Person:Elizabeth Worsop (2)

Elizabeth Worsop
b.15 Nov 1656 Dublin, Ireland
  • HJohn Woods1654 - 1723
  • WElizabeth Worsop1656 - 1741
m. Abt 1670
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Worsop
Gender Female
Birth? 15 Nov 1656 Dublin, Ireland
Marriage Abt 1670 Northern Irelandto John Woods
Death? 17 Nov 1741 Rossmead, Westmeath, Ireland


Person:John Woods (11)


There is good reason to believe that the wife of Jpohn Woods was Elizabeth Woods (believednto be a cousin. While some identify his wife as Elizabeth Worsop she is believed to have been born about 1680, and could not have been the mother of John's children which bear birthdates between 1682 and 1695.

Data from Ulster-Scot Historical Society of Belfast, Ireland, fide dlehman6 2011 tells us:

  • Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, T 559, Vol. 42, p. 348: Richard Wood of Dublin, merchant, seized of Ballylough, Calberstown and Rossmead in Westmeath, Esq., will dated 20 Feb. 1674. Had son:
  • John Wood of Rossmead in County Westmeath, also of Garclony in Co. Meath, Edq., married Mary ----. His will dated 15 Aug. 1710, proved 16 May 1711. Had son:
  • John Wood of Rossmead, Esq. (will dated 9 March 1723, proved 24 April 1730 [sic], died 1 April 1734) married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Worsopp of Dunshaghlin, Co. Meath, Knt. (her will dated 7 May 1741, proved 17 Nov. 1741). Died without issue.

The John Woods of this article may indeed have married Elizabeth Worsop, but Elizabeth bore him no children. SO lineages traceing to John Woods and Elizabeth Worsop would be in error. It seems likely that ELizbeth Worsop was the second wife of John (11), but it may also be that her husband was a different John Woods altogether.


According to one researcher:

[T]he McClenaghan transcriptions of the original Irish parish records of Dunshaughlin parish (including the castle) and additional Irish records found by researchers more than 40 years ago, show that the parents of Michael Woods, Samuel Woods, Elizabeth Woods, et al, were John Woods and his FIRST COUSIN, Elizabeth WOODS--not Worsop. Worsop family records, which these researchers found, show [that the Elizabeth Worsop who is said to have married John Woods] was 8 years old and unmarried in 1688, long after the mythologists have tried to claim she was married and having children.

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Major Error in Michael Woods Trees Posted by: Brett F. Woods Date: January 29, 1999 at 14:33:56

I ran across this message on a FTM board. I thought it may be of some interest since it may impact some genealogies that stem from Michael's line. The following is a verbatim transcript and I am forwarding it for discussion without comment and there is no need to contact me. The original site is: FamilyTreeMaker
Subject: Major Error in Michael Woods Trees
Posted by Cecilia linda L Fabosbecker ( on March 10, 1998 I just started using the World Family Tree CD's, vol.'s 1-5 and noticed the same error repeated in several Woods family trees. The error is the listing of Michael Woods 1684-1762, the son of John Woods and Elizabeth _Worsop_ of Northern Ireland. In the 1970's and 80's several researchers examined Irish records. One of the best descriptions of one such effort is in "Woods-Wallace Cousin Clues" by Ruth Lamar Petracek. Elizabeth Worsop was married to _a_ John Wood (no "s") and was his second wife, but not the ancestor of the Borden Grant, Virginia Woods. Elizabeth Worsop is proven to have had _NO_ children. (Public Records office, Belfast, Ireland, T 559, Vol. 42, p. 148)