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In 1759 he sued William Gordon--suit was dismissed.

26 June 1786 granted 380 acres in Washington and Montgomery Counties, Virginia.

"Roll of artificers employed on the works around Winchester under Captain William Peachy."

This note is probably based on Washington, George, and Victor Hugo Paltsits. 1920. Washington's note book: selections from a newly-discovered manuscript written by him while a Virginia colonel, in 1757. [New York]: New York Public Library.

THIS small manuscript note book measures 7j4 by 4l/2 inches, has 54 written pages and 17 blank leaves. Ten of the written pages are not

in Washington's hand and consist of "A Roll of the Artificers employed on the Works at Winchester, -under the Command of Capt. William Peachy, wth an Acco' of their lost Time" (9 p.), and "A List of men draughted from the Artificers to do Garrison Duty for a Time" (1 p.).

Unfortunately, the Google Books transcription includes only the introductory page of this document, and not the list itself.

A slightly expanded version, still does not include the list

The works around Winchester referred to here are for the development of a fortification in the Winchester area during the French and Indian War.

A family ancestry is given at Puckett mailing list. Among other things it identifies:

Sheppy Allen Puckett - Born 8 Nov. 1725 in Henrico, Co., VA, died 29 March 1782 in Warren Co., NC, married Susan E. Moorefield.

as the brother of

(D-7) Drury P. Puckett - Born 25 Jan. 1733 in Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., VA. Died about 1793 in Russell Co., VA, Married 4 May 1762 to Robin

Set 2

Births from the Bristol Parish Register of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie Counties, Virginia, 1720-1798 Chamberlayne

Slaughter, Philip. 1988. A history of Bristol Parish, Va.: with genealogies of families connected therewith, and historical illustrations. Bowie, MD: Heritage Books. From: heritage Books

Bristol Parish was created in 1642; it encompassed a large area on either side of the Appomatock River from its mouth up to the falls, and was subsequently subdivided to create several modern parishes. Little is known of the early history of the parish because the earlier extant parish register does not begin until 1720 when the General Assembly passed an act authorizing the construction of a parish church. In 1723 when the church was built there were about 400 families living in the parish.