Person:Charles Kilgore (1)

Charles Kilgore
b.abt. 1744 Ireland
d.after 6 June 1822
m. bef. 1735
  1. Robert Kilgoreest 1735 - 1782
  2. Thomas KilgoreEst 1735-1742 - 1824
  3. Hiram Kilgore1742 - 1780
  4. Charles Kilgoreabt 1744 - after 1822
  5. William Kilgore1746 -
m. abt. 1762-1763
  1. Martha KilgoreBet 1761 - 1770 - Aft 1834
  2. Rebecca KilgoreBet 1765 - 1767 - Aft 1850
  3. Mary Kilgore1766 - 1845
  4. William KilgoreBet 1772 - 1773 - 1826
  5. John Kilgore1775 - 1848
  6. Elizabeth Black KilgoreBet 1776 - 1780 -
  7. Sarah Smith KilgoreBet 1780 - 1790 - Bef 1850
  8. James Kilgore1787 - 1824
Facts and Events
Name Charles Kilgore
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1744 Ireland
Marriage abt. 1762-1763 to Martha McIllhaney
Death? after 6 June 1822


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Survey Records

Washington County, VA Survey Records )Presumably from the Robinson pages on the Washington County Web site.

  • Page 192 - Charles Killgore...200 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on the east side of falling Creek, south branch of Clynch River...Beginning by a path...March 26, 1783 - Charles Killgore, assignee of James Nall...200 ac...on the east side of Falling Creek, surveyed for Charles Killgore on April 1,1774...actual settlement made in 1773...August 14, 1781


From Vicki Miller, 15 Oct 2014 personal communication to Q 16:30, 15 October 2014 (UTC)

The source I saw for marriage of Elizabeth Black to Joseph Walker was microfilm record from Tennessee Archibes. It’s also in marriage books published for Greene Co although it’s always listed as Elizabeth Black Kilgore in those.

1797-August 26: Joseph Walker to Elizabeth Black Kilgore #483 William Magill, Sec p174 (This record was from “Tennessee Marriage Records v.3” by Pollyanna Creekmore

I feel positive that Elizabeth Back wasn’t the daughter of Charles Kilgore. I’ve never been able to find out whether this was the same Joseph Walker who witnessed MCJW’s will and whether it was the same Joseph Walker who married Elizabeth Black and later, Charles’ daughter.

Marriage for James Kilgore to Margaret “Peggy” Walker was “Greene County, Tennessee Marriages 1783-1868 by Goldene Fillers Burgner She was d/o Anderson Walker as proved by deed evidence.

Only one of Charles’ 3 sons married a Walker. The other two married daughters of John Henderson. Their sister Sarah Smith Kilgore also married a Henderson. I’ve based Martha’s date of birth as after her sister Mary’s dob which was listed in her husband’s Bible record as 1766. After her came Rebecca Kilgore Sherrill who listed age on 1850 census as 85 years old born in NC which makes her born 1765 however, she was listed 2nd in her father’s will and I suspect she was off by a year or two probably making her born 1767-1768. Martha was listed 3rd, and was listed as age 78 born NC on 1850 Cherokee Co TX Census, which would mean born in 1772 which I think was way too late. I suspect she was also off with her age as well and was born closer to 1769-1770.

A Joseph Walker was listed as a juror in 1787 Greene Co TN which is the earliest record of a Joseph Walker. I haven’t been able to determine if this was the same Joseph Walker listed in Charles Kilgore’s will or if this was an older Joseph Walker.

Charles Kilgore b1740 d1823 had 2 daughters who married Walkers and a son who married a Walker. (DoB derived from son, John M. Kilgore’s Bible record) Martha Kilgore was born c1769 NC d1850-1860 Cherokee Co TX md Daniel Walker s/o MCJW, their marriage bond was dated May 26, 1788 Greene Co TN, with “Andrew Walker” as security (it’s believed that Andrew was actually Anderson Walker, Daniel’s brother.

In his will, Charles Kilgore left a legacy to Joseph Walker and his heirs. Joseph’s wife’s name is not mentioned and it’s believed she was almost certainly decease by the time Charles made his will. Joseph Walker is listed as Charles’ son-in-law in connection to a slave Joseph was illegally holding. A marriage record in Greene Co TN exists for Elizabeth Black to Joseph Walker dated 1797. For a long time, it was believed that this was Charles’ daughter because the name Kilgore had been written on the marriage record; however, it’s now believed that Elizabeth Black was not a Kilgore. This means that the name of the actual daughter of Charles who married a Joseph Walker is not known. This daughter’s legacy was mentioned 7th in order of the children in the will (8 children), suggesting she wasn’t born until after about 1777. No marriage record has been found. Considering that MCJW & Charles Kilgore were living near the Cocke Co TN line, it’s quite possible that the marriage took place in Cocke Co TN. The court records for Cocke Co TN were destroyed in a court house fire that occurred in the 1870’s. This may also explain why no court documents have turned up concerning the slave. Also possible the matter was settled out of court.

James Kilgore b1787 d1824 Greene Co TN and youngest child of Charles & Martha married Margaret “Peggy” Walker in 1809. She was the d/o Anderson Walker s/o MCJW.

Charles Kilgore was listed on 1783 tax list in Greene Co TN but didn’t receive a land grant there until 1787. He was the co-executor of MCJW’s will.