Family:John Woods and Elizabeth Woods (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 1681 Meath, Ireland

Person:Elizabeth Worsop (2) is sometimes identified as John's first wife. However, according to one researcher:

[T]he McClenaghan transcriptions of the original Irish parish records of Dunshaughlin parish (including the castle) and additional Irish records found by researchers more than 40 years ago, show that the parents of Michael Woods, Samuel Woods, Elizabeth Woods, et al, were John Woods and his FIRST COUSIN, Elizabeth WOODS--not Worsop. Worsop family records, which these researchers found, show [that the Elizabeth Worsop who is said to have married John Woods] was 8 years old and unmarried in 1688, long after the mythologists have tried to claim she was married and having children.


In the 1970's and 80's several researchers examined Irish records. One of the best descriptions of one such effort is in "Woods-Wallace Cousin Clues" by Ruth Lamar Petracek. Elizabeth Worsop was married to _a_ John Wood (no "s") and was his second wife, but not the ancestor of the Borden Grant, Virginia Woods. Elizabeth Worsop is proven to have had _NO_ children. (Public Records office, Belfast, Ireland, T 559, Vol. 42, p. 148) A Sir John Woods of Dunshaughlin castle was married to a cousin of his, named Elizabeth Woods and had several children. Michael, his sister Elizabeth (married to a Wallace, believed to be named Peter), and several brothers were among them.
  1. A DOM of 1689 is sometimes given. Based on the DOBs of this couples children as currently given (July 2011), a 1681 DOM is more appropriate. ~~~~