Person:Daniel Holeman (1)

m. ABT 1694
  1. Thomas HolemanABT 1695 -
  2. Jacob HolemanABT 1697 -
  3. Daniel HolemanABT 1700 - 1770
m. abt. 1720
  1. Capt. William Holman1721 - 1796
  2. Thomas Holeman1723 - 1798
  3. Isaac Holeman1725 - 1807
  4. Jacob Holemanabt 1728 - bef 1784
  5. Samuel Holemanbef 1732 -
m. 8 June 1737
  1. Rebecca Holemanabt 1738 -
  2. Richard Holemanabt 1739 -
  3. Henry Holeman1741 -
  4. Rachel Holemanabt 1744 -
Facts and Events
Name Daniel Holeman
Alt Name Daniel Holman
Alt Name Daniel Holdman
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1700 , England or Virginia
Alt Birth? 1700 Kent,,Maryland,USA
Marriage abt. 1720 poss. Kent County Maryland to Elizabeth Unknown
Alt Marriage abt. 1720 poss. Fairfax County, Virginiato Elizabeth Unknown
Marriage 8 June 1737 Shenandoah Valley, Virginia["Cockel Town", Orange County, as written in marriage records of Rev. John Casper Stoever]
to Elizabeth Cartley
Death? 1770 Shenandoah County, VA or Frederick County, VA
Burial? 1770 , VA
Reference Number? N4VJ-26
Alt Death? 1770 Shenandoah,,Virginia,USA

Daniel Holeman was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Land Surveys:

  • Land Survey: Daniel Holeman, no warrant, date of survey - 9 Nov. 1749 - 5 March 1749/50; 395 acres on Hites grant to Charles Robinson on North side Shannandoe opposite to where he now lives; adj. his own land & land surveyed for Doctr. John Henry Neffe, John Ruddle, Junr. Chain Carriers: William Carrol & William More. Surveyor: George Byrne. [Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Orange & Augusta Counties, with Tithables, Delinquents, Petitioners, 1730-1754, Volume One, Peggy Smomo Joyner, pg. 25].
  • Land Survey: Daniel Holeman, 9 Nov. 1749 - 6 Mar. 1749/50; 420 acres on West side of North River Shannandoah where he lives; adj. land granted Jacob Holeman, son of sd. Daniel Holeman. Chain Carriers - James Grimsted & John Tomas (?). Surveyor: George Byrne. Part of Jost Hites Grant by Bond 1735/6. [Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Orange & Augusta Counties, with Tithables, Delinquents, Petitioners, 1730-1754, Volume One, Peggy Smomo Joyner, pg. 25].
  • Land Survey: Daniel Holeman, 28 mar. 1750 - 1 Apr. 1750; 135 acres on North River of Shanando; adj. Holemans other surveys. Chain Carriers: James Grinstead & John Jones. Surveyor: George Byrne. [Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Orange & Augusta Counties, with Tithables, Delinquents, Petitioners, 1730-1754, Volume One, Peggy Smomo Joyner, pg. 25].

Acquisition of Land from Northern Neck Grants in Virginia:

  • 2 August 1750 - Grant to Daniel Holeman of Augusta County of 395 acres on the north river of Shannondoah ... west side of Cedar Hill ... land surveyed for John Ruddle junr. ... to the river side ... land of Doctr. Henry Naffe ... [Northern Neck Grants, pg. 393].
  • 2 August 1750 - Grant to Daniel Holeman of Augusta County of 420 acres on the west side of the North river of Shannondoah ... bank of the said river and at the lower end of the said Holeman's plantation ... Jacob Holeman's line ... [Northern Neck Grants, pg. 394].
  • 2 August 1750 - Grant to Daniel Holeman of Augusta of 130 acres on the North river of Shannondoah ... near the North River side ... line of said Holeman's other survey ... to the river side ...[Northern Neck Grants, pg. 395]

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - February 11, 1745. - (8) Daniel Holdman and Saml. Wilkins--same from Benj. Allen's mill to North River.
  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 18, 1746. - (108) Jurymen--Daniel Holdman, John Hood, James Armstrong, John Rutledge, Adam Dickerson, James Armstrong, Ro. Gibson, Thos. Cotner.
  • Page 107.--15th February, 1748. Daniel Holdman and Peter Gartner's bond as guardian of Julia, George and Elsye Brock, orphans of Rudal Brock.
  • Page 170.--13th July, 1749. William James' (of Smith s Creek) will Yeoman; wife, Sarah, estate until eldest son Thomas James comes of age; three sons, Thomas, Joshua and Joseph. Executors, wife and Thomas Moore. Teste: John Dobikin, Daniel Holdman, Jno. Ruddell, Sr. Presented, 22d August, 1749, by Thomas Moore and proved by all witnesses.
  • Page 237.--6th January, 1749-50. John Woodley's will--Son, Jacob, 5 shillings; son-in-law, Nicholas Seahaven. Executor, Nicholas Seahaven. Teste: Daniel Holdman, John Rudle, Hans Heinrich Neff. Proved, 22d May, 1750, by all witnesses, and executor qualifies.
  • Page 255.--28th August, 1750. Daniel Holdman's account against estate of Rudy Brock for services done to the children--3d November, 1750, cash paid for George Brock's land; Efey Brock's share of grain.
  • Page 273.--23d November, 1760 (s/b 1750). John Woodley's (of Smith's Creek) appraisement by Hans Heinrich Neff, Daniel Holdman, John Ruddell.
  • Page 366.--15th August, 1751. Reuben Allen's appraisement, by John Ruddle, Daniel Holdman, Michael Waren.
  • Page 423.--3d September, 1751. Mary Allen's inventory, by Wm. White, Danl. Holdman, John Ruddell.
  • Page 487.--21st July, 1752. Elizabeth Hodge's appraisement by Danl. Holdman, John Ruddell.
  • Page 476.--25th December, 1752. Peter Cotner's will. Yeoman. Eldest son, George; 2d son, Peter. Daughter, Mary, infant, under 18. Wife, Mary. Four children. (George is to pay his youngest brother £__ of coming of age). Teste: Michael Waren, Samuel Holdman, Thos. Moore. Executors, wife, Mary, and Adam Rider. Proved, 21st March, 1753, by all witnesses; Danl. Holdman and executors qualify, with surety Jacob Bare. (Note: the relationship to Samuel Holeman in this record is unknown, possible son?)
  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 21, 1763. - (235) Daniel Holdman, a witness from Frederick. John Heren--a witness.

Estate Records of Daniel Holeman

  • 6 November 1770. - On the motion of Jacob Holdman Certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration of the estate of Daniel Holdman decd ... Ordered that Joseph Allen, Robert Oneal, Henry Gore and George Riddle ... appraise in current money the slaves (if any) and personal estate of Daniel Holdman ...
  • Inventory of the estate of Daniel Holeman was made on 27 December 1770 by Henry Gore, Joseph Allen and George Ruddle and showed a valuation of £434.15.4, including twelve slaves valued at £390.

About Daniel Holeman

Daniel appeared in the virgin Shenandoah valley in 1745, settling in the southeastern portion of the present Shenandoah County on what is still known as Holman's creek, but designated more specifically in old maps as "Daniel Holeman's Creek. The original Frederick county and the original Augusta county, both cut off from Orange county about the same time, the former in 1743, the latter in 1745-adjoined each other; so that the place where this intrepid frontiersman helped to start a settlement was then in Frederick County, As Shenandoah County was not separated from it until 1778, or eight years after his death. Its location bears significant relation alike to the first and second Isaac Johnson of VA but particularly the latter, who, afterward in NC married into the Holeman family, because they dwelt just over the dividing line between the original counties in that part of of Augusta County converted, also in 1778, into Rockingham County, only five miles away from Daniel Holeman. This contact of the two original counties accounts, as was common with early chronicles, not only for the partial duplication of Daniel Holeman's transactions on the irrespective records, but for the land-grant books at Richmond, the state capital, referring to his property as in August county, giving precisely the same description as was employed when subsequent transfers were entered on the records of Frederick County, and even after it passed to his descendants, on the records of the severed Shenandoah County. His plantation was situated Northwest of the site of Newmarket, where Cedar Hill is yet known as Cedar Grove, and extended beyond the site of Quicksburg, near which village Holman's Creek empties into the river.

English Duplicates of Lost VA Records--Louis Des Cognets,Jr. 1958-Princeton, NJ

  • p. 120--A list of Patents in the Forks of Rappehannock River & westward of Sherrando River since Oct 1735--

Daniel Holman--319 a. on N. Branch of Shrando--March 26, 1736

  • p. 120 Warwick Co. Rent Rolls--1704

Homan Orphans--200 a (no names given)

Frederick County Clerks's Office, Winchester, Virginia

  • Will Book 2 p. 159- Frederick Co.--Appraisement of Estate of Robert Stapleton by his Daniel DH Holdman mark (?? German) John Lewis

Shenandoah County Clerks Office, Woodstock, VA

  • Deed Book H, Page 368, Sept 23, 1791--Elizabeth Holman, widow ofDaniel Holman, deed., sells her nower right to Andrew Holman--550 a.adjoingin various people & Daniel Holeman, Jr.s heirs.
  • Deed Book K, Page 346, Sept 3, 1796--Andrew Holeman and wife Elizabeth of Shenandoah County sell to Jacob Stiegle land on North River--420 a. being same tract whereon Andrew now lives originaly granted by Farifax unto Daniel Holeman who was the father of said Jacob.
  • Will Book B, Page 122, Dec 6, 1784--Appraisement of Estate of Daniel Holeman, Decd. Recorded Dec 30, 1784.
  • Will Book D, Page 283--Estate of Daniel Holeman, decd., in Acct. with Mary Holeman (now Mary Homan) The Administratrix--payments of accounts begin Nove 3, 1784. Does not name any children. Recorded Oct 8, 1793.

Marriage Register 1772-1853 Page 20

  • Deed Book c- p. 522--June 25, 1763--Jacob Holeman and Margaret his wife to Henry House tract granted to Daniel Holeman Aug. 2, 1750--395. acres.
  • Deed Book H--p. 368--Elizabeth Holeman Relict of Daniel Holeman deed to Andrew Holeman her interest in land adj. Frances Neff, John Neff, Abraham Neff, Jacob Neff, Henry House, Lewis RInehart, Jacob Stiegle, and Daniel Holeman, Junior's heirs--550 a. (Note--same land involved in DB K-p. 322-1796). Witnesses: Wm. Cahtey, Junr, Jacob Stiegle, John Young, 3rd.
  • Deed Book C, Page 522--Deed of Lease--dated June 25, 1783--Jacob Holeman of the county of SHanando in the state of Virginia of the onepart & Henry Houser of the County & State afroesiad of the other part....for 5 shillings gold or silver current money ofVirginia....tract in Shando County on Shannando River which was granted to Daneil Holeman by deed from the proprietors office August 2, 1750-395 acres. Recorded June 26,1783.

A History of Shenandoah County, Virginia-by John W. Wayland, PHD. Shenandoah Publishing House, Strasburg, Virginia--1927.

  • Page 167--Chapter IX--"The Forest and the Fort" "The Forest"--"Whothe first settler was is not definitely known. It is quite evident that many of the early settlers werehere years before they secured legal titles, as is shown in a grant to George Brock in 1749. In the premises of this grant it is stated that the tract conveyed is the same on which his father formerly lived. Again Thomas Moore acted with Daniel Holeman as a pilot in the surveyfor the second grant to Mary Hill, widow, in 1757......" "It is safe to say, however that Daniel Holeman was among the first white settlers. He lived on the farm owned by the late Nathaniel Funkhouser, one mile north of Quicksburg. Holman Creek, that bears his name, was known as such prior to 1750, asis shown in a grant to Peter Gartner (the Myers farm near Forestville). This grant also shows that Thomas Holman and Archibald Ruddle had already received their grants."

Records of Rev. John Caspter Stoever--Baptismal and Marriage--1730-1779. Published by Harrisburg Publishing, Co.,1898--Harisburg, Pa. (copy of Publication in Handley Library,Winchester, Va)

Page 12--Baptisms
Daniel Hoolman (Shenandoah)
Hoolman, Isaac
Hoolman, Rebecca
Testees--James Guill and the mother herself (Note: No dates given, butlisted in the 1737-1738 baptisms)
Page 55--Marriages
  • 1737--Daniel Hoolman and Elizabeth Cartley, North River, Shenandoah,vulge, Cookel Town in Orange CO., in the Colony of Virginia.
  • Page 56--1739--February 26--Johannes Hoehmann and Magdalene Hehnlin--Tulpehocken.
  • Daniel Holeman--Shenandoah Co., Virginia 1745-50. Tract in ShanandoahCo a lease from Jacob to Daniel--2 August 1750. 395 acres. Deed of release--26 June 1783. Jacob & Margaret Holman.
  • Appraisement of Daniel Holdman--Will Book 4--P[age 72--Dated Dec 27, 1770

[Frederick County Clerks Office, Winchester, Virginia]

An Inventory of the Goods & Chattles of Daniel Holdman deceased appraised by George Ruddle, Joseph Allen & Henry Gore this 27 day of December, 1770:

=The deceased wearing apparel
-19 yrds linenn @ 1/6 pr yard
37 Yds of Linnen @2/6 pr yard
15 Sheets
2 Table cloths & 8 1/2 yars of linen.
4 Yds of Cloeth @ 3/6 pr yd.
15 yds of cloth @ 5/6 pr yd.
5 Yds of linne @ 4/ pr yrd
4 yds of Tammy @ 2/6 pr yrd
12 Yds of cotton & Linnen Cloth @ 3/ pr yd
1 Bed & Furniture & Bedsteads
1 Bed and Furniture & Bedsteads
1 Bed and Furniture
2 Blankets Oen sheet and coverlid
Bend and Furniture and Bedstead
70 wt of Clean Flax @ 6d pr lb.
2 Coverlids @ 15/ each
4 Bells & Bell Collors @ 3 pr of Leather happles & 1 bridle
8 Sault Sacks
29 ;v of Iron @ 3d pr lb 7/7
1 Rifle and shot bag
Powder & Shot
1 Walnut Trunk
1 Pine Chest
1 Chest 12/ 1 Smooth gun 10/
1 Walnut Table
22 Plates
1 Gallan 2quarts and pint
7 Poringers 5/ 16 Spoons 4/
Six Basons 1...4 Tinware 9/
2 Iron Ladles 1 saspan and Skimmers
8 chairs 10/ Tongs and Fire SHovel 2/
2 SPinning wheesl
3 Spinnin wheels 7/
1 Woolen Wheel 4/ 1 smooth gun 5/
Old Iron 5/ 4 Hoes 7/ To second hand Wannong Iron
1 box of gold wieghts 6/ 1 frying pan 5/
4 Poss and 2 pot racks
1 pr stillards and box iron
Tubs pails and coolers
2 tubs and seven barrells
3 barrels 1 tub & Churn
2 barrels 4/ 1 cutting box & Knife
3 augers 2 scyths 3 chisels and old iron
3 grubing hoes
2 plows and 1 share & irons belonging to ye plows
six axes 12/ 4 hay forks 2/
1 maul and 4 wedges
Old waggon ad gears and 2 lock chains
2 cyths 5/ saddle and bridle 17/
2 hogs 17/7 37 sheep
1 plow shear 10/ 35 head of large cattle
7 calves 3...10 1 sorrel hors 18
1 borwnhorse 1 english bay mare
1 black horse 1 black english horse
1 baldhorse 1 sorrel mare
1 english bay mare
1 bay mare & Block colt
Old Bay mare and colt
Sorrel Mare and Colt
29 hogs 6 1 negro man names boatswain
1 negro woman named nan
1 negro girl named mary
1 negro boy named tom
1 negro boy names jame
1 negro child names ann
2 negro boyse Reubin & John
1 negro man named bill
1 negro man named Yoh
1 Negro woman named Doll and Chilld named Sal
Jacob Hite due by Bond, John Fitsmer due by Note, James Cunningham due by Note, Abraham Duret due by Notes, Gabriel Lemlick due by Bond, James CUnningham due by Note, Joseph Strickler due by Note, Jacob Miller due by Note, Tavener Beal due by note, Joseph Hocking due by Note, Henry Turney due by Bond, Henry Taimood (Lindamood) due by Book Account, John Coyl due by Book acct., Henry Gore dueby Book acct.
To Cash
Henry Gore, Joseph Allen, George Ruddle.
At a Court Continued & Held for Frederick Coutny March 6, 177? ThisApt of the Estate of Daniel Holdman Decd. Was Returned into COurt & Ordered to be Recorded.
By the Court Ja. Keith, CC.