Petition to Form Russell County, VA, 1785

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Title: Petition to Form Russell County - December 1785
Intermediate Source:Russell County USGenWeb, transcribed by Greg Lepore; See also Reed & Stapleton Family Genealogy
Original Source:
Location: Russell County, VA
Date:December 1785
Notes:Asterisk indicates correction of obvious minor typos corrected; see Russell County USGenWeb for original.

Text:The petition of sundry inhabitants of Clinch River, Moccasin Creek, Powells Valley, and others, citizens of Washington County humbly represent that your petitioners are situated from the line of Montgomery as it crosses near the source of the Clinch River, down the same eight miles; thence to the extreme settlements of Powells Valley forty more.
The greatest portion of your petitioners have to travel from twenty five miles and some eighty or an hundred; moreover are generally interrupted by Clinch Mountain and the north branch of the Holstein River; the former affording very difficult passes; the latter much danger and difficulty in crossing it in spring and after considerable rains; continuous to its southern bank, a chain of hills almost as difficult as Clinch Mountain; so that great difficulty arises to your Petitioners not only in attending Courts, but Courts Martial. And from the extent of schism between our small settlements make it exceedingly difficult to arrange companies without subjecting some to travel 15 and 20 miles to private mustery. There are two difficulties in the militia law that principally affect your Petitioners. There are evils small indeed to the feelings we constantly undergo when obliged to leave our helpless families exposed at so very great distances to obey the laws of our country. And however evident the danger may appear to us will not certainly on our failure of duty plead our excuse. Circumstance alone is sufficient to claim the human respect of the Legislature to remove the grievance. We therefore pray your Honorable House will take our case into consideration and divide the county. We further pray a line may be fixed along Clinch Mountain to the Carolina line; or with the line at present dividing the county into two regiments to the aforesaid Carolina line; then with the said line to Cumberland Mountain including that existing county between Cumberland Mountain and Montgomery line and Clinch Mountain, or the aforesaid regimental line for the new county and southeast of the said Clinch Mountain remain Washington County; and we your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.

Michael Albert Richard Fletcher Daniel Nelson
Benjamin Alderson John Fowler Johnson Nelson
David Alley William Frame Charles Niel
Hosea Alley Thomas Frances Benjamin Nicholson
James Sr. Alley Calip Friley Petten Nicholson
James Jr. Alley Frederick Friley Benjamin Oney
John Alley James Friley Richard Oney
Peter Alley John Friley William Oney
Samuel Alley Martin Friley James Osborne
George Asberry William Friley James Osborne
Henry Asberry Coleby Fugate Stephen Osbourn
John Asberry James Fugate Joseph Perrin
William Asberry John Fugate John Porter
John Baker Josiah Fugate Patrick Porter
Joel Barker Zachariah Fugate Richard Porter
Alexander Barnett John Fuller? Samuel Porter
____ Bays Joel Gallaher Samuel Prater
Alexander Beavers George Gibson Thomas Prater
George Belsher James Gibson William Prater
Thomas Belsher John Gibson David Preecs
Robert Berrker? William Gilmore James Preecs
Charles Bickley William Gilmore Anjer Price
Thomas Bird Edward Givins Daniel Price
William Bird Bean Graves James Price
Joseph Black Jesse Gray Richard Price
James Blackmore John Green Thomas Jr. Price
James Blackmore Samuel Haddox William Price
William Blanton Christopher Hains Drury Puckett
John Bonem? Henry Hamblin George Puckett
Arthur Bowen _____ Hamond Jeremiah Puckett
John Bowen _____ Hargis Mathew Raimy
Jared Bowland James Haris John Raney
William Bowland Ephraim Hatfield Alexander Ritchie
James Bradley George Hatfield Alexander Jr. Ritchie
Archalus Bremley John Hatfield George Roberts
Michael Brewster Joseph Hatfield George Robinson
Isaac Bristow Joseph Hatfield Samuel Robinson
James Brown Charles Hays Absalom Robinson*
Francis Browning Charles Hays Jacob Robinson*
James Bush Abraham Hayter William Robinson*
Robert Caar? Richard Henderson James Rogers
David Cain William Henderson Will Rogers
Davis Calhoun James Hendrix Patrick Ryhley
John Campbell Thomas Hendrix James Shewmaker
John Campbell Zachariah Hendrix John Shomaker
John Jr. Carter Joseph Hensley John Short
Joseph Carter Robert Hensley Thomas Short
Norris Carter Moses Higgenbothan David Skaggs
Thomas Carter Robert Higgenbothan Henry Skaggs
Jacob Castles Jeffrey Hildreth? John Skaggs
Joseph Castles Thomas Hobbs Solomon Skaggs
William Cenduncan William Horton Edward Smith
Abraham Childress William Huston Elijah Smith
Valentine Choat James Jackson Ericus Smith
George Clark Jesse Jackson Ericus Jr. Smith
Simon Cockrell John Jackson H. Smith
Jeremiah Cole John Jamison James Smith
---------- Colvilk? William Johnson John Smith
Andrew Colvill Benjamin Jones William Smith
Thomas Conway Edward Jones Edward Smoothe
Thomas Conway James Jones Michael Sord
Christopher Cooper Edward Kelley John Stacy
Andrew Cowan Patrick Kendrick Samuel Stallard
John Cowan John Kennday Edward Stapleton
David Cox John Kincannon Isaiah Stills
William Crabtree John Kinkead Yeah? Stills
James? Craig Alexander Kirk John Tate
Robert Craig? Joseph Kiser Robert Sr. Tate
Alexander Crockett John Lang/Langston? Robert Jr. Tate
Hamilton Crockett Adam Lash Thomas Tate
Jonathan Cunningham Alexander Lash John Thompson
John Damron George Lash Richard Thompson
Lazarus Damron James Leith William Thompson
Moses Damron John Lewis Samuel Vance
James Daniel William Long John Vandyke
Wyat Daniel Peter Mackintaush William Vaughan
Henry Davis Alexander Martin Jesse Vermillion
James Davisson George McCoy John Wagg
Samuel Davisson Robert McCoy Stephen Wallin
William Davisson John McCulloch Thomas Wallin
John Deskins William McDuck Lewis Walters
Charles Dever Alexander McFarland David Ward
Henry Dickenson Joseph McFarland John Wells
Lyles Dolsberry Robert McFarland John Wells
John Duncan Robert Jr. McFarland John White
Townsend Duncan John McFerran Joseph Whitley
Isaac Elam James McKinney James Whorton
William Elam Thomas McMahon A? Williamson
Drury Elkins William McPike Harris Willson
James Elkins Joseph Meredith John Willson
Jesse Elkins Abraham Millard Richard Willson
John English Charles Millard James Wright
John Enyart Henry Monk John Wright
Silas Enyart Shadrach Monk Daniel Young
William Evans James Montgomery David Young
Champ Faris John Montgomery James Young
Jeremiah Ferril David Musick Samuel Young
Richard Fields Elexious Musick
Ambrose Fletcher William Neill