Person:Cora Gee (1)

Cora Elizabeth Gee
m. 20 May 1890
  1. Cora Elizabeth Gee1891 - 1969
  2. William Gee1893 - 1930
  3. Willis Burditt Gee1895 - 1968
  4. Abagail Melvina Gee1897 - 1983
  5. Charles Edward Gee1900 - 1990
  6. Louie Lena Gee1902 - 1947
  7. Georgia Ann Gee1904 - 1983
  8. Mary Lee Gee1906 - 1984
  9. Forgus LeRoy Gee1908 - 1991
m. 13 Feb 1913
  1. William David Groh1914 - 2005
  2. Charles G Groh1917 - 1999
  3. Evelyn Groh1921 - 1983
Facts and Events
Name Cora Elizabeth Gee
Gender Female
Birth? 25 Jul 1891 Glasgow, Barren Co, KY
Marriage 13 Feb 1913 Bluffton, Wells Co, INto Elroy John Groh
Death? 23 May 1969 Stockbridge, Ingham Co, MI
Burial? Oak Lawn Cemetery, Stockbridge, Ingham Co, MI
Reference Number? 978

CORA ELIZABETH GEE BIRTH - July 21, 1891, Glasgow, Barren Co., KY MARRIAGE - Elroy John GROH, Feb. 13, 1913, Bluffton, Wells Co., IN. DEATH - May 23, 1969, Stockbridge, Ingham Co., MI. BURIAL - Oak Lawn Cemetery, Stockbridge, Ingham Co., MI. FATHER - William Forgus GEE MOTHER - Georgiana FOSTER

Children, Charles G., William  David, Evelyn  

1900 United States Federal Census > Indiana > Adams > Wabash > District 13 Gee, William F. H M Feb. 1857 43 M 10y NY NY NY

       George  A.       W   F      May  1870    30   M 10y      KY      KY      KY
       Cora     E.        D    F      July  1891      8                  KY      NY      KY
      William  M.       S    M      Apr.  1892     7                  IN        NY      KY
       Willis    B.       S    M      July  1895     4                  IN         NY     KY
     Abigale  M.        D    F       Sept. 1897    2                  IN        NY      KY
     Edward  C.        S    M       Jan. 1900     11m              IN        NY      KY

1910 United States Federal Census > Indiana > Adams > Wabash Twp > District 13 Gee, William F H M W 54 M 19y NY NY NY

       Georgie A.     W    F      W     39     M 19y             KY    KY     KY
         Cora   E.      D    F      W     18                           KY     NY     KY
       William  ?       S   M      W     17                           IN      NY     KY
         Willis  B       S   M      W     14                           IN      NY     KY
        Abbie  M       D   F       W     12                           IN      NY     KY
     Charles  E.       S   M      W     10                           IN      NY     KY
        Louie  L.        D   F      W       8                           IN       NY     KY
     Georgie  A        D   F      W       6                           IN       NY    KY
        Mary   L         D   F     W       4                            IN      NY     KY
     Forgus   L.       S    M     W       2                            IN       NY     KY

1920 United States Federal Census > Michigan > Ingham > Lansing > District 117

 Groh, Elroy  J.   H     M     W     23     M       IN      IN      IN     Carpenter  - Auto  factory
          Cora  E.   W    F      W     28     M       KY    NY     KY
 William  David,  S     M      W      5               IN      IN      KY

Charles George, S M W 2 IN IN KY

 Gee, Louie  L.          F       W     17              IN      NY     KY    Sister-in-law

OBITUARY - GROH, Cora  E.  1969

May 23, Stockbridge; Mrs. Cora E. Groh, 77 Stockbridge, died Friday evening in Lansing hospital. She was a member of First Baptist Church, The Rebekahs and Kings Daughters. Mrs. Groh and her late husband had been in upholstery business 40 years here. She is survived by a daughter Mrs. Bernard Jensen, Williamston; two sons, Charles of Holt and William of Richland; six grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren; three sisters, Mrs. Abbie Jones, Mrs. Georgia Bowers and Mrs. Mary Groh, all of Lansing; two brothers, Charlie Gee of Lansing and Forgus Gee of Holt. Services will be Monday at 2 p.m. at the Caskey Funeral Home here, with burial in the Oaklawn Cemetery, Stockbridge.

Jan. 30, 2002 From Vicki Kaiser Thanks for contacting me about the Gee/Groh family. Cora was my great aunt; I remember several family occasions (including at her cottage) the Gee family has always been big on getting together; The "cousins" (my dad's generation) get together every July for a picnic; last year they invited all us next generations too; and we had alot of fun. We lost the last great aunt last summer, too; sadly to say. Uncle "Roy"'s brother Jay was also a great uncle (my favorite of all of them) and I still see his daughter Marilyn from time to time. Jay married into the Gee family; marrying Mary Gee, one of Cora's sisters. I am very interested in any information you may wish to share. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Vicki (Either email address will reach me; this is my own; my husband set it up to seperate are geneaology contacts, but so far hasn't gone into the database to change my address.)

Feb. 1, 2002 From Vicki Kaiser Thanks so much for the information; however I believe you have an error; Mary Gee was married to Jay Groh; not Ray. I don't have much on the Grohs as you could see from my website; I do have a few obits and such in my files; I will get them out and get back to you about them. Thanks Vicki

Feb. 3, 2002 From Vicki Kaiser Yes I would be very interested in the info from your papers; I like to learn the little stories behind the families when I can. You can jpg them, or if there is to much, let me know and I'll give you my address to mail copies. Love Vicki

Feb. 25, 2002 - From Vicki Kaiser Yes, thank you very much; I received the info and notes and it is very helpful. I would be very greatful for any other pictures as well. Did you get the picture of Great Uncle Jay? Vicki

Feb. 26, 2002 From Vicki Kaiser You sent me info from the Benzie Banner, starting 1903 thru 1915; Descendants of David H. Groh, 7 pages. I made a printed copy, but deleted from our computer; if need this again, let me know and I can send it. I am interested in the other info about Uncle Jay; do you have much about Roy? I didn't know him really, although he was around some; My grandma, Abbie, didn't get along very well with her sister, Cora at that time so we didn't see them as much as we did Mary and Jay.

March 25, 2002 From Vicki Kaiser I am so sorry that I forgot to answer you; Yes the pictures and data came through fine and I thank you very much. (I especially like the picture of Ray and Jay as babies; do you know which one in the picture is which?) I haven't had much chance to enter the info in my database yet as I have been quite busy, but should be able to soon. Thanks again. Vicki