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YDNA analysis shows that there are several related lines of immigrant Kilgore's in America before the Revolution. Some of these lines probably arise from indpendent importations to this country, but share a common ancestor in Ireland or Scotland.

Old Chester

There are (perhaps) three main lines of Kilgores in Old Chester County, all appearing in records of the area around 1730-1740. One line, headed by person:James Kilgore (5) settled in what is now Cumberland County, James is commonly identified as "James W. Kilgore", but the use of a middle name seems to be a confusion. James had numerous sons, and their dispersion from Cumberland County is being traced.

Another line, headed by [[Person:Thomas Kilgore (X) settled in Cecil County Maryland at about the same time. YDNA evidence suggests that this line is closely related to that of James (5), but how the connection runs has not been established. Additonal information about this line is needed.

The third line is said to include the John, the father of James Kilgore (5), and at least two other sons of John. Supposedly they settled in the eastern portion of Old Chester. This is probably a confusion, at least in part derived from information given in Egle's Notes and Queries, but may not be entirely accurate. Some [1] have concluded that the John Kilgore in this area was unrelated to James (5), or the two persons identified as his sons. It is not clear, at this point, whether there is any evidence for the existence of those sons. However, there is evidence of Kilgores in Cumberland County NOT sons of James (5), but living in nearby, who may in fact be related. Whether they are related to James 5 or not, is not yet clear, but conceivably they could be these two other "sons" of John, or their children. Additional work on this is needed.

Craolina Cradle

About the same time as James (5) settled in Cumberland County, and Thomas (X) in Cecil County Maryland, a line of Kilgores enter the Carolina Cradle. They are best known from Hugh Adding's ""Chalres Kilgore of King's Mountain", but the later work deals primarily with their presence in Southwestern Virginia beginning about 1772, and after the Revolution in Greene County TN. The founder of this line is probably a Robert Kilgore who settled initially near modern Chapel Hill, NC, but whose sons moved westward into what was then Orange County, NC. [2]

Two of the sons of Robert of Chapel Hill (Person:Robert Kilgore (1)and person:Charles Kilgore (1)) moved into southwest Virginia, settling in the Clinch River Valley near Castles Woods. Both probably participated in the Battle of King's Mountain, but proof of that is available only for Charles[3]

Old Augusta

No Kilgores noted during the Tapestry period.

New River Settlement

Further work needed. Kegley I-IV shows only Charles Killigore (presumably Person:Charles Kilgore (1) of Southwest Virginia) as having secured a Loyal Land Company "Grant"; but her tabulation includes persons throughout southwest Virginia, not just within the New River Valley.

Cumberland Settlements

Person:Thomas Kilgore (1)

Other Outliers

Need information about the Maine line of Kilgores

Need information about the SC line of Kilgores.