. Daniel Smith's company, as a private Fincastle County VA Source:Summers, 1929:1423
1774 29 August to 6 November, 1774; Roster of Glade Hollow Fort Washington County, Virginia See: Glade Hollow Fort Roster, Fincastle County, VA, 1774
1781 Drury Puckett is listed in Capt. Wm. Byrd's Company of Rangers c1756; See Digital Library; See also Source:Summers, 1929:1050 Augusta Co. Va Source:Summers, 1903:66
1784 March 17, 1784 Served on Jury Washingotn Co VA Source:Summers, 1929:1173
1784 Aug 18, 1784, Ordered that a road be opened and viewed from Donaldsons place on Clynch to William Gilmores and that John Cowan, Patrick Denny, and Drury Pucket view the same and that Charles hays be overseer, and that Andrew Cowan Gentleman, give him a list of tithables Washington Co, VA Source:Summers, 1929:1185
1785 December, 1785; on list of signatories, petition to form Russell County Russell County, VA Petition to Form Russell County, VA, 1785
1786 9 May 1786 - Power of Attorney from Elisha Nelson to William Harrelson, by oath of Reugen Price and Drury Pucket Russell County, VA Court Records Abstract by Rhonda Robertson RUSSELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA LAW ORDER BOOK 1 (1786 - 1791)
1787 May 15 1787, P41 - Ordered that Thomas Price, Samuel Vanhook, Thomas Johnson & Drury Puckett view a waggon road from the Elk Garden over Clinch Mountain to the Poor Valley Road Russell County, VA Court Records Abstract by Rhonda Robertson RUSSELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA LAW ORDER BOOK 1 (1786 - 1791)
1787 July 7 1787, P61 - Ordered that the Clerk issue suponeas to Drury Pucket et alia appear in court on the 3rd tuesday in October to show cause and if they cannot be fined & treble taxed for failing to give William Webb a list of their taxable property. Russell County, VA Court Records Abstract by Rhonda Robertson RUSSELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA LAW ORDER BOOK 1 (1786 - 1791)

Land Records

See: Digital Library

  1. Chamberlayne, Churchill Gibson. Births from the Bristol Parish Register of Henrico, Prince George and Dinwiddie ocunties, Virginia, 1729-1798: Excerpted and Reprinted from the Vestry Book and Register of Bristol Parish, Virignia, 1720-1789. (1980).

    baptismal Records of Bristol Parish Register, p. 79;
    Christening date given as 12 February 1733. Source:Chamberlayne, 1980

  2. Drury's land appears to have been sold, begining in 1797, soon after his death. Some genealogists cite "before 26 Jan 1794" as his date of death, but the basis for this is unknown. This may be based on a probate record that is sometimes mentioned in conjunction with the identification of his wife and children.
  3. This is known only from ephemeral sources. The information is probably based on George Washington's notebook for this period, but this has not been directly examined. That notebook provides a list of "articifiers" under Capt. Peachy, and is probably the source used by those who report this about Drury.
  4. HIs wife's name is commonly given as "Robin". This is questionable. Researchers have read the probate records [for Drury? Do we have a copy of the probate record that we could add?] with the children listed and a "Robin" is at the end of the list of children. It is likely that "Robin" referred to youngest son Robert, and not the mother. "Robin" is most commonly seen today in America as a woman's name, but that was not the case in the 18th century, where it was a common nick-name for "Robert". See for example "Reverend "Robin" Robert Kilgore of Southwest Virginia, and of course, "Robin Hood" of English folk fame. "Robin" continues to be used as a nickname for Robert in some British countries
    If "Robin" is actually the youngest son, then there is no record (apparently-we need a copy of the probate record to verify this) for the mothers name in the probate record, suggesting that she had predeceased her husband.
  5. Lyman Chackley, Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia : extracted from the original court records of Augusta County, 1745-1800. Baltimore, Maryland : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1980. Vol 2 p. 276. As quoted in Chalkley, V.2, pp. 274-275, "Prior to the Revolution, marriage could be solemnized only by a minister of the Established Church. For this purpose a license might be procured. This was a prequisite [sic] of the Governor, but was ordinarily issued from the office of the County Clerk, who accounted with the Governor in his settlement with the Secretary each year. No record was kept by the Clerk of the licenses issued by him except for the purposes of this settlement. The following list of Marriage Licenses between the years 1748 and 1774 is compiled from entries made by the Clerk on the fly leaves at the ends of the Fee Books. They can scarcely be complete even for those years that are noted. Probably the desire to be brief is the only explanation of the remarkable circumstance that only the names of the men are entered." Carol McGinnis in Virginia Genealogy: Sources and Resources states that Chalkley's Augusta County list published in 1912 is now missing.
  6. A search of Source:Chalkely's Chronicles, etc., is needed.