Person:Arthur Orr (3)

Arthur Orr, of Washington County, VA
b.ABT 1721 Prob. Ireland
d.BEF 23 MAY 1808 Washington County, Virginia
  • HArthur Orr, of Washington County, VAABT 1721 - BEF 1808
  • WUnknownBEF 1728 -
m. ABT 1745
  1. James Orr1746 - 1809
  2. Andrew OrrABT 1748 -
  3. William OrrABT 1750 -
  4. Arthur Orr1753 - 1814
  5. Robert OrrABT 1754 -
  6. Elizabeth OrrABT 1756 - 1827
  7. Alexander Orr1757 - 1832
  8. John OrrABT 1759 -
  9. Mary 'Polly' OrrABT 1761 -
  10. Margaret OrrABT 1763 -
  11. David OrrABT 1765 -
  12. Nancy OrrABT 1767 -
Facts and Events
Name Arthur Orr, of Washington County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1721 Prob. Ireland
Marriage ABT 1745 Prob. Pennsylvaniato Unknown
Death? BEF 23 MAY 1808 Washington County, Virginia

Arthur Orr was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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About Arthur Orr

Arthur Orr appears to have been in Augusta County area for a very short while beginning abt. 1761, when some of his children were born there according to a familysearch submission. There do not appear to be any records for him in Chalkley's Records, but records do appear there for his sons James, William and Alexander.

Estate Records of Arthur Orr

The Washington Co., VA inventory for Arthur ORR, the Elder, was dated 25 May 1808 and returned to court on 23 Jun 1808. Therefore, Arthur ORR, the Elder, probably died in 1808, not 1807, as he was still alive on 30 Dec 1807 and his inventory was taken 25 May 1808, (Wash. Co., VA Will Book 3:71). Arthur ORR, the Elder’s, inventory was very short, only 13 items (including a Bible) which were appraised at $13.33 and cash notes valued at $1,414.11.

Source: "Rambling Roots" website:

Information on Arthur Orr

According to a familysearch submission, Arthur Orr's father was a Alexander Orr.

From PARoots Lancaster County query:

ORR Arthur ORR, Sr. from Manor Twp., Lancaster Co., PA to Huntington Twp., York Co., PA in 1761. His son, Arthur ORR, Jr. had land next to him in Tyrone Twp. The ORRs went to Washington Co., VA in 1795 where Arthur ORR, Jr. and wife Ann raised a large family. Arthur ORR, Sr. was known as "the Elder" in VA. His son, Arthur ORR, Jr. was known as "Sr." in Washington Co., VA. James ORR, Sr. (son of Arthur and Ann) married Mary CARSON (dau. of Moses CARSON and Margaret McGREW, the daughter of Archibald McGREW and Martha BRACKEN). James and Mary also went to Washington Co., VA and raised a family. Would like to correspond with anyone researching this family. Donna Jean Ford <> Aptos, CA USA - Tuesday, September 29, 1998 at 17:11:43 (EDT) Note: the James Orr that married Mary Carson was James Orr, apparently the son of Arthur Orr, Jr. and his wife, Ann, not James Orr, Sr. as listed above.

  1.   Arthur Orr was not one of the early settlers of Augusta County, VA. He never lived in Augusta County. This family history mixes up two unrelated families (Arthur Orr and Alexander Orr). For a more accurate genealogy on Arthur ORR see the following:

    “Nine Generations of Orrs in America - Corrections” by Donna Jean Ford

    J. Daniel Orr’s book “Arthur Orr the Elder”

    “Nine Generations of Orrs in America” by Warren Orr - on Ancestry (membership required).

    James Orr - Mary Carson family Bible electronic images at the Library of VA.

    Archibald Orr - Mary Mitchell Hope family Bible electronic images at the Library of VA.