Person:Archibald Woods (2)

m. 1704
  1. Archibald Woods1706 - 1768
  2. Michael Woods, Jr.1708 - Bef 1777
  3. Hannah WoodsAbt 1710 -
  4. Col. John Woods1711 - 1791
  5. Magdalena Woods1712 - 1810
  6. Margaret WoodsAbt 1714 - 1756
  7. Col. William Woods1715 - 1782
  8. Richard Woods, Gentleman, of Augusta Cty, VAAbt 1717 - 1779
  9. Charles WoodsEst 1718 - Bef 1761
  10. Martha Woods1722 - 1790
  11. Sarah Woods1724 -
m. 1733
  1. Michael Woods1735 - 1808
  2. John WoodsEst 1737 - 1792
  3. Margaret WoodsBef 1740 - 1792
  4. William Woods1744 - 1804
  5. Elizabeth Woods1745 - 1820
  6. Susannah Woods1747 -
  7. Isabella Woods1747 - 1830
  8. Hannah Woods1750 - 1819
  9. Joseph WoodsEst 1752 -
  10. Andrew Woods1760 - 1768
Facts and Events
Name Archibald Woods
Gender Male
Birth[1] 11 May 1706 Castle, Dunshaughlin, Meath, Ireland
Marriage 1733 Lancaster County, Pennsylvaniato Isabella Gass
Death[1][2] 11 Dec 1768 Abbeville, South Carolina, United States


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Source: Woods, 1905
Source:Ward, 1943
Will of Michael Woods, 1761
Call to the Rev. Black, 1747
Notebook. Michael Woods of Albemarle
Families in Abbeville County, SC


Person:John Gass (6)
Analysis. Children of Archibald Woods (2)
Analysis. DOB of Hannah Woods (3), daughter of Archibald Woods and Isabella Gass
Data. Lineages for Archibald Woods=Isabella Gass on Ancestry Public Member Trees


Archibald Woods is said to have been born in 1706 in Ireland. He came to America with his parents before 1733. The family seems to have settled (initially at least) in Lancaster County. By 1733 Archibald was in what is now Cumberland County, where he witnessed the will of Person:John Gass (6).[3] He is believed to have married John's daughter Isabella, about this time, probably before John's death.

In the mid 1730's the extended Woods family, including members of the Gass and Cowan families [4] moved to the Valley of Virginia area. Archibald, and his father Michael, settled on the east side of the Blue Ridge below "Woods Gap". [5]Other members of the Woods extended family, including person:David Cowan (1) and Person:David Gass (1) settled nearby. Other Woods, Cowans, Campbells [6] settled to the immediate westward of the Blue Ridge, in Beverley's Manor. [7]

For some 20 years the extended Woods family flourished on either side of the Blue Ridge. Michael Woods died in 1762. About this time a substantial number of the extended Woods family (including Cowan's and Gass') left the area. Some of them, including person:Archibald Woods (1) and soninlaw person:James Cowan (13) settled in the Savannah River area of South Carolina.[8]


From:Ancestry Public Member Tree Substantiating documentation needed

Archibald Woods (b. 1706 Ireland - d. 1768 SC) and Isabella Gass (b. 1717 PA - d. 1766 SC).
On 8 October 1764, Archibald sold the last of his property holdings in VA; [this is a commonly cited DOD based on Ancestry's unsourced Death Records data base
left VA on 11 October 1764;
and with his family, settled on the Savannah River near Abbeville SC on 3 January 1765.

fromRootsweb Archibald Woods (b. 1706 Ireland - d. 1768 SC) and Isabella Gass (b. 1717 PA - d. 1766 SC).

On 8 October 1764, Archibald sold the last of his property holdings in VA;
left VA on 11 October 1764; and with his family,
settled on the Savannah River near Abbeville SC on 3 January 1765.

[This is consistent with the establishment of the Belfast and Boonesborough Townships, but there was a "Cowan Settlement" in the area by 1762 (based on notes on the ??? Township survey map.

Date of Death

1. 11 Dec 1768, SC Ancestry Family Data Collection, Deaths

2. 11 Dec 1768 Albemarle VA Ancdstry Family Data Collection, Deaths

3. Family Data Collection - Deaths

Name: Archibald Woods
Death Date: 11 Dec 1784
County: Roanoke
State: VA
Country: USA


  1. 1.0 1.1 Source:Ward, 1943. Citing daybook of Michael son of Arhcibald.

    Robert Cowan quoting Age Book (same as day book, presumably)
    . POB not given in this excerpt.
    Arch Woods my father was born on ye 11th day of May 1706 on a Satterday
    night. And died on a Sunday night 1768 about 9 o'clock
  2. From Michael Woods Age Book:

    My self Michael Woods born on the 10th day of Nov. 1735 on Sunday morning
    about 3 o'clock. I was married to Jean Leackey the 25th of February 1762 on
    a Thirsday...and we left Virginia ye 11th of October 1764 and settled down on
    Savannah River ye 3rd of Jan. 1765 on a Thirsday., which establishes that he was born in Virginia, and that the family moved the following year to the Savannah River area.
  3. Document:Will of John Gass, Lancaster, PA, 1734
  4. The maiden name of Margaret, wife of John Gass, and mother of Archibalds wife, Isabella, is believed to have been "Cowan". This point needs to be verified.
  5. It is not clear whether "Woods Gap", now "Jarman's Gap", was named after the Woods family, or after an early explorer of the Valley of Virginia, Col Abraham Woods.
  6. Michael Woods wife was a Campbell.
  7. The relationships between the Woods and Cowans families on either side of the Blue Ridge is not clear. Some of the Woods on the west side of the Blue Ridge, in particular, may be unrelated to Michael Woods, but this requires additional study. Similarities in naming ways has led to considerable confusion in some of these lineages. An example of this is the uncertainty concerning the identify of the children of Michael Woods (1). Despite the fact that Michael clearly delineates his children in his will, there is a persistent belief that he had other children who for various reasons were not named. This point helps to explain the considerable variability in the identity of Michael's children as recognized by different genealogists.

  8. An identification of all those who left the area, and those who stayed, is badly needed. Much of the work that has been done to date on this extended family has focused on the Woods, Cowan's and Gass'. Additional work is needed for other members of the extended family, including in particular, the Campbells and the Wallaces.