Person:Bryan McDonald (1)

Bryan McDonald, Jr.
m. 1713
  1. Richard McDonald1716 -
  2. James McDonald1718 -
  3. Edward McDonald1719/20 - 1760
  4. Joseph McDonald1722 - 1809
  5. Rebecca McDonald1724 - 1816
  6. Catherine McDonald1726/27 -
  7. Mary McDonald1729/30 - 1795
  8. Bryan McDonald, Jr.1732 - 1777
  9. Priscilla McDonald1734 - 1818
m. 1752
  1. Richard McDonaldAbt 1756 -
  2. James McDonaldBef 1757 - Bef 1778
  3. William McDonald
  4. Thomas McDonald
  5. Mary McDonald1758 - 1815
  6. Randal McDonaldBef 1766 -
  7. Susan McDonald1765 -
  8. Edward McDonaldBef 1768 -
  9. George McDonald
  10. Jane McDonald1772 - 1822
Facts and Events
Name Bryan McDonald, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? 8 Jul 1732 New Castle County, Delaware
Marriage 1752 Wilmington,New Castle,Delaware,USAto Susannah 'Susan' Ogle
Death? 19 Jan 1777 New Castle, Craig County, Virginia
Alt Death? Bef Feb 1777 Botetourt County, Virginia

Bryan McDonald, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of Bryan McDonald

McDonald, Bryan
Will probate Feb. 1777
Names wife Susannah, and children James, William, Thomas, Edward, George, Mary, Susannah and Jane.
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 60].

Will of Wife Susannah

Montgomery County, Virginia:
McDonald, Susannah, (of Botetourt Co.)
Will probated March 1801.
Names children: William, George, Susannah Walker, Edward, Mary Ross, and Jane.
[A Brief of Wills and Marriages of Montgomery and Fincastle Counties, Virginia, 1733-1831 by Anne Lowry Worrell, pg. 51].

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Page 157.--27th November, 1755: Vestry met. Processioners designated as follows, viz (to report before 1st March next): William Robinson and John Wilson, in Cap. Vanse's Company on (page 158) Roan Oke; David Miller, Wm. Carravan, James Cloyd, Bryan McDonald, Jr., in Cap. Geo. Robinson's Company; Robert Montgomery and Thos. McFerrin in Cap. John McFerrin's Company; William Bryans and Thomas Tosh in Cap. James Campbell's Company; Henry Holston and Placherd Scilar, on Craig's Creek.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 402.--Parish Levy. To Bryan McDonald, Reader at Roanoke. To Jno. Shanklin, Reader at Harrison's. To Jane Ferguson, as Sexton. 2,509 tithables at 1/ 7d.
  • Page 35.--13th November, 1759. John Cloyd's appraisement, by Edward, Joseph and Bryan McDonald.
  • Page 219.--14th July, 1760. David Robinson to Wm. Graham. Whereas John Mills of Augusta County did on 9th February, 1752, agree to convey to Joshua McCormick title for 245 acres, part of 845 acres on a branch of Round Oak called Burner's Creek. Joshua, on 23d February, 1753, assigned his right to David Robinson, late of Augusta County, now of New Gorden Township, County of Chester, Province of Pennsylvania, and David obtained a deed. Power attorney to Wm. Grahames to bring suit against John Mills to recover the title and to make conveyance to Daniel McCormick. Teste: Elizabeth Young, Andrew Treper, John Armstrong, Bryan McDonald, Robert McGee, Benjamin Reelson.
  • Page 195.--18th November, 1762. Pharaoh Ryley's appraisement, by Geo. Robinson, Joseph McDonald, Bryan McDonald, Joshua McCormick. Recorded.
  • Page 893.--3d March, 1763. Elijah ( ) Isaac, of Roan County, North Carolina, to Robert Magee, £60, 200 acres, part of 378 acres conveyed by Col. James Patton to Elijah, 21st March, 1753, on North Branch Roanoke; corner land of Errick Bright; corner Thomas Hill. Teste: Wm. Preston, Francis Smith, Bryand McDonald, David Frame. Delivered: Robert Magee, August, 1773.
  • Page 307.--8th November, 1763. George Robinson's estate appraised, by Robt. Breckinridge, Jno. Neelley, Bryan McDonald--Danl. McCormick's bond; Jno. Bare's (?) note; Robt. Galloway's note; Wm. Roseby's 3 notes; Arthur Wats' note assigned by James Price; Charles Mills' (?) note assigned by Jno. Lowry.
  • Page 105.--30th October, 1765. John Donilly's estate appraised, by Bryan McDonald, John Armstrong.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 414.-(undated, appears to be abt. 1766/67) - Committee have bought 100 acres from Sampson and George Mathews for a poor house on Christian's Creek. Former Church wardens continued (Geo. Mathews is one). Parish Levy. To Edward Sampson, Clarke of the Church. To Archer Mathews for burying Doctor Joseph Donaldson. To John Lucus, Sexton. To John Shanklin, Clarke. To Bryan McDonnald for being Clarke vice James McDonnald. 2,873 tithables at 1/ 10d.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 21, 1767. - (289) James McAfee, Sr., and Bryan McDonald appointed surveyors of highway from Fort Williams to head of Catawbo.
  • Page 389.--12th September, 1767. John Donelly's estate appraised by James McCown, Lanty Armstrong, John Armstrong, Bryan McDonald.
  • Page 425.--20th November, 1767: Vestry met. Parish Levy. To Rev. Mr. John Joanes for his sallary for present year, 16,000 pounds tobacca at 3/ 4d. per pound.--£50.0.0. To Bryan McDonald for being Clerke. To John Shanklin for being Clerke at Harrison's. To Edwd. Sampson for being Clerke in two Sundry places convenient to Cap. Burd's. To Edwd. Sampson for being Clerke 6 months past near Cap. Burd's. To Danl. Peice (Peese) for taking care of the poor 1 year. To Felix Keenan for being sexton. 3,183 tithables at 2/ 6d.
  • Page 452.--18th November, 1768: Vestry met. Parish Levy. To Bryan McDonnald for being Reader at Roanoke. 3,478 tithables at 1/ 8d.
  • Page 75.--20th January, 1769. Henry ( ) Ferguson to Israel Christian, £50, 109 acres on a branch of Glade Creek of Roanoke whereon Henry now lives, near John Boreland's. Teste: Bryan McDonald, James McCorkle, Edward Carvin, Daniel McNeill, Thos. Madison, Arthur Campbell, William Christian.
  • Page 245.--17th August, 1769. Additional appraisement, recorded, of Mathew Shaddon, by Bryan McDonald, John and Lanty Armstrong.

About Bryan McDonald, Jr.

Kegley's Virginia Frontier, Community Life on the James and the Roanoke, Page 199-200: "Bryan McDonald, Sr. of Buffalo Creek of Roanoke, came to Virginia from Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle County Delaware, about the year 1745. He was the son of Bryan McDonald (McDonnell) and Mary Combs who came to America about 1684. His brothers and sisters were John, William, James, Mary, Richard and Anabel. His wife was Catherine Robinson, daughter of neighbor James Robinson and sister of George Robinson, who was sponsoring the new settlement in Virginia. Her mother was Catherine Howell. This Bryan McDonald was born about 1686,, married in 1713, moved to Virginia in 1745 and died in 1757. He was 59 years old when he came and his older children were grown. The sons were Richard, James, Edward, Joseph, and Bryan; the daughters, Rebecca, Catherine, Mary and Priscilla. Edward married Mary Robinson and lived at the forks of the Great Road to the west, later Amsterdam; Joseph married Elizabeth Ogle and lived near Edward and afterward on Toms Creek of New River; Rebecca married James Bane and lived first on the Roanoke and later Toms Creek; Bryan married Susan Ogle and lived on part of his father's homeplace; James lived near Edward and Bryan; one of the girls married John Armstrong and lived near her father's home later in Kentucky. Those who died early in the settlement were buried in the McDoanld or Glebe graveyard at the corner of Edward's land. The old Bryan McDonald place is at the head spring of Buffalo or Tinker Creek. The first home was probably over the divide on Catawba but not far away. There has always been a road through the gap by the end of Tinker Mountain, so the selection of land was an advantageous though exposed one. For generations there were McDonalds there, but now only their old houses tell the story of their thrift and influence. " (Pictures of the homestead and land can be found at pages 200-201 in Kegley's)