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Source:Summers, 1929


Person:Drury Puckett (2)


The following lists pages in the index of Summers 1929 which reference "Drury Pucket". The index gives no entries for "Drury Prickett", a name under which he is also said to be listed in some sources. Summers Index does not always include all entries for any given person. It would be useful to search online versions of Summers for additional information.

97526 Nov 1777WashDrury Pucket Fined for hunting on Sabbath
99421 May 1778WashCommonwealth vs Drury Puckett, judgement for "5/"
105118 Jan 1780WashDrury Puckett never received a warrant under the Kings Proclamation of 1763 for Military Service performe'd as a soldier in the Virginia Regiment under the command of Honourable William Byrd. Court order the this to be sertified to the Register of the land office of the Commonwealth of Virignia. for two Hundred acres. Numerous other parties with same claim and action
107915 May 1781Washpresentment for James Kincannon, WIlliam Robinson, and Samuel Vanhook for keeping a Tipling House on the information of Drury Puckett.At the same time, seven other parties were presented for the same offense.
108621 Aug 1781WashAllowed that Drury Pucketts account of 607 lbs 10 s be allowed.
117317 March 1784WashServed on a Jury
118518 Aug 1784Road to be opened and viewed by Drury Pucket et alia. from Donaldson's place on the Clinch to William Gilmores. Charles Hays be overseer, and that Captain Cowan, Gentleman, give him a list of tithables. These data may help place where Drury Puckett was living.