Person:Barnabas McHenry (2)

Barnabas McHenry, Sr., of Lost River
d.bef. 1 October 1754 Frederick County, Virginia
  1. Samuel McHenryabt 1731 - 1829
  2. Jane McHenry1735 -
  3. John McHenry1736 - 1805
  4. William McHenry1739 - abt 1808
  5. Joseph McHenry1744 - 1806
Facts and Events
Name Barnabas McHenry, Sr., of Lost River
Alt Name Barnaby McHendry
Alt Name Barnaby McHandry
Alt Name Barnett McHenry
Gender Male
Birth? 1712 Ballyreagh Castle, Portrugh, Antrim, North Ireland
Will? 7 December 1749 Frederick County, Virginia[Will Dated]
Death? bef. 1 October 1754 Frederick County, Virginia[area later became Hampshire County in 1753]

Barnaby McHendry was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants:

  • G-532: Barnaby McHendry (Handry) of Augusta County, 400 acres in said County. Surv. Mr. George Washington. On Lost River of Cacapeon, adj. Luke Collins. 4 June 1750. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, pg. 50]. (Note: the "Lost River of Cacapon" is a tributary of the Potomac River). Note: this land was originally surveyed for Barnabas McHenry in 1743. Genforum

Land Disposition

  • 10/1/1754; grantor, Samuel McHendry; grantee, Stephen Ruddell; 400 acres on Lost River; recorded June 1755; witnesses: William Baker, Joseph Carroll, John Stackhouse. ["Early Records of Hampshire, Co., Virginia", Gage and Jones]

Records in Orange County, VA

  • Page 258 - Bond of Barnett McHenry and Daniel Murly to Thomas Chew, justice. For £100. 24 March 1742. Barnett McHenry is to deliver unto Saml. Baker orphan of James Baker, dec., all such estate as is due said orphan as soon as he shall attain lawful age. (Signed) Barn. McHenry, Danl. (X) Murly. Wit: Jonath. Gibson. 24 March 1742. Barnet McHenry and Daniel Murly acknowledge McHenry's bond as guardian of Saml. Baker. [1743] [Source: Orange County, Virginia Will Book I, 1735-1743, Dorman, pg. 49].

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - List of Musters, 1742: Capt. James Gill's List: James Gill, Captain; John Dobbin, Lieutenant; Wm. Sharrel, Bons Harding, Wm. Welling, John Johnson, John Wilkins, George Furbush, Barnabee McHenery, Rick Dictum, Dan Murley, Nicola Brock, Martin Shoemaker, John Howlain, And. Holman, George Legler, Joseph Dunham, Timothy Taylor, George Willes, Sam Brown, John Cumberland, Sam Beason, James Spencer, Wm. Prickett, Wm. Hall, Wm. McClain, Michael Brock, Thos. West, Wm. Sames, Cornelius Murley, Nicol Cain, Henery Brock, John Fisher, Thos. Wilkins, Joseph Harding, John Ryal, Abram Dunblederey, Riley Moor, Fraderich Brock, John McClairn, William Sharrle, Sr.; William Sharrle, Jr. Source: Chalkley's
  • Page 92.--Patent to Nicholas Cain, 20th August, 1747; corner Bernard McHenry, on North River of Shanando within the Gap of the Mountains. Delivered: Jno. Thomas, August Court, 1777.
  • DEED BOOK No. 2. - Page 5.--6th August, 1748. George Forbush, farmer, and wife Olive, farmer, to Jno. Miller, weaver, Beaver Dam Run, Barnard McHenry's line. Delivered: Jno. Miller, Jr., 3d February, 1755.
  • 4 June 1750 - Barnabas McHenry was mentioned again in a land grant in Sims Index of Augusta County, VA
  • Page 503.--15th August, 1766. Nicholas ( ) Cain and Catherine ( ), of Albemarle County, to Andrew Trumboe, £32, 100 acres on North River of Shanand and within the gap of the mountain, patented to Nicholas, 20th August, 1747; corner Bernerd McHenry. Teste: Rudy Mauk, John Cain, Joseph Dictum, George ( ) Shoemaker. Delivered: Andrew Trumbo, 8th November, 1774.


George Washington surveyed Barnaby McHenry's Farm, June 4, 1750. In the survey of Bernard's farm, it says adjacent J. Collins. On the same day George Washington surveyed Jake Collins farm. Both on Lost Creek. A short time later Washington surveyed Andrew Viney's farm. All of the surveys on Lost River for about a year were done by Washington. He knew more than one of our ancestors, probably most of them in Hampshire. Samual McHenry helped Carry the Chain for the Viney and Baker families or at least one of them, who lived next door.

MILTARY DATE Bet. 1744 AND 1745 PLAC Member 1st Agusta County Militia-Gill's Co. PLAC Fayette County, Pennsylvania

PROP DATE 20 AUG 1747 PLAC Augusta County on N.R. of Shanando within the Gap of the Mount ain ; 100 acreas, sold by Nicholas Cain to McHenry ; Viginia Land Patient Book 28

History and Genealogies, Page 636 ; Barnabas McHenry and John Finley went to Virginia. Author : W. H. Miller ; Call number CS71.M65 1907 ; Privately Published, Kentucky 1907

Barnabus McHenry was first found in Chester, Pennsylvannia ; then New Garden, Pennsylvannia in 1733. In the neighboring towns towns are Henry and Archibald McHenry. John McHenry was in the extreme West of Chester County in Conestoga, 1725, which was near Lancaster Township which later became a County. These men may have came to America before 1723, and may be related as brothers. William and John married Viney girls.

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