Family:Michael Woods and Mary Campbell (3)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 1704 Scotland
17 Nov 1712 Prob. Ireland
1756 Ireland
Est 1718 Virginia
Bef 21 May 1761 Augusta County, Virginia
1722 Ireland


Analysis:Child List of Michael Woods (1) and Mary Campbell provides an overview of children thought by some to be related to this couple.

The current child list is based on Michael Woods 1761 will (probated 1762). This excludes a number of people considered by Woods, 1901 to be children of this couple. Some of those children are verifiable based on Michael's will. For others, Woods utilized unspecified sources as the basis for including them. Some of the persons claimed by some as children of this couple are identified by Woods 1901 a "probably related" but not children. Documentation for all of these children seems sketchy (except for those listed in Micahael's will.

The following are sometimes identified as children of this couple, but are not thought to be so related.

Person:James Woods (1)
Person:Charles Woods (11)
Person:Nathan Woods (1)
Person:Robert Woods (5)
Person:Richard Woods (1)
Person:Michael Woods (2) Often identified as "Jr." to distinguish him from Person:Michael Woods (1). There is no compelling reason to believe they were father and son, and the fact that Michael Jr. is not listed in the will of Michael Woods (1), is a compelling reason to believe they are not related, contrary to what is said by both Source:Woods, 1901 and Source:Woods, 1905
  1. As of January 2011, There is no compelling concensus of opinion in Ancestry data for this couple as to the place of marriage. Most Ancestry lineages (84%) dealing with this couple give the DOM as 1704. Most (c. 75%) give the marriage as occurring in Virginia, which is clearly wrong, as the couple did not reach Virginia until about 1733, by which time they had several married children. Most likely the marriage occurred in Scotland or Ireland. A POM in Scotland conflicts with the POB of Michael in Ireland. The POB could be in error, or the POM could be in error, but if both are right, then that implies that Michael traveled from Ireland to Scotland to get married. Possible, but not especially plausible.