Family:John Woods and Isabella Bruce (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Abt 1653 Ireland
9 Aug 1745 Virginia


Subject: Major Error in Michael Woods Trees
Posted by Cecilia linda L Fabosbecker ( on March 10, 1998

I just started using the World Family Tree CD's, vol.'s 1-5 and noticed the same error repeated in several Woods family trees. The error is the listing of Michael Woods 1684-1762, the son of John Woods and Elizabeth _Worsop_ of Northern Ireland. In the 1970's and 80's several researchers examined Irish records. One of the best descriptions of one such effort is in "Woods-Wallace Cousin Clues" by Ruth Lamar Petracek. Elizabeth Worsop was married to _a_ John Wood (no "s") and was his second wife, but not the ancestor of the Borden Grant, Virginia Woods. Elizabeth Worsop is proven to have had _NO_ children. (Public Records office, Belfast, Ireland, T 559, Vol. 42, p. 148)