Person:Charles Dever (1)

Charles Dever
b.abt. 1730 prob. Maryland
m. abt. 1728
  1. Hugh Dever, of North River & Beaver and Mossy Creekabt 1728 - bef 1778
  2. Charles Deverabt 1730 - 1796
  3. James DeverABT 1731 - ABT 1790
  4. John Deverabt 1735 -
  5. William Deverabt 1737 - bet 1790-1800
  1. Hannah Devers1753 - 1853
  2. Unity Devers1763 - 1838
  3. Charles Dever1770 - 1830
Facts and Events
Name Charles Dever
Alt Name Charles Devers
Alt Name Charles Deavier
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1730 prob. Maryland
Death[1] 1796 Russell County, Virginia

Charles Dever was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 339.--28th November, 1749. Hugh Dever to Charles Dever, 119 acres. Corner to above [Note: preceding deed from Hugh Dever to Daniel Smith is listed in the records below]. Corner Daniel Smith. Corner John Davis, Beaver Creek.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 227.--20th November, 1759. Charles ( ) Diver to John Divir, £47, 119 acres on North River, Sharando; corner James Ramsey; corner John Davis, opposite mouth of Bear Creek.
  • Page 368.--2d September, 1761. Charles ( ) Diver to Robert Shanklin.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 336.--29th November, 1749. Hugh Dever to Daniel Smith, 80 acres on North River, Shannado. Corner Charles Dever. Teste: Jas. Smith.
  • Page 351.--18th August, 17__. Daniel Smith and Jean to James Ramsey, 80 acres on North River Shanandore, cor. Charles Divir's land. Teste: John Henton (Heaton ?). Delivered: Jno. McCoy, 9th November, 1767.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 28, 1751. - (574) Road ordered from John Davis's mill to Wood's New Cleared Gap, and John King, with Andrew Erwin, John McGill, Wm. McGill, Robert Fowler, Hugh Campbell, John Erwin, Edward Erwin, Robert Carscaden, Francis Erwin, Edward Erwin, Wm. Frame, Benj. Erwin, Charles Campbell, Robert Campbell, Wm. Brown, Michael Dickey, Robert Brown. Henry Smith, Hugh Diver, Charles Diver, David McCummins, John Davis, Danl. Smith, James Anderson, John Francis, Wm. Alexander, Robert Gamble, Andrew Combe, James Patterson, Francis Brown, Gabriel Pickens, keep it in repair.
  • Vol. 1 - 1751 - Petition for road from John Davis's Mill to Woods's Gap, or to the road now clearing over the mountain near said Gap: Andrew Erwin, Robert Fowler, Edward Erwin, Francis Ervin, Charles Campbell, Michael Dickey, Hugh Diver, John Davies, John Francis, Andrew McCombe, John Magill, Hugh Campbell, Robert Carskadan, William Frame, Robert Campbell, Robert Brown, Charles Diver, Daniel Smith, William Alexander, James Patterson, William Magill, John Erwine, Edward Erwine, Benjamin Erwin, William Brown, Henry Smith, David McCammis, James Anderson, Robert Gamble, Francis Brown, Gabriel Pickens.
  • Page 30.--28th June, 1758. George Mouse's estate settlement, by Michael Mallow. Allowed 19th May, 1761. Sold to Cateren Moser, Jacob Cutman, Chas. Deavier, Seasor (Caesar) Brown, Henry Banener. Second vendue, 8th November, 1758, to Felty Mack, Jno. Arewen, Thos. Peterson, Robt. Mines, Andrew Arewen. Third vendue, 1st October, 1760, to Geo. Caplinger, Michael Props. Received from Geo. Madison for Providen (provender). Received from Capt. Smith, patterole money. Received from Capt. Smith for provender. Received from Abraham Smith, patterole money. Received from Frank Cartley. Received from Henry Fletcher. Paid Gabriel Gile for horse hunting. Paid John McCoy. Paid Andrew Smith for spinning. Three days driving cows from Trout Rock to Cartley's Fort.
  • Page 330.--24th March, 1764. Henry Horse's vendue bill recorded-- To Charles Kilpatrick, Jno. Water, Jno. Malkem, Jas. Reyburn, Danl. Love, Chas. Dever, Edward McGarry, Wm. Dyer, Sarah Nare, Ezrah Shipman, Roger Dyer, Jno. Dunkell, Michael Props, Benj. Scott, Peter Nare, Elizabeth Wilfong, Henry Wagener, Christian Goose, Michael Rhine (Ryan), Adam Roudenboush, Michl. Mallow, James Knox, George Scott, Peter Smith.
  • Page 42.--12th November, 1767. William Ramsey and Agness, eldest son and heir of James Ramsey, to Margaret Ramsey, £18, two tracts on North River of Shanando--A containing 120 acres, corner Silas Hart and Hugh Diver, side of a small meadow called the Elk Draft, being tract conveyed to said Ramsey by Silas and Jane Hart, 5th June, 1764; B containing 80 acres conveyed by Daniel and Jane Smith to James Ramsey, father of said William, 18th August, 1756, on North River of Shanando; corner Charles Diver's land. Teste: Daniel Henderson, John Douglass, Nathaniel Douglass. Delivered: Thomas Reed, 21st May, 1770.
  • Page 462.--11th August, 1775. Sale at vendue of Elizabeth Harmantrout's estate at the house of Philip Harmantrout--sold to, viz: Peater Armantrout, Henry Kiser, Edward Mold, David Harned, Charles Dever, Henry Coler, Jacob Grub, David Jarvin (Garvin?), John Rush, Robt. Sanpils, little Geo. Armantrout. Martin Grider, John Padon (Patton), Geo. Hinton, Chas. Shuls, Peter Nicolas, Thomas Alderson.

Records in Rockingham County, VA

  • Deed of lease and release Charles & Jenny Dever to David Taylor.

Records in Russell County, VA

  • 1787 - Russell County, VA Tax List - Charles Dever: 1 male 21+; 1 m 16-21
  • 1789 - Russell County Tax List
  • 1792-1795 - Russell County Tax List

Lee County, VA Records

  • 1796 - Lee County, VA Tax List - Jane Dever; Charles Dever. [Note: Charles Dever listed was this Charles Dever's son]
  1. Public Member Trees: (Note: not considered a reliable source).