Analysis:Child List of Michael Woods (1) and Mary Campbell

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Albemarle, Virginia, United States
Year range
1710 - 1810





Person:Michael Woods (1)
The Woods Family of Albemarle County VA, in Woods, 1901


The following persons are sometimes identified as the children of Margaret "Mary" Campbell.

PersonDOB-DODAcceptanceN1*N2*Acceptance Criteria
Andrew Woods 1722 - 178221786
Known from Micahael Woods Will
Accepted by Source:Woods,1901 as a child of Micahel Woods and Mary Campbell, even though not included in Michaels Will
Not accepted by Source:woods,1901 believed to be the child of a related Woods Family in Albemarle County
Known by Ancestry entries only
Archibald Woods 1706 - 178423197
Charles Woods 1725 - Bef 1761 140
George Woods 1706 - 1784522
James Woods113
Col. John Woods 1711 - 179121349
Michael Woods, Jr. 1708 - 1776238111
Nathan Woods 1725 -10
Richard Woods ABT 1717 - 177917824
Robert Woods 1725 -6013
Samuel Woods 1720 - Bef 178112210
William Woods 1725 -261141
Hannah Woods ABT 1710 - 173222380
Magdalena Woods ABT 1716 - 181019914
Margaret Woods ABT 1714 - 175624186
Martha Woods 1722 - 179020074
Sarah Woods 1724 - 22635


N1 Total number of separate entries for this person as a child of Michael Woods and Margaret/Mary Campbell in Ancestry Family Trees as of August 2010
N2 Separate entries showing children for this child of Michael Woods and Margaret/Mary Campbell in Ancestry Family Trees as of August 2010


At least 14 persons have been identified by different genealogists as the children of Michael Woods (1) and Margaret Campbell. Michael Woods will identifies only 6 children. Source:Woods,1901 identifies four others which he feels are most certainly their children, but does not explain the basis for this. Of the remaining four children commonly identified as children of this couple, he identifies two as most likely related kin, but not children of this couple.