Person:Anthony Bledsoe (2)

Sen. Anthony Bledsoe
m. abt. 1732
  1. Sen. Anthony Bledsoe1733 - 1788
  2. Col. Isaac Bledsoeabt 1735 - 1793
  3. Abraham Bledsoe1737 - 1801
  4. Sarah Bledsoe1739 - 1843
  • HSen. Anthony Bledsoe1733 - 1788
  • WMary Ramsey1734 - 1808
m. 1760
  1. Abraham Bledsoe1762 -
  2. Sarah Bledsoe1763 - 1852
  3. Thomas Bledsoe1764 - 1794
  4. Nancy Bledsoe1770 - 1831
  5. Rachel Bledsoeabt 1772 -
  6. Isaac Bledsoe1775 - 1853
Facts and Events
Name Sen. Anthony Bledsoe
Gender Male
Birth? 1733 Orange County, Virginia
Marriage 1760 Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Ramsey
Death? 20 July 1788 Sumner County, Tennessee

Anthony Bledsoe was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Anthony Bledsoe in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 129.--9th September, 1764. Plackerd Scilor, of Orange County, North Carolina, to Nicholas Welsh, of Bedford County, £40, 162 acres patented to James Patton, deceased, 3d November, 1750, by him conveyed to said Scilor, 8th December, 1763, on Craig's Creek. Teste: Anthony Bledsoe, Jno. Buchanan, John and Mary Mills.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 18, 1767. - (477) On petition of Frederick Stern, Isaac Job, Thomas Grayson, John Bell, Henry Skaggs, Joseph Hix, John Draper, George Baker, Joseph Hord, Levy Smith, Erasmus Noble, Saml. Peffer, James Coudon, Edmund Vansell, Humphrey Baker, Anthony Bledsoe, James Newell and Alexr. Page, viewers appointed for a road from Vanse's, by Ingles's Ferry, to Peak Creek, on north side New River, viz: James Neeley, Philip Love, Wm. Christian, Wm. Bryans.
  • Page 424.--28th March, 1767. Richard Stanton and Charity ( ) to William Herbert, £105, tract that Thomas Stanton, Sr., purchased from John Bengamon, Sr., to whom it was patented, 20th June, 1753, containing 460 acres on a branch of Woods River at place called Poplar Camp. Teste: Is. Christian, Anthony Bledsoe, W. Ingles, John Hanha, Jacob Lorton ( ), Edmund Vausell, James Hodge, Andrew Miller. Delivered: Thomas Madison.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 21, 1767. - (240) Anthony Bledsoe has leave to build a mill at Fort Chiswell.
  • Vol. 2 - NOVEMBER, 1767 (E). - Bledsoe vs. Herbert.--1765. The estate of Robert Andrews to Anthony Bledsoe, debtor: January 26, to liquor lost with Shay, charged at store at Dunkard Bottom, viz: Various items. Stone House, November 15, 1766. Sir:--I omitted giving you my account with Andrew, which is justly £6, 10, 0. I judge the step to be taken my advice is to serve a writ on the administrators. I therefore beg you will be so kind as to have a writ served in your hands for that sum if it should be agreeable with the law. Your trouble shall be thankfully acknowledged by, sir, your very humble servant. (Signed) Anthony Bledsoe. To Mr. William Herbert.
  • Page 166.--2d September, 1768. Malcom Campbell's estate settled, by William Simpson and Elizabeth, his wife, administrators--Paid Francis Deleney, Saml. Flours, Adam Baird. Saml. Drake, Archibald Lamb, George Dare for Col. Preston, William Haley, Anthony Bledsoe for 8 gallons rum for vendue; James McNeil. for catching horses; Austin Brumbly, for catching horses; Peter Dyerly, Abraham Moon. Sale at vendue November 29th, 1763.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 22, 1769. - (222) Following recommended for appointment as Justices. Matthew Harrison, William Ingles, William Christian, George Mathews, John McClenachan, James Robertson, Stephen Trigg, William Horbert, Philip Love, Anthony Bledsoe, John Bowman, John Thomas, Roberl Doage and John Montgomery. The following to be left off and reasons given to the Governor by the Clerk: John Chizwell, John Wilson, John Archer, Alexr. Boyd, David Robinson, Benj. Estill, John Maxwell, Charles Lewis. Andrew Bird, Richard Woods.
  • Vol. 2 - AUGUST, 1769 (A). - 1766. - Pepper vs. Johnson.--Signature, Anthony Bledsoe.
  • Vol. 2. - AUGUST, 1769 (A). - Pepper vs. Hannon.--We, James Johnson and Valentine Hannan, do promise to pay unto Samuel Pepper, &c., &c., &c., 15th June, 1767. (Signed) James Johnson, Vallaentin Harman. Test, Anthony Bledsoe, James Smith.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 16, 1769. - 324) Following recommended as Justices, viz: Mat. Harrison, Wm. Ingles, Wm. Christian, George Mathews, John McClenachan, James Robertson, Stephen Trigg, Wm. Herbert, Philip Love, Anthony Bledsoe, John Bowman, John Thomas, Robert Doage, John Montgomery, Alexr. Thompson, James Craig, Waiter Crockett, Andrew Lockridge, Walter Cunningham and James McGavock. The following to be left off, reasons to be given by the Clerk and former order discharged, viz: John Chiswell, John Buchanan, John Wilson, John Archer, John Maxwell, Charles Lewis, Alexr. Boyd.
  • Page 289.--13th March, 1770. Alexander Bruce's estate settled, by John Montgomery, administrator--Paid Joseph Montgomery, Walter Stewart, Anthony Bledsoe, John and Andrew Crockett, Wm. Sawyers, Thos. Ramsey, Andrew Lyday. Received from James Allison for improvements and right of entry of land sold Allison. Due the estate from Benj. Rutherford, John Rutherford and Wm. Herbert.
  • Vol. 2 - NOVEMBER, 1770 (D). - Samuel Woods and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Robinson, administratrix of William Robinson, deceased, vs. Anthony Bledsoe and Stephen Trigg.--29th June, 1769.

Information on Anthony Bledsoe

From "History of Sumner County, Tennessee", by Bill Puryear:

If James Robertson is the father of Middle Tennessee, Anthony Bledsoe is the father of Sumner County. By the time he came to Middle Tennessee in 1780, he already had a distinguished military, commercial and political career behind him in the east. In Virginia he had been a merchant and surveyor, built Fort Bledsoe, been a Justice of the Peace and Captain of Militia for two counties, served in the Virginia House of Burgesses, served as a Captain in Lord Dunmores’ War, and served as a Major in the Virginia Militia during the Revolution. He married Mary Ramsey, daughter of the noted Indian fighter Thomas Ramsey. In North Carolina he was the clerk of the Sullivan County Court in 1780 and Lieutenant Colonel of the Sullivan county Regiment of Militia. There he acquired considerable lands along the Holston River.
This illustrious career gave Senator Anthony Bledsoe all the contacts he needed to help persuade the North Carolina Legislature on November 17, 1786 to honor John Hamilton’s petition to establish a second county on the Cumberland. It was to be named Sumner, the fifth county established in the state and the second in Middle Tennessee, it was, by virtue of Isaac Bledsoe’s fort being the refuge on the migration from the east, soon to be the most populous of the two counties of the Cumberland.

[Source:, note much more information on the Bledsoe family at this wonderful source].