Person:Cornelius Daugherty (3)

Cornelius Daugherty
b.1729 Ireland
m. bef. 1729
  1. Cornelius Daugherty1729 - AFT 1804
  2. George DaughertyABT 1730 - abt 1809
  3. Daniel DaughertyABT 1736 -
  4. Anthony DaughertyABT 1740 - 1792
  5. William Daugherty, Sr.1748 - BEF 1835
  6. David DaughertyABT 1750 -
  7. Catherine DaughertyABT 1755 -
  • HCornelius Daugherty1729 - AFT 1804
  • WMary HillABT 1730 - BEF 1773
m. 1748
  1. George DaughertyABT 1749 -
  2. Noble DaughertyABT 1750 -
  3. Malinda Ann DaughertyABT 1751 -
  4. William DaughertyABT 1752 -
  5. Isabel DaughertyABT 1754 -
  6. Christopher DaughertyABT 1755 - BEF 1811
  7. Thomas DaughertyABT 1755 - BEF 1799
  8. Abraham DaughertyABT 1758 -
  9. David DaughertyABT 1761 -
  10. Alexander DaughertyABT 1762 -
  • HCornelius Daugherty1729 - AFT 1804
  • WAgnes McDermitABT 1750 - BEF 1790
m. ABT 1773
  1. William DaughertyAFT 1773 -
  2. Cornelius R. Daugherty, Jr.ABT 1774 - 1859
  3. James Hill Daugherty1775 -
  4. John Daugherty, Sr.ABT 1778 - 1847
m. BEF 6 SEP 1790
Facts and Events
Name Cornelius Daugherty
Alt Name Cornelius Doharty
Alt Name Cornelius Weaver Dougherty
Alt Name Cornelius Docherty
Gender Male
Birth? 1729 Ireland[alt. Pennsylvania]
Marriage 1748 Virginia[??, needs research]
to Mary Hill
Marriage ABT 1773 Virginiato Agnes McDermit
Occupation? MAY 1786 farmer and trader, received 2 land grants in Lincoln and then Madison Co., KY totaling 600 acres
Marriage BEF 6 SEP 1790 to Margaret Unknown
Death? AFT 1804 Overton County, Tennessee?
Burial? AFT 1804 Unknown Cemetery, Overton County, Tennessee?

Cornelius Daugherty was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - COPIES OF MUSTERS OF AUGUSTA COUNTY. [abt. 1742] Capt. George Robinson's List: George Robinson, Captain; James McFeron, Lieutenant; Pat. Shirky, Ensign; James Ranfro, Sergeant; Dan Manaughan, Mark Coal, Peter Ranfro, George Draper, Rob Roland, Edw. Smith, Fran Kelly, And. Ganghagall, Henry Stiles, Hen Philip, Thomas Rindel, Thomas Looney, Rob Looney, Dan Looney, Adam Looney, Mark Joans, John Askins, John Flower, James Coal, Bryan Cass, Cornel Dougherty, Wm. Acres, Tasker Tosh, Hen Brown, Sam Brown, James Burk, Wm. Bean, _____Evins, Sam Martin, Peter Kinder, Stephen Evins, Peter Watkins, Stephen Ranfro, Benj. Davis, Wm. Clark, Wm. Shepherd, Benj. Deeson, John Smith, Hugh Coruthers, Wm. Bradshay, John Coal, Wm. Craven, Simon Acres, Nicol Horseford, _____ Meason.
  • Page 277.--24th May, 1769. Jonathan Cunningham's will, of Carr's Creek--To wife Mary; to dutiful father, Hugh Cunningham. Executors, father Hugh and William McKee, testator's brother-in-law. Teste: Hugh Weir, Nathan Peoples, Cornelius Docherty, Robert Hamilton. Proved, 20th March, 1770, by Weir and Peoples. William McKee refuses to execute. Hugh Cunningham qualifies, with Wm. McKee, John McKee.


1. Cornelius came from Ireland to America C1760 and sette led in Botetourt County, Virginia. The following was taken from Genealogy of Kentucky Families, Vol. A-M, page 262: Cornelius Dougherty is said to have come from Ireland to Virginia in 1760, where he married Mary Hill. He was at Estrill's Station in Kentucky sometime between 1776 and 1781. He or more likely his son, Cornelius, served under General George R. Clark in the fall of 1782. His son, Alexander, served with Colonel Benjamin Logan that year. One of the two William Dougherty's with Logan at Estrill's Station in 1781 probably was Corneluis's son. His son or brother, David, signed a petition to divide Lincoln County in 1783. His daughter, Ann, married Jeremiah Perry in Madison County in 1787. He and his daughter, Isabel, didn't get along with her father and she went to live in the home of a Michael McNeely that year. Note: Michael McNeely was married to Cornelius Daugherty's wife Mary Hill's sister. That would make Mrs. McNeely Isabel's aunt. Alexander married Margaret Rogers in Madison County in 1791. Noble married Jane Vancleve, with his brothers, John and Christopher, as witnesses's. By 1800, Noble, John and William were living in Washington County and Christopher and his wife, Martha, moved to Hardin County, where he died between 1812 and 1819. Cornelius appears to have had sons, George, and David, and perhaps, Abraham? His son, James Hill, married in 1819 to Mary Foster in Cumberland County, Kentucky, where several other members of the family moved. James Hill Dougherty moved to Sangamon County, Illinois in 1824 and eventually to Tennessee, where he died.

The Joseph Dougherty who died in Cumberland County in 1819 and his neighbor, William, appear to be not connected with the family of Cornelius, but to have been the sons of William Dougherty who moved from the Cowpasture to now Bath County, Virginia, to Green County, Kentucky, about 1790. Unquote.

"THE DAUGHERTY'S OF KENTUCKY: This is the title used by the noted genealogist, Mr. William C. Stewart, on the article he wrote for the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society. These were in Volume 53, No. 183, April 1955, and Volume 54, No. 189, Oct. 1956. The article, pertaining to our branch of the people named Dougherty,in the October 1956 issue. In Vol. 53, page 135, Mr. Stewart says: "The name Dougherty is spelled Daugherty; Doherty; Doughetee; Dockerty; Doghity; Dogherty; and in various other ways. No matter how it is spelled;led[ they all trace back to Dochartack, of the Province of Ulster, Ireland".

In another book, telling of the Clans and Septs of Ireland, we find "O'Dochartaigh", meaning destructive. Around the 12th century the head of the Sept was known as Dochartaight the Terrible. It was a large and powerful Sept. of the same stock as the O'Donnells; originating in the Barony of Raphoe, . They extended their territory until they became Lord of Inishowen, in the 14th century. In 1608 they were greatly reduced as a result of the Ill-timed rebellion of Sir Cahir O'Dochartaight. When we speak of the people from the Province of Ulster, Ireland, we are, of course, speaking of the people of the Protestant faith, what we in America call the Scotch Irish.

Mr. Stewart states that *Cornelius Dougherty came to America and settled in Virginia around 1760, where he married Mary Hill. He went to Kentucky in 1776. These were early days in that frontier region. We recall the first white settlement there was by Capt. Harrod, in 1774, but was abandoned after a few months because of Indian attacks. There had been no permanent Indian villages in this area for many years. This was the hunting grounds For many tribes and through it, from north to south, ran the Warrior's Road used by Indians War Parties, and those who wanted to hunt. There were others who went for bartering. Countering the statement that Cornelius Daugherty came from Ireland C1760 the author of this document has chosen to believe that Cornelius Daugherty was actually the second child of one of the twelve children born to Robert Dougherty (from Lagan Valley, ) and a Rebecca Cunningham from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. If this is true, then Cornelius was born in either Rockbridge or Augusta County, Virginia where the majority of his siblings were also born. The historical facts later on support that Cornelius Daugherty was born in Augusta County, Virginia vice the reporting being born in Ireland and then immigrating to Augusta County, Virginia and marrying Mary Hill. Some historians support that Daniel Boone was the first white man into what is now known as Kentucky, however( Cornelius and Family went with Daniel Boone to Ky. They lived at Estells Station for 7 yrs., historical facts indicate that there were at least two white men into Kentucky prior to Daniel Boone establishing Boonesborough. One being a Capt. Robert Harrod (his settlement was abandoned after only a few months) and the second was a Henry Dougherty (1st. cousin to Cornelius Daugherty) who was at one time the first white man into Kentucky up the North Holston River into what is now know as the Cumberland Gap from Virginia into Kentucky. Historical facts about the signing of the Cumberland Gap Compact support that Daniel Boone was not the first white man into Kentucky. There were several Daugherty's who signed the pact.

The year of 1777 was known as the year of the bloody "7's". By 1778 so many settlers had been killed, or had returned to their homes on the other side of the mountains, that all remaining settlers in Kentucky had moved into three gallant little forts. In that year Boonesborough was attacked by Indians, the siege lasting for nine days, the longest in border history. The battle called Estrill's Defeat, in the early spring of 1781, was one of the most controversial battles in Kentucky Indian warfare. The Battle of Blue Licks practically closed the Revolutionary War in Kentucky, but there were Indian attacks on settlers until the 1790's.

On the 15th day of October, 1779, Cornelius Dougherty was granted a tract of land by Patrick Henry, Governor of Virginia, containing 500 acres of land in Lincoln County, Kentucky on the main branch of Muddy Creek. This was surveyed the 19th day of December, 1783. The Assignee of this land for Dougherty was Wallace Estrill. The Dougherty's lived at Estrill's Station on the Wilderness Road, 16 miles below Goone's Fort, for several years (actually believed to be for seven years?}. Fort Estrill is 3 3/4 miles S.E. of Richmond, Kentucky. Cornelius Dougherty's land was first granted to him by the Gov. of Virginia, for, prior to 1780, Kentucky was known as Kentucky County, Virginia. This name was given in December, 1776. After Kentucky became a state, the area the Dougherty's were in became Madison County, Kentucky. A son of Cornelius Dougherty, James Hill Dougherty, said they lived at Estrill's Station for seven years. They undoubtedly lived there until the Indian Wars were settled. They probably helped Capt. Estill in his defense of the fort when Capt. Estill was killed in 1782.

During the Revolutionary War, a Cornelius Dougherty from Madison County served under George Rogers Clark in 1782. Mr. Stewart thinks this is Cornelius, the son of the first Cornelius, rather than the father. Cornelius's son Alexander served under Col. Benjamin Logan that same year. One of the two William Dougherty's serving with Col. Logan at Estrill's Station in 1781 was probably another of Cornelius, Sr.'s sons. It is not clear whether David Dougherty's who signed the petition to divide Lincoln County, Kentucky in 1783 is his son or his brother? We do know his daughter Ann Dougherty married Jeremiah Perry in Madison County, Kentucky in 1787.

Cornelius Dougherty, II (the great Grandfather of Garnett Hughes) was born in Hardin County, Kentucky, in 1804. He was the grandson of the Cornelius Dougherty who went to Kentucky with Daniel Boone. His father and mother, Christopher and Martha Dougherty, had come to Hardin County, Kentucky in 1800. Here Christopher died in 1811 when great Grandfather Hughes was only seven years old. In the Hardin County, Kentucky Court House the following is recorded in Marriage Book, A, page 156. (Exact copy). "Cornelius Dougherty and Nancy Hundly were married on the 4th of September, 1824. Arch Hundly gave consent in person. Martha Dougherty gave consent as to mark in witting, proven by John Dougherty. Executed on the 5th day of September, 1824 by me: Josiah N. Yager. For further references see Christopher Dougherty and Miss Nancy Hundly later on in this family tree.

2. Cornelius Daugherty weaver (Charles Daugherty8, Michael Mor Daugherty I7, Liam O'Dougherty6, Liam O'Dougherty5, Sean O'Dochartaigh4, Conn O'Dochartaigh3, Aodh O'Dochartaigh2, Cornelius O'Dochartaigh1) was born 1729 in PA?, and died abt 1800? He married Mary Hill abt 1748 in VA (1st wife, they had, according to one book, six sons and six daughters, but only the name of one were known). She was born abt 1730? He married Agnes _____ Daugherty abt 1773 in VA (2nd wife). She was born abt 1750? He married Margaret ____ Daugherty BEF 06 SEP 1790 (3rd wife). She was born abt 1750? He was a weaver when he began military service in 1742 at Augusta Co., VA, was in Capt. George Robinson's Co. of militia. He lived between 1742 and 1779 at Augusta Co., VA (on Cedar Creek of the North fork of Roanoke). He was a bondsman for Moses Cunningham, executor of James Cunningham's estate. Charles Daugherty's land was on Cunningham Creek on 16 Jan 1760 at Augusta Co., VA. He deeded the 80 acres on Carr's Creek of James River between House and North Mountains, which was patented by his father Charles on 2 Mar 1763 at Augusta Co., VA. He deeded 125 acres on Carr's Creek, a branch of the James River on 19 Mar 1765 at Augusta Co., VA. He witnessed the deed of John Edminston for 170 acres in Borden's Tract on 9 Oct 1765 at Augusta Co., VA. He witnessed the will of Jonathan Cunningham of Carrs Creek, a son of Hugh Cunningham, neighbors of Charles Daugherty on 24 May 1769 at Augusta Co., VA. He was on a jury in this county formed 1769 out of Augusta Co on 26 Nov 1771 at Botetourt Co., VA. He acquired 175 acres at head of Roanoke River on 30 Jan 1773 at Botetourt Co., VA. He was sued for debt and lost on 12 May 1773 at Botetourt Co., VA. He deeded 175 acres to his son William Daugherty, described as on Seeder Swamp on 10 Nov 1773 at Botetourt Co., VA. He served on Grand Jury on 10 May 1774 at Botetourt Co., VA. He and William DAUGHERTY served on jury together on 11 May 1774 at Botetourt Co., VA. He acquired 120 acres on South Side of James River, opposite the mouth of Cedar Creek on 10 Nov 1775 at Botetourt Co., VA. He acquired 85 acres on some drafts of the James River on 20 Feb 1776 at Botetourt Co., VA. He witnessed a will on 11 Mar 1777 at Botetourt Co., VA. He in county formed this year out of Botetourt, he was a tithable in 1778 at Rockbridge Co., VA. He signed a petition on 13 Sep 1778 at Rockbridge Co., VA. He deeded his 87 acres on Cedar Swamp to his son William Daugherty on 24 Feb 1779 at Botetourt Co., VA. He and wife Agnes sold the 85 acres he acquired 20 Feb 1776 on 1 Jun 1779 at Rockbridge Co., VA. He was set tax free because of age and infirmity; probably he had gone back there to live with his son William on 9 Aug 1781 at Botetourt Co., VA. He acquired 42 acres on Little River on 6 Jan 1782 at Botetourt Co., VA. He was plaintiff in a lawsuit, and a Francis Daugherty was on the jury on 9 May 1783 at Botetourt Co., VA. He was granted 500 acres on Muddy Creek on main branch of the creek about 3 miles from head of Lick Creek on 25 May 1786 at Lincoln Co., KY. He was on tax lists, was said to move to KY the year after Boone and lived at Estill Station 7 years between 1787 and 1797 at Madison Co., KY. He died circa 1800?

Children of Cornelius Daugherty weaver and Mary Hill are: 10 i. George H. Daugherty was born abt 1749. He married Elizabeth _____ Daugherty. She was born abt 1730? + 11 ii. Noble Daugherty was born abt 1750 in VA. + 12 iii. Malinda Ann Daugherty was born abt 1751 in VA. 13 iv. William Daugherty was born abt 1752 in Augusta Co., VA. He married Lettice Goggin 28 MAR 1786, daughter of Stephen Goggin Jr.. She was born abt 1770? 14 v. Isabel Daugherty was born abt 1754 in VA. + 15 vi. Christopher Daugherty was born abt 1755 in VA, and died BEF MAY 1811 in Hardin Co., KY. + 16 vii. Thomas Daugherty was born abt 1755 in VA, and died BEF 1799 in Madison Co., KY. 17 viii. Abraham Daugherty was born abt 1757 in VA. + 18 ix. Robert Daugherty was born abt 1760 in VA, and died 1823 in Barren Co., KY. 19 x. David Daugherty was born abt 1761? in VA. 20 xi. Alexander Daugherty was born abt 1762 in VA. He married Margaret Rogers. She was born abt 1770?

Children of Cornelius Daugherty weaver and Agnes _____ Daugherty are: + 21 i. Cornelius R. Daugherty Jr. was born abt 1774 in Botetourt Co., VA. 22 ii. James Hill Daugherty was born 23 JUN 1775 in VA. He married Mary Foster 1819 in Cumberland Co., KY. She was born abt 1800? + 23 iii. John Daugherty was born abt 1778 in Botetourt Co., VA, and died 1832 in Overton or Smith Co., TN.