Document:Will of John Gass, Lancaster, PA, 1734



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Original Source: Will Book A, Vol. 1, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, page 19
Intermediate Source: History and Genealogy of the Gess Family accessed Aug 2010


Person:John Gass (6)
Person:Margaret Cowan (17)
History of Donegal Presbyterian Congregation, Mt. Joy, Lancaster


28 June 1734

I am sick in body but sound in memory and judgment blessed be almighty God for it I make this my last will and testament revoking all other wills and testaments made by me. I bequeath my sole to the great God who gave it to me and my body to be decently buried in the church yard of Donegal [1] as my exs. some site allow. I leave my dear wife two child's parts of the whole after my just and lawful debts is paid: also if she marries in eight to ten years she is to leave the plantation to my sons: also my children are not to receive their part for four years after due. Also I leave my dear wife and Benjamin Gass executors and William Brayns and Sam Smith or Peter Rod tutors to my whole family. Signed Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of Use: and dated this 28 day of June 1734. Memorandum before signing that it is only the three oldest of my children that are to want their part for four years after it is due.

Archibald Woods,
William Wallace,
Sa(m) Smith, William Bryan
Jon. Gass (Seal)



  1. This is presumably Donegal Presbyterian Church near Mt. Joy, Lancaster County. Donegal Presbyterian was founded about 1720. ("The Evolution of Ten Pre-1745 Presbyterian Societies in the Cumberland Valley" by William T. Swaim. 1985). Some authors believe it to have been located near Hershey PA, but this seems unsupported. ~~~~