Person:Charles Fornelson (2)

Charles Fornelson, Sr., of Tygart's Valley
b.bef 1730
d.1795 Virginia
  • HCharles Fornelson, Sr., of Tygart's ValleyBef 1730 - 1795
m. bef. 1750
  1. Charles Fornelson, Jr.1750 - Bef 1803
  2. Elisha FornelsonBef 1758 -
  3. John FornelsonBef 1758 -
  4. Sarah FornelsonBef 1764 -
  5. Mary Fornelson
Facts and Events
Name Charles Fornelson, Sr., of Tygart's Valley
Alt Name Charles Fornalson
Gender Male
Birth? bef 1730
Marriage bef. 1750 to
Residence[5] 26 Sep 1776 Tygarts Valley, Augusta, Virginia, United Statesnamed in petition requesting Rangers to protect them from Indian attacks
Residence[1] 7 Nov 1780 Tygarts Valley, Augusta, Virginia, United Statesnamed in petition requesting that "Tigers Valley" become part of Monongalia County
Other? 1787 Randolph County, Virginianamed on Tax List for 0 slaves, 21 cattle
Death? 1795 Virginia[pos Randolph County]

Charles Fornelson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Research Tasks

  • supposedly, Charles Fornelson's probate/estate records can be found in Randolph County, West Virginia Deed Book Volume 2, Pages 34 and 194; and Deed Book Volume 3, Pages 7, 8, 9, 42, 43, and 44. Followup needed.
  1. Transcript, in The Petition of the Inhabitants of Tigers Valley, a part of Augusta County. To the General Assembly of Virginia. 7 November 1780 [1].
  2.   .

    Soldiers and Public Service in Dunmore's War 1775, "Virginia citizens or soldiers from the counties of Augusta, Bedford, Botetourt, Culpeper, and Fincastle who were compensated in 1775 for supplies or service during Dunmore's Expedition in 1774."
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  3.   Family Notes, in

    Charles Fornelson lived in Tygarts Valley in the 1770's, on a 1,000 land grant that was sub divided with Joseph Crouch, Andrew Crouch, and James Lackey. His daughter Sarah married John Crouch Jr, and his daughter Mary married John Crouch, son of Andrew Crouch. He also had several sons, Jacob, John, Elisha, maybe more. He died in 1795, and his heirs in his well were: Jacob, Elisha, John and Mary Crouch, Samuel and Sarah Bingham,[Sarah was Charles grandaughter, her father was John, who had already died] and John and Sarah Crouch.

  4.   Family Notes, in

    Now I will tell you what I know of Sarah's family, her father's name was Charles Fornelson, records for him are found under a variety of spellings, from Forneilson, Fornalon, Firnelson, many others.
    Her mother's name was Elizabeth.
    Apparently many of their children quit using the name Fornelson and changed their name to Nelson before and after their father's death in 1795,what is important is that her father's estate was divided and split between 5 heirs, sons Jacob and Elisha, daughter Sarah and husband John Crouch Jr., [record specifically states they lived in Bourbon County Kentucky] daughter Mary, married to Major John Crouch, son of John Crouch Jr.'s deceased brother Andrew, and granddaughter Sarah, daughter of Charles deceased son John, and husband Samuel Bringham or Bingham.

  5. Recorded, in Inhabitants of Tyger's (Tygart's) Valley: Petition, Augusta County, Virginia, 1776/10/15, Legislative Petitions Digital Collection, Library of Virginia, Richmond, Va. Record number 000047806 - Link.