Source:Chamberlayne, 1898

Source Chamberlayne, 1898
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Chamberlayne, 1898.


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Chamberlayne, C.G., 1898. The vestry book and register of Bristol Parish, Virginia, 1720-1789. Richmond, Va: Priv. Print. [by W.E. Jones].

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See also Ancestry for the modern reprinting (new pagination and Index)

Publication History

Originally privately published in 1898. Republished in 1974 by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. with a New Indx and Re-paged. Released again in 1980, and reprinted "for Clearfield Company, Inc. by Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc, Baltimore, Maryland, in 1990 and 1996.


Title in the 1980 reprinting of this work by Genealogical Publishing Company contains a printers error, indicating the the records cover the years 1720-1798, rather than the 1720-1789 in the original.